Balika Vadhu 24th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Basant’s last rites. Nandu performs his father’s last rites and cries. Panditji asks him to give fire to his brother. Nandu refuses. Panditji asks Jagya to help Nandu. Nandu cries and says no. Jagya makes him understand to give the agni. Nandu gives fire to his father’s dead body. Jagya then gives the fire. Sad music plays. He hugs Nandu and gets teary eyed.

Saurabh comes home and looks for Saachi. He comes to her room and sees her nighty on the bed. He thinks of a plan and smirks holding the nighty.

Anandi is in the kitchen looks sadly. Ganga comes there. Anandi tells her that sugar is not there and asks for the bog box. Ganga tells her the direction. Anandi takes out the sugar. Anandi says, bahu’s can’t work now, only daughters can take care of house at this time. She asks about Gehna. Ganga said that Dadisaa sent Taisaa for bath. Anandi says, she will give tea for Gehna. Ganga says, I will come with you.

Vivek comes home. Saurabh opens the door. Saachi says, she will bring water for him and goes. Saurabh asks him to come inside and asks how was the day. Vivek says, busy as always and asks him to tell about his day. Saurabh says, he was in his room. He asks Vivek to install some software in his laptop and takes him to his room. Saachi comes and sees them together. She wonders what has happened to Vivek. Saurabh gives his laptop to Vivek and pretends to search the DVD. He asks Vivek to look for it.

Vivek too start searching for the DVD. Vivek sees Saachi’s nighty beneath the pillow and gets shocked. Saurabh smirks. Saachi brings water and gets shocked to see her nighty in Saurabh’s room. Vivek asks her, is this your nighty? What it is doing in his room? Saachi says, she doesn’t know. She kept it in her room and pleads innocent. Vivek gets angry and throws the nighty on her. Saachi looks at Saurabh with anger.

Anandi and Ganga bring tea for Gehna and knocks on the door. Gehna asks them to come in. They open the door and see her in plain clothes with no jewellery. They get shocked and teary eyes. Anandi hugs Gehna tearfully. Gehna wipes her tears and asks her not to cry. Dadisaa comes there and is shocked to see Gehna’s attire.

Dadisaa tells her that she says it is beyond her understanding why God showed this day to my daughter in law. She says, God would have taken me instead of my son. Gehna says, she got pain and have to bear it. This pain is for life and cries. Dadisaa hugs her and cries.

Vivek gets angry at Saachi. Saachi asks him to listen to her once and says you are misunderstanding me. Vivek asks, why you are doing this with me. I loved you and you have punished me. Did I do a mistake to love you. Saachi says, no.Your love is my everything. Whatever you have seen is a lie. Vivek asks her to give the proofs. Saachi says, she doesn’t have and asks him to trust her. Vivek says, I made a mistake and trusted you. He asks her not to touch him. Saachi cries. Saurabh comes to Saachi and tells her that it was just a beginning. He tells her that she will repent all life to send him to jail. Saachi says, you shouldn’t have come out of payrole. Saurabh says, it doesn’t matter to him.

Ganga takes care of her children. Jagya recalls his moments with Basant. He recalls Basant buying cycle for him in his childhood. He then recalls Basant hugging me and cries. Ganga looks at his sad state. Dadisaa sits at Gehna’s side while she is sleeping. Nandu is sleeping too. Dadisaa leaves from her room. Gehna opens the eyes and cries.

Nandu applies bindi on Gehna’s forehead. She yells at him and cries as she has become a widow.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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