Kumkum Bhagya 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Daasi dragging Pragya to the dance floor. Tanu thinks she should push Pragya and make her fall, but should see Abhi is not around her, else he will rescue. She tries to push her, but instead pushes ladies around. Ladies start fighting with her and Abhi rescues her from them. He hears ladies talking that if fast breaking water falls, it is a bad sign. He thinks Pragya is very religious and will not drink water if it falls down. He thinks of executing his plan, but stops seeing Daadi coming there. Tanu tries to look at Abhi and break fast, but an old man come in front of her. He says it is a good sign for her. Tanu says it is a bad sign for him as his wife saw him doing that. Man’s wife sees that and scolds him and Tanu smirks.

Abhi drinks Pragya’s water saying he is very thirsty. She asks if he needs more water. He says no. Daadi comes there and asks Abhi why is he not feeding water to Pragya. He says tumbler is empty. He gets happy seeing his plan executing well, but sees Pragya stumbling and falling down. Daadi and everyone gather around Pragya. Abhi holds her and feeds her water, she regains consciousness. Daadi thanks god that Pragya’s first karvachauth is finished. All guests clap from Pragya. Tanu gets irked and walks out from there. She eagerly waits for Abhi to come and console him. Daadi pamper Pragya and says she will be alright if she eats sweets. She asks Abhi to feed gajar halwa to Pragya. Abhi says she herself will eat it. Daadi says he has to, and he hesitantly agrees.

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Tanu goes down and tries to mix chill powder in gajar halwa, but Pragya reaches on time and stops her. She says now she realized she is the one who added chilli in sargi in the morning and says she will not Abhi whatever she tries. Tanu says Abhi loves being her and he even took her to Kullu Manali before her wedding and they both enjoyed and happily closes his eyes with her. He says when he opens his opens, he is with her always and says she is the one who knows what Abhi needs, what he needs, where his things are kept, what are his worries, etc. She says even if she would have broken her fast, she would not have minded and says loves Abhi and will do anything for his happiness not like her who just wants to enjoy with her. She says she is happy with him though he hates him and says she got kumkum bhagya and don’t know if Tanu will get it or not. Tanu gets irked hearing all this and walks out from there.

Abhi thinks because of chashmish, Tanu will break up with him. He searches Tanu and asks Aliya about her. Aaliya says she is irked that he broke Pragya’s fast before her. Pragya cmes there and he says because of her drama, Tanu is angry on him and still has not broken her fast. She tries to tell that Tanu is not fasting, but then stops seeing Aaliya. Daadis come there and ask him if he fed gajar halwa to Pragya. He says he will feed her late. Daadi insists and he forcefully feeds her halwa, thinking she will not get his love at all, thinks Tanu will have to break her fast next year.

Precap: Abhi says Daadi as per her wishes, he will drop Pragya’s to her mom’s house in his car. Daadi gets happy, but Pragya gets suspicious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Abhi looks like a rickshaw puller than a rock str.

    1. He is even behaving the same way. But I love Shabbir’s acting

  2. It’s becoming boring day by day

  3. Karumam Daaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! “RickshawPullar”===>100% TRUE

  4. Episodes seem to be rewining everyday… Same thing every week

  5. same shit different day…..same ole abhi….cvs when will tanu truth come out anytime soon or never at all…..she have gotten away wit so much and abhi head so far up her rear he cant notice her schemes so sad

  6. Something new would be so refreshing not the same old every day lets see some love between the two the rickshaw walla and pragya

  7. Plz becareful with the pronouns you use….sometimes it doesn’t make sense at all…no hard feelings just a kind request.

  8. Once and again the spoiler portrayed Abhi to be loving and falling towards Pragya and the reality it proved wrong WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Why doesn’t the spoilers match up to the actual show?!?!?

  10. Boring…d same old story.shw smethng new.whn d truth of tanu cms infrnt of abhi.all r waitng fr dat epi yar….

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