Tumhari Pakhi 24th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ayaan asking Pakhi to hug Aryaman. Pakhi thinks how she has convinced Aryaman to be Anshuman for Ayaan. Anuja says can’t you hold this burden. She says my life ended with Anshuman. Girish says if you tell this truth to Ayaan, he can go far and if people know, they will talk bad about you. She says we all know the truth, I don’t care about world. Girish says she can’t do this. Anuja says she can, as she is a mum who can do anything for her son. We all are with you in this decision. Pakhi looks at Aryaman. Ayaan asks what happened, Maa hug dad, come on. Pakhi says he has wounds and it will ache, later. Ayaan says ok.

He says what happened when they were coming from school, as goons were after us. He says the goons hit out car and then dad, me and Chachu………… He asks where is Chachu. Aryaman looks at him. Ayaan shouts Chachu. Pakhi says listen to me. Ayaan asks was it Chachu whom I saw, he came to take me from school and wanted to give you surprise. Pakhi explains him that Lord has called Chachu to him. She cries. Aryaman hears Ayaan loving him so much. He feels bad. Pakhi says Lord gave your Dadi two sons and you have all of us to play with you, Lord has no one so he took him.

Aryaman gets irked. Ayaan prays to Lord to take care of his Chachu else he won’t talk to him. She asks Ayaan to have rest now and let dad also take rest. Ayaan says dad take care. Aryaman feels bad for Anshuman’s death and hugs him. Ayaan says I love Chachu a lot. Aryaman says Chachu also loved you a lot. Ayaan says I love you dad and kisses him. Aryaman says me too. Ayaan says lets go Maa. Aryaman thinks he loves me so much, what should I do, I have to tell them I can’t do this, but later, not now. I will do this for Ayaan.

Anshuman’s body is kept in the ambulance. Pakhi says she wants to have this last moment with Anshuman alone. She goes to him and the ambulance leaves. She sees his face and says you are going, you said you will walk together forever.She cries and says you did not say you will leave me so soon, I have forgiven you for your every mistake, but you broke your promise. She says don’t go, I need you, please don’t leave me alone, what will I do, say something, get up please. She says talk to me please. She says I m your Pakhi and hugs him. She wipes her tears and says see I got so much ready only for you, get up and see.

She says won’t you tell me how am I looking, see what all am I wearing. She realized that she has thrown the kamarbandh in the morgue and cries. She says you did not hear its sound. She says fine, why did you give me this if you are going, take back all this jewellery, I don’t want this. She removes her jewellery and throws it. Anuja comes home and tells Pakhi’s decision to Pakhi’s bhaisa and Bhabhisa. Bhaisa says how will my Pakhi be like this, what about her. The servants cry.

Anuja says she is doing this for Ayaan. She says we can’t return this favor. Bhaisa says you lost your son. Bhabhisa hugs Anuja. Bhaisa says we always supported Pakhi and we will support this time too. Pakhi says how can you do this Anshuman, what will I do without you. She hugs him and cries. She says take me with you. Girisk asks everyone not to tell anything to Ayaan. Maha ji says we can’t believe Anshuman is….. Girish says slowly, Ayaan is sleeping in his room. Sukhi says he won’t live here now. Girish says how can you leave Pakhi alone. Maha ji says yes, we will support her.

Pakhi tells Anshuman that you said eyes will be yours and tears mine, I will live, Pakhi always keeps her promises. She says I won’t break my promise, I will live for Ayaan and his happiness, his upbringing. She says I know you break your every promise, but promise me we will meet in second world and then no one can separate us.She says she has no complains, she loves him a lot. She says you broke my promise and are leaving me alone, but I promise that I will be only yours till I m alive. I will be your Pakhi. She hugs him. Bairi jiya tumpe piya………………plays……………. She thinks of their romantic moments of togetherness.

Pakhi tells Aryaman to become Anshuman for press and media. He says its tough, I will be caught. She says I m asking you to sacrifice your identity.

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