Tumhari Pakhi 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 25th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with the doctor checking Pakhi and suggesting a scan. Anshuman asks are you ok. She says I had so much food and so this happened. He asks her to take rest. He comes back to the room and looks for her. Pakhi is at the terrace looking at the moon. Anshuman comes to her and asks what are you doing here, take rest. She says no, I m feeling good here, did you see the sky, it looks like stars are talking to us. Anshuman and Pakhi have a talk. He tells her what all she did for him, so she is the moon for him. She smiles. She calls him the sky for holding the moon.

They look at the moon. She says if we have any question, we should find the answers in the stars. She says after my parents died, I had a question that why did I not get them, then I asked the stars. She says

two stars blinked towards me and I felt my parents did not leave me, you became the stars to be with me forever and see and to bless me. She says I felt them so sometimes when I feel pain, I see the stars and talk to them. He asks about his parents and says they must also be in these stars. Anshuman says come inside. She asks don’t you trust me, parents love their children even after they die.

She says when we get stuck in lives and then we see something clear, its their blessings. He gets angry thinking of his mum. She says mum loves her child without any condition. He feels bad and gets more angry. He says my mum was not good, I don’t have any interest in her, Ayaan is lucky to get you, she did not do anything good with me, she filled bitterness in my life. She says sometimes situation is like she has to take such decision. He argues with her and leaves. Pakhi says I did a big mistake, I m sorry Anshuman, I wanted you to bring out your pain.

She says I did not know you are not ready for it, I have hurt you even more. Anshuman comes back and say sorry. He says but I m not ready for this talk, you started talking suddenly and I could not control. He says this is bad phase of my life and I can’t share it with you, but I don’t want to hide anything from you. He holds her hand and says I want to tell everything to you. He says we will talk about this later. She hugs him. Anshuman cries.

Lavanya tells Girish that she is going to recording studios and have 2000 copies order. She leaves. Girish’s friend asks Girish not to mix personal and professional lives. He says no one will buy. Girish says I will buy all the CDs. Lavanya comes back and hears it. Girish says I want to keep Lavanya happy and I can do anything for it. He is shocked to see Lavanya. His friend leaves. Lavanya cries and says if I ask for moon and stars, will you bring that too. Girish says yes, if I can, I can do anything for your happiness. He says I love you a lot and can’t stop loving you. She hugs him.

He asks her not to cry and be happy as her album is getting released. She says no, you will get insulted if it releases, call them and asks them to cancel the copy. She says I will sing for you. Girish gets tensed and says take a break sometimes. She beats him and hugs him laughing. Anshuman books the tickets and calls Pakhi. Pakhi asks him to work in office. He says will you come to see a romantic film with me. She says yes, but you don’t like. He says you watch it and I will watch you. Pakhi agrees. Lavanya comes and asks whats going on.

Pakhi tells her everything. Lavanya can’t believe Anshuman watching romantic film. She asks her not to go anywhere, its 6th day today and he did not tell I love you till now. She says do as I say and I m saying you won’t go anywhere. Anshuman is unable to focus on work and waiting for Pakhi. He acts funny and lost. He says this presentation is goo, work on it more. He thinks what was he doing. Pakhi says I should inform him. Lavanya says no need, let him wait. Anshuman sayss why did she not come till now. He calls Pakhi. He messages her.

Anshuman tries calling again. Lavanya does not give the phone to Pakhi saying let him be like this till he says I love you. Pakhi says I will not reply, let me read the messages. Lavanya says let many messages come, see he will call on landline. Anshuman calls on landline. Lavanya stops Pakhi from taking the call. Sukhi picks the call. Lavanya asks him to say Pakhi is not here, went for manicure. Anshuman says fine, tell her that I will not talk to her, I changed my mood. He ends the call. Sukhi tells this to Pakhi. Lavanya laughs. Anshuman says I m waiting here and whats happening.

Anshuman sees that thief was Rohan. He gets Rohan again in his house and he leaves pregnancy report of Pakhi. Anshuman is shocked to see its positive result..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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