Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghu arriving at the right moment to save Shivani. He sees Veer trying to molest Shivani. He pushes him. Shivani cries and hugs Raghu. She tells Raghu that Veer tried to rape her. Raghu gets angry and starts beating him. Veer says, I will explain and asks him not to beat him. Raghu beats him. Veer says, don’t beat me and falls down. Raghu holds something to kill Veer. Shivani stops Raghu from killing Veer. Madhavi, Dadi and police comes there. Madhavi asks Raghu to stop. Veer asks the Inspector to arrest Raghu and Shivani as they have gone mad. Dadi comes forward and slaps Veer. Madhavi tells Veer that she has realized her mistake. They can’t have a child by sacrificing someone. She says, we can’t have the happiness by ruining someone’s home.

Veer says, you have betrayed me, why? Madhavi says, we have to come out of the illusioned life. She says, I love you very much. We have forgetten that God gave us a child Arush. Dadi says she is ashamed to call him as her son. She asks, why you have stoop so low. Veer apologizes to his mother. Dadi says, she can’t forgive him and asks him to go to Jail to realize his mistake. She asks the Inspector to take them. Raghu and Shivani looks on. Police arrests them. Raghu picks his briefcase containing cash and asks Shivani to come. They start walking, just then Shivani faints. Raghu shouts babyji and takes her to the hospital.

Doctor asks the nurse to start the operation. Raghu tells Shivani that he fulfilled his promise and didn’t take money from Veer Pratap. He asks her to get well. Shivani tells him to say I love you before she dies. Raghu is shocked. He gets emotional and holds her hand. Shivani asks him to say. Raghu smiles and tells her I love you so much. Shivani smiles. Raghu says, I just loved you and will always be. I really loves you very much. Shivani smiles happily. Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se plays…………..Shivani closes her eyes.

Raghu shouts babyji. Nurse asks him to say soon. Raghu realizes that he just dreamt to confess his feelings. Shivani asks him to say for once. Raghu couldn’t say anything. Shivani is taken inside the operation theatre. Nurse asks Raghu to deposit the money. Raghu prays to God for babyji’s wellness.

Shivani’s operation starts. Raghu waits outside the operation theatre. Doctor comes out after operating Shivani and tells Raghu that operation was complete, but seems like Shivani had a emotional shocked. Raghu asks, what do you mean? Doctor says, she may get conscious in 1- 2 hours. She is not reacting to our treatment. Raghu is shocked. Doctor says, if she is unconscious for more than 2 hours then she might slip into coma and if her heart is not stable then she can die. Raghu is shocked. Doctor says, if Shivani wants to live then she have to fight. Let’s hope for the best. Raghu comes to Shivani’s ward and looks at her.

Raghu asks her, how can she accept the defeat. He says you said that I am your life and you loves me then how can you go leaving me alone. What am I without you? Nothing. He cries and says you are my everything. If anything happens to you then…..He says, I did a mistake to have broken my promise. He asks her to get up and not to punish him. He says, I won’t go anywhere leaving you even for a moment and asks her to wake up. He wipes his tears and says he called their family members. They were asking when we are coming. Raghu says, I said that we are coming. He asks her to get well and come home. He asks, do you want to go home and cries. Shivani is still unconscious. Raghu asks her to say something and talk to him once.

Raghu cries and sees his watch. He shows her the watch and tries to reminds her that it was the same watch which she had gifted him. He says, this watch has stopped working and asks her not to break her promise. He says, you promised to be with me all your life then why……He asks her to make the watch start working again. He continues to cry holding her hand. Shivani gains consciousness and calls his name. Raghu stops crying and looks at her. Shivani opens her eyes and sees him at her bedside. Raghu tells her, you are fine. Shivani says, I can’t go anywhere leaving you. Raghu cries happily. Shivani asks him not to cry and asks him to take her home. I want to go home. Don’t want to live in this city. Raghu says, we will go home and smiles.

Raghu tells Lata that you didn’t tell me about this big thing. Lata says, we hide it from you as we can’t see you in pain. Raghu says, Sumitra have to give an answer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  5. hum nice one lets see what happens with sumitra now,may be she will make raghu and shivani her house help too

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