Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Amrita arguing with Vikram. Vikram gets angry and pushes Amrita. Varun comes and Vikram calls for an ambulance. He gets Khanna’s call who asks him to give the verdict against Adi. Vikram says yes, I m leaving now. Vikram asks Varun to take Amrita to the hospital. Varun says yes, if you cared about her, you would have not pushed her. Vikram says she was blocking my way. Vikram leaves for the chamber. Pankhudi asks Aparna to tell the truth and prove Adi innocent. Varun calls Pankhudi and asks her to come to help Amrita. Pankhudi asks Aparna to go to the chamber alone and help them. Adi comes with everyone to the chamber. Vikram comes as the judge. He sits on the chair and looks at his dad’s pic. he thinks about Bau ji’s words.

He thinks about Khanna’s

words.The chamber talks about his dad and observes two minute silence for him. Vikram starts the case. He asks Adi to talk in his defense. Adi says I told in my statement that I did not try to harass my office employee and about Amrita’s cheques, I did this on Vikram’s saying. Vikram asks the proof. Rubel says why don’t you call Amrita. Vikram says she is not well and can’t come. Vikram gets angry and says we will decide only on proof. The doctor tells Pankhudi that we can’t tell anything about the baby. Varun panics. Pankhudi pacifies him. Mona shows the proof against Adi.

Vikram says we need some time to decide so the decision will be after lunch break. Pankhudi calls Adi and asks did Aparna come there. She tells him everything about Aparna hacking his account and about Amrita. Adi is shocked. Adi says Vikram is disgusting. Pankhudi says we need to bring Aparna there. Adi says fine, take care of Amrita first. He says I could not believe Aparna would do this, I will talk to mum about this. Avantika is shocked that Aparna did this. Rubel says I will bring her, don’t worry. He leaves. Adi tells about Amrita.

Vikram hopes Amrita is fine. He calls Varun and asks about Amrita. Varun says do you care about her, why did you call and waste time, give the verdict against Adi. Varun taunts him and says Pankhudi could have brought Aparna there to support Adi.

Varun says Pankhudi came here to help Amrita and she did not come to Chamber. Vikram thinks about Varun’s words and feels guilty. Vikram sees Avantika. Avantika is upset. Avantika asks everyone to hear Aparna’s statement once and Rubel is on his way. Everyone wait for Aparna. Khanna asks Vikram to tell the decision first and not wait for anyone. Rubel comes there alone. Avantika asks where is Aparna. Rubel says I m sorry, but she is not reachable. Vikram smiles. Avantika is shocked. Vikram thinks about Bau ji’s words. Vikram says I want to give the verdict not sitting on this chair but there among you all.

He thinks about Bau ji’s words again and again about his dad’s goodness. He thinks about Amrita and Varun’s words. Vikram says you all want to know the verdict but the tradition of this chamber is that it always does justice. He says whom am I to break it. He says I want to say that Adi did not do anything wrong. Everyone are shocked. He says Adi was framed and I m responsible for all this. He says I have done everything and Adi is right. Avantika smiles. He says I have put all the blame on Adi. He says Adi is innocent. Avantika hugs Adi. Khanna is shocked. Vikram asks Adi to take the case back against Adi.

Vikram says I promise I will cooperate with everyone and I resign from this post and I request Avantika to take the chair back. He looks at his dad’s pic and leaves. Everyone are happy. Khanna talks to Vikram and asks what was all this, you told the deal was on, you know what I can do. Vikram says yes, I know, but I won’t back out, don’t worry you will get your money. Rubel calls Pankhudi and says Vikram accepted his mistakes and supported Adi. Anuj asks how were you sure about this. Avantika comes to them. Harish says we came to meet Amrita. The doctor says the baby is fine. Everyone are happy. Vikram comes there and is happy hearing this.

Vikram requests Varun and Kaira to come with him. Adi says Kaira will not go from this house..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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