Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharda makes Sakshi eat food. Karan too sits down sadly. He is upset with the circumstances. I really don’t like it when Sakshi has to listen to something because of that girl. Sharda appreciates him for supporting Sakshi. A girl’s strength is from her husband. When he respects her then the whole world respects her. you are not just my good son but Sakshi’s good husband too. I knew that however way I react, my kids will understand me. Give me some time more and I will set everything right. Sakshi agrees. Karan feeds Sakshi this time. She blesses the couple and asks Sakshi to promise her that she too will support Karan in his hour of need. Sakshi promises her. sharda is lucky to have them in her life. They share a group hug.

Suresh comes to meet Shanaya. How are you feeling now? She remarks (in affected tone) that he doesn’t have time for her nowadays. He agrees as so much has been happening in his life recently. They both miss Pallavi. He wipes his tears. She feels lonely now. I cannot blame these people for anything as they are not my own. How will they love me like their own? Suresh knows that nobody can take her mom’s place but Sharda is trying her best. Give her a chance atleast. Shanaya agrees for his sake. He thanks her and makes her lie down. He understands her pain. I should have supported / taken care of you like a good dad but I couldn’t do it. Now I will try harder to become your world’s best dad once again. Suresh leaves from there after promising her.

Sharda brings food for Shanaya who is not feeling hungry. Sharda gives her milk. Shanaya only takes two sips. Sharda tells her that she has made Sakshi understand. Now no one will say anything to you. Don’t ever repeat what you said today. Shanaya lies down again while Sharda leaves with the tray.

Suresh comes to his mom’s room. She can sense it that he is worried over something. When you were a kid you used to come to my room like this only and sit down all quietly in a corner. You would not say anything until I insist you to speak up. Tell me what’s troubling you. Suresh is sad that he could neither become a good husband nor a good father. I felt good when I saw Sharda working in the office. I kept her in between these four walls. If I had supported her earlier then my family would have been a much more happy family today. dadi is happy that he has finally seen Sharda’s goodness. He says it was his mistake only as Sharda has been good from the beginning. He gets a call from his office. The whole consignment is ruined because of the rain. Suresh tells him to bring the consignment to office. The guy wants him to get Sharda’s opinion as the loss was saved by her only. Suresh gets irked and insists him to do what he has been told. He ends the call and is annoyed. Sharda came to office one day and people think that only she knows everything. He gets up to leave but his mom explains it to him that Sharda is not at fault if she is good or if people like her. Promise me that you won’t get angry on her because of others. He nods but is in thoughts.

Suresh finds Sharda sleeping on the couch. He lies down on the bed but cannot get that guy’s demand of talking to Sharda or Dadi’s promise out of his head. He is very much confused. He recalls the morning scene where Sharda had given a decision which was very much appreciated by the manager.

Shanaya is talking to someone on phone. I know I was stupid to gulp down BP pills. Sakshi notices that lights are on in Shanaya’s room. Hope she is alright. Everyone has slept, I should go and see in case she needs something. Shanaya is speaking to someone who is studying in medical college. Suggest me something so that I am fine by tomorrow morning. I took some 3-4 BP pills after which I fell ill. She goes all quiet as she notices Sakshi standing at the door. she ends the call hastily. A sad Sakshi leaves from there without saying anything to her.

Suresh cannot sleep. Sharda wakes up and is surprised to see the bed empty. She finds him standing by the window and gets up to see if he wants something. He diverts it on Shanaya. She had gone to her room but she did not eat anything. She is about to go check on her once again but he says it isn’t needed. He asks her if she doesn’t feel like she has taken extra responsibilities on herself with whom you can do full justification. She wonders if he feels that she is at fault for what happened with Shanaya. Sakshi dint do anything intentionally. She was just playing a prank and she has apologized to Shanaya as well. He tells her that Shanaya loved Pallavi a lot. She is missing her terribly right now. Maybe it was a joke but you guys shouldn’t have done what you did to her. she will break down in such a case. She agrees to be careful the next time. He lies down and tells her to sleep as well. She is confused at his behaviour.

Sakshi comes to her room and tells everything to Karan. I told you that we should not underestimate Shanaya. She can do anything. She wanted me to look down in Ma’s eyes and that happened. Karan is miffed with Shanaya. He wants to talk to her right away but she stops him. she will create some problem for Ma. He feels that they should bring out her trust asap. She is set to ruin everything. Mom has nurtured all these relations with love. Sakshi promises that she wont let anything bad happen to their home or relations. I have understood all her moves. We will save our home. But we have got to be very careful. As far as I know her she wont sit quietly. Something will definitely happen tomorrow.

Shanaya plans to do something which will make the family members sympathise with her and hate Sakshi. Something will definitely happen tomorrow.

Next morning, Karan’s shirt is not ironed. She agrees to do it for him. he thanks her with a kiss on the cheek. Maid comes to tell Sakshi that the laundryman is fighting with her again. Sakshi goes out with her to talk to the laundryman. She has put the iron and Karan’s shirt separately. Someone comes there and removes the shirt. It gets replaced by one blue dress and the iron is kept over it. maid comes rushing there but by then the dress is ruined. She wonders how this happened. She thinks of ironing Karan’s shirt first.

Everyone is having breakfast. Shanaya calls out for Sunita. She is looking for that blue dress. Sharda asks Sakshi if she gave it to laundryman but Sakshi denies. Sharda is sure it will be here only. Sunita brings that blue dress. Shanaya is shocked / upset. Sunita says maybe Sakshi bhabhi left the iron on it while it was still on. I thought that it is her dress. Shanaya blames Sakshi. I should have checked your room instead of my room. I got it designed from my designer recently. You knew that its mine which is why you burnt it? Sakshi replies that she is innocent. I don’t know anything about it. Shanaya blames her yet again. Sharda is sure Sakshi would not do it intentionally. Karan understands that it was all Shanaya’s plan and tells it to everyone. She acts all innocent. I will keep my dress in Sakshi’s room and act? Sakshi affirms it. Just like you acted that you were ill. Sakshi tells the truth to everyone. It was all a drama. She wanted me to look down in everyone’s eyes. Shanaya tells her dad not to believe Sakshi. I dint do anything like that. Don’t trust her. Sakshi asks her to swear on her mother’s name and say that she dint do anything like that. Everyone waits for her answer.

Precap: Suresh tells Sharda about the call from that guy (Mr. Madan). The whole consignment was ruined because of the rain. Sharda wants to go to the godown to check it but the manager has brought the whole consignment here in office only. Sharda is upset that the colours of the threads have spread in the cloth because of the rain. Who told you to bring them here? Suresh says I told them to do so.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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