Gustakh Dil 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil taking Lajjo’s name. Everyone is shocked. Shalini says its great you know her name. She asks Lajjo to go home, if her work is over. Lajjo says fine and looks at Nikhil. She hides and hears them. Ranawat asks Nikhil why did he call her Lajjo, how does he know her name, when he came to their house now. Nikhil says he keeps his ears and eyes open, he did his homework before meeting him, he knows who lives here. He manages and answers well. He says he knows everything, his family, his servants. Its his duty to know his background. He says his past and how he started his business empire. Ranawat is stunned. He says good work, it will be fun. Nikhil thinks thank God, I knew this, else I was gone today.

Mrs. Bakshi comes to meet Barkha. She invites her for an event. Barkha says she will come. They say they came to invite Trishna, not her. Barkha is shocked. She gets annoyed and says when Trishna comes, she will decide. Lajjo comes home and meets the guests. Mrs. Bakshi invites her in the event. Lajjo says I will come, as its charity event. Its night, Ranawat goes in his study room and takes Nikhil. He says this is my study. Nikhil says nice study, I believe its fully equipped, and it helps you stay in touch with entire world. Ranawat says yes, its special for me.

They sit to talk about work. Ranawat asks him what new ideas he has, if he does not like their way to transport diamonds. Nikhil says he has experience, as briefcase idea is outdated and risky. Ranawat asks his idea. Nikhil shows the pen and says we can use the pen to carry diamonds. He shows dummy ones for his demo. Ranawat says its old, nothing new in this. Nikhil says its packaging is new, as this pen won’t be caught in scanning machine. Ranawat likes the idea. Nikhil says its my duty to be honest with you. He says the pen will not be caught and no one will doubt on it.

He says he is working for him, as he does not have a choice, he will work by heart. Ranawat says good and says I like this attitude, it will be fun working with you. Nikhil comes home and Lajjo hugs him, being worried for him. He says this is my state when you are there at his home. He says he has impressed Ranawat. Bebe and Mehtaab cry. Mehtaab says he always saved his son and see they have tortured his son. He says he forgot his name. He says you are saying you are Sameer. He says who is this Sameer.

Lajjo says you did not tell me you are coming there. Nikhil says I got call suddenly and I came there. She says you took my name and I got angry. He holds her and she smiles. He says what to do, its my habit to take your name, you are my lifeline. He asks is she feeling everything will be fine. She says yes, I trust myself and you, CBI is also with us. He says I worry for you, if anything happens to you. She says nothing will happen to me. He says he remembers his promise and he will take her to sea. Her phone rings and he cuts Sagar’s call.

She says she will talk to him. He gets annoyed. Lajjo says sorry, phone was on side so I missed the call, I will come on time. She sees him annoyed and says we are together today because of Sagar, we should not forget this, he knows how much I love you. She hugs him. He says I love you, sorry for overreacting. I m possessive about you. Don’t go far from me. She says she won’t go anywhere, as house is always in her heart. She hugs him. Lajjo comes to the parlour.

Lajjo says she is going for ramp walk for LFW, so she came for hair and skin treatment. Lajjo gets groomed up and leaves. Lajjo comes late for the CBI meeting and says sorry. Nikhil looks at her. Amit says Trishna ji, you are already beautiful, whats the need to go to salon. Miss Roy says we could not decode all info, but its good that we got some important info from the bug. Nikhil asks what is it. DK makes them hear the voice. He asks did you understand anything. Nikhil says no. DK says its coded. He says its Ranawat’s biggest deal, so Nikhil has to get involved in this. Nikhil says he will try his best. Lajjo says is my work over, I won’t need to go there. Nikhil says yes, right. Miss Roy says no, our work is not over, we want a safe from his house, which can help us. Lajjo agrees to bring it.

Lajjo is shocked seeing Harman spotting her on the road and gets tensed as he walks towards her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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