Gustakh Dil 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 25th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Barkha asking Nikhil to think about his life and the comforts. She says we work so hard and earn to give you that, will you be able to do that, what will you do, the love will not give you this, love can get over soon once you go out in the sun. Nikhil says I know you don’t understand love. He says love is strong and you don’t know it. Lajjo hears this. Nikhil comes to Lajjo and says mum did not love me, she neglected me making me feel guilty. He says you know mum’s nature. He says get up, where did it go, it was here. She asks what.

She says your sweet smile was missing. She smiles. Nikhil says we are married and you are worried thinking I will leave you. He says trust me, I really love you. He says I promise we will always be together. He says we will start a new life and make a small house. He says I m going mad in your love. He asks are you ready for such life with me. He says you are right, I get scared seeing big house. I m from small house and I get happy with petty things. He says I can always take care of you.

He shows her mobile. She says I have a phone, in your house. He says its mine now as it has beautiful memories, it means a lot to me. He says it has only one number, Nikhil ji. She says I was thinking …… He says it’s a lot of thinking, when I saw this phone, I came to know that you love me, but I did not understand. The driver tells Barkha that he has to call the mechanic to repair the car. Barkha scolds him. She gets a call from Inder. He asks what is all this, did you not think about your health. She says I m fine, it was necessary for me to come here. He asks what do you want, I know you are hearing me, please don’t create any scene infront of Baba and Anu, don’t force your decisions on Nikhil, he is not a kid.

She says yes I know, he has grown up, he told me that he will leave our house but can’t leave Lajjo. She says he wants to live in rented house without any comfort, I don’t know how could he say that to me.. Inder says if you force him, then I don’t think he has any options. Barkha asks him to think as a dad and think about Nikhil’s future, else let her do what she is doing. She ends the call. Lajjo cooks food for Barkha and is lost in thoughts. He comes to her and says if you think about me, the food will burn.

He says if mum knows you made the food, she will not touch it. She says she will be fine after having food. She asks him not to tell her. Nikhil teases her acting as if Barkha came there. Lajjo gets tensed. He laughs on her. She says I will not talk to you, go from here. He says I will help my wife in cooking. She says you? He says yes, chef Nikhil, what are you cooking. They make together.

Anu cries and talks to Baba about Lajjo. She asks him not to be quiet and we will support Nikhil. She asks him to talk to Barkha. Anu serves food to Barkha. Lajjo stands far. Barkha tastes the food and asks who made the food. Anu asks why. Barkha understands Lajjo made it and says I will not have this. Nikhil says we will never be apart, you have to understand this. Barkha leaves. Nikhil pacifies Lajjo and does not want to have food being upset. Lajjo asks him to have it. He says I want to give you a happy life, come lets have food together.

Nikhil gets a dream about his brother’s death and wakes up tensed. He says it was my mistake. Lajjo says it was not your mistake, everything happens by Lord. He says yes it was not my mistake, I tried my best to save him. Lajjo says forget everything, give all your pain to me, I know you did not leave his hand. Nikhil says but Barkha does not believe me and did not forgive me till now. He says whatever I do is wrong for her. He cries. Lajjo hugs her.He says will you ever leave me? She says I will never leave you promise.

Lajjo and Barkha have an argument.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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