Tumhari Pakhi 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi talking to Ayaan and asking is he annoyed, for saying such big things. Ayaan says he is worried for her. She asks are you not happy. He shows her family pic and sys there has to be a life partner for you. He says I miss my dad and only chachu can take his place. Pakhi says Ayaan………. He says I know Chachu did wrong, but now he has changed and loves us. She explains him that Aryaman can’t take Anshuman’s place, no one can take his place. Ayaan says even dad married again after his mum died, if he did not take second chance, how would I meet you. He says dad’s sadness got over when you came in his life, you also need a partner. She asks who told you this. He says no one, I miss dad, I know you miss him, you cry seeing dad’s pic at night, and talk to his pic.

She hugs him and asks is he feeling incomplete. He asks for his birthday gift. She says she will try her best to make him happy. She says but dad’s place will be vacant. She says I m your Maa and dad, I will be careful that I don’t do any mistake. He says he is not angry about invitation card mistake. She says you said its elocution competition tomorrow, prepare for it, whats the topic. He says value of parents in child’s life. Pakhi feels sad.

Veer asks for tea. Anuja tells him that she made Ayaan’s fav food. She thanks him. Ayaan says I did what I felt is right. He says send me tea to my room. Pakhi comes there and says she has to make fruit cream for Ayaan. Veer leaves. Pakhi talks to Anuja about Ayaan. Anuja says first he saw his mum’s death and then dad’s death. She says I know Ayaan well, what he is saying is not his words, don’t know why is he saying this. Anuja says he misses his dad, he needs a dad. Pakhi sees ink on Anuja’s hands.

Lavanya and Girish talk about what Ayaan said today. She says Ayaan needs a father and Aryaman is perfect. Girish says but Aryaman is not suitable for Pakhi. I don’t trust him. Riya sees Girish’s pic and is love with him. She gets some Shayari and says I got it. She says Girish will like this Rohan comes to Ayaan and says sorry I could not come in your birthday party, the card has 29th date. Ayaan says sorry and shows the card to Pakhi. Rohan gifts Ayaan. Pakhi sends them to school and sees the card. She sees someone has made 7 as 9 intentionally.

She says Maa did this and asks Sukhi did he keep the cards somewhere before leaving. Sukhi says I went after one hour as I had kitchen work. He kept cards on the table. She says fine and goes to Anuja’s room. Anuja is in bathroom. Pakhi gets the color pen and papers. She says it means Maa changed the date. Anuja comes and is tensed seeing the pen. Pakhi asks why Maa. Veer says Bua did this for you, as she regards you her daughter and want you to live your life again,

He says she called me for help. Pakhi says don’t call your selfishness my help, you came here for bringing back Aryaman. Veer says give me a break, what do you think, can’t I do Aryaman’s bail, what would Ayaan say in court that Aryaman saved him, his men were dead, do you think Bua could not bail him, she can, but she did not do it, as she felt your pain a lot. She says Anuja met you in Delhi as she saw herself in you, she met her son after 25 years, she did not accept him till he got you back in this house, you made her Devki and you don’t trust her.

Veer says to live life alone is like hell, Ayaan needs you today and tomorrow he will get busy, you will get alone, Bua wants you to live happily, and not like her. He says you decided to be Aryaman’s wife for Ayaan’s sake, right.
Pakhi says I took that decision for Ayaan’s life, even this I m saying for his life. Veer says it was good, now that he needs a father then what, Bua does not want you to live a life like hers, we are explaining you this since four months. She says you are good lawyer, but you used a small boy to make me agree. She says what you say and do does not match.

Pakhi asks Veer to leave. Anuja scolds her and says you always misunderstand everyone, this house is mine too. Pakhi says Veer that he came to break relations. Anuja shouts Pakhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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