Gustakh Dil 24th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo monitoring the house well and taking Barkha’s place. Inder asks Barkha to follow Lajjo, as she is their star.Ayesha asks Lajjo to come with her on shopping, as she is a big star now. Gunjan says I also want to come. Nikhil comes and is happy seeing them. He says I m her biggest fan and takes her autograph. Barkha is shocked seeing this. She holds her head and is irritated. She shouts and comes out of her dream that she has lost to Lajjo. She looks around and is relived that it was just a dream. She says I won’t let this happen, she can never take my place. Ratri sees Trishna’s interview on the tv and Kabir turns it off.

He says look at her, are you satisfied now. He throws the remote in anger. He says this is breaking news of every channel, you did this and there is not your name anywhere. She says don’t shout, you are doing like you are against this. He holds her neck and says shut up, just go from here, before I lose my temper. She leaves. Barkha comes to him and asks him to fill any amount on the blank cheque but Trishna should not win. Kabir looks on.

The diamond clients have an argument about Nikhil. Mr.Katiyal is their opponent and threatens to kill Nikhil if he comes across him. Khanna gets tensed and asks him not to do this. Khanna tells Ranawat to come infront of everyone, as Katiyal is threatening to kill Nikhil. Khanna says Nikhil’s life is in danger, he does not know anything about us, we does not have any risk from us, call Nikhil and asks him to bring briefcase tomorrow. Lajjo dances and practices. Sagar comes and opens the lights. Lajjo is happy seeing Mili.

Sagar says its from both of us. Its ghungroos. Lajjo thanks Mili and says you are like my younger sisters. I will practice till I get tired, I m very strong. Sagar asks Mili to go and do her homework. She leaves. Sagar tells Lajjo are you sure about no withdrawing. She says yes, I know what I m doing. Sagar says it was not an accident what happened with you. She says I know who did it and why, but I won’t fail. He says they can do it again. She says let them do, I will show them how I win. He says I really respect you, it looks you already won. She says its last stair now. I will work hard to win. She smiles thinking about Nikhil’s words.

She says she will win for her husband. Sagar smiles looking at her. Nikhil tells the manager that he will come tomorrow. Nikhil checks his bag again and gets another diamond. He gets a hanky and one more diamond. He says how can any client notice this, so maybe boss wanted this. He thinks what is the matter, how can two diamonds fall from sets. He thinks of his boss. He tears the bag and checks it. He gets many diamonds in it and is shocked to see. He understand he is being used to smuggle diamonds.

Kabir talks to Barkha and says he is ready to play a dirty trick with Trishna. He says I know her weakness and this will become her failure, this day is very difficult for her. Barkha says do whatever you want to do, it does not mean any difference to me. Its morning, Barkha sees Nani, Inder, Samrat and everone happy with Lajjo’s show invitation. Gunjan says she even sent invitation to Chaya. Barkha is annoyed. Samrat says Lajjo invited us by love. Nani says I m surely going. Barkha says she will also be a prt of this event. She thinks she can’t miss to see Lajjo’s performance.

Nikhil comes to meet his boss Khanna and confronts him about the diamonds. Khanna says don’t think you are doing smuggling, you are just delivering. Nikhil asks why did he use him. Nikhil says I needed charming and innocent man and you came infront of me. Nikhil says I m sorry, I can’t work with you, I m going to police. Khanna threatens him that he will hurt his loved ones. He tells him about Ranawat who is very dangerous, he knows all his background. He says Ranawat is a famous and respected man, police, mafia and politicians are in his pocket, you can’t do anything against him, work till we say.

Nikhil says you kill me but I won’t work. Khanna says you have a family and we will keep them good till you work for us, else they are gone and you will be hurt. Nikhil is shocked and says don’t do anything with my family, Khanna says you are my family and we don’t involve families in our business, now it depends on you how you handle this situation. Nikhil feels trapped.

Nethra says sorry to Lajjo. Lajjo says I know what all you did with me.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I hate barkha… I hope lajjo emerges as a winner n dd kabir shud nt be able 2 do anything. Wat more dirttr can dey plan dn wat dey have already done

  2. The storyline about Nikhil and the diamond smuggling will make the serial uninteresting why divert the storyline.

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