Tumhari Pakhi 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ayaan taking a rose saying girls like it. Pakhi comes and sees the flower. She stops him, but Veer defends Ayaan. Ayaan thanks him and leaves. Pakhi says why thanks. Veer says he is taking rose for his GF Avni. Pakhi laughs. Veer says he is growing up. He sees Riya coming and sarts fighting with Pakhi. Pakhi sees Riya and starts her acting. Riya looks on. He says he can question Riya too and stops her. Riya leaves. Veer asks Pakhi to concentrate. Pakhi says yes, I saw her, else I would have been angry. She says she will try to know whats in Riya’s heart. Lavanya leaves a note for Girish to take care of the kids.

Riya comes and meets Girish. He says you missed to meet Lavanya, she just left. She says she wants to do her work here. He says fine, its your house. Riya sees the note. She gives him muffins as a token of thanks. He says how do you know you like her. Riya thinks not me, your mum in law knows. He tries it and says did you make it. She says yes, I baked it. He says you could own anyone by this. She says she is thankful to him. The baby cries. Riya says she will see and helps him. She thinks about Anuja’s words. Riya comes to Girish and gives the milk bottle.

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She says wait and checks it. She says see it has something bad in it. Girish checks its smelling bad. Riya says its good I saw, baby would have got ill, don’t keep babies on maids. She thinks how she has added soil in it and smiles. Girish calls Lavanya and scolds her for keeping bad milk for the baby. He says you kept the bottle and said feed the baby. She says she checked everything, I m not careless. He says leave it, its our kids, you don’t care. Riya smiles hearing Girish scolding her. He says I don’t stop Lavanyaa for anything, what if anything happens to baby. Riya gives fresh milk to the baby and says she will leave now.

He thanks her. She looks at him and thinks congrats, Girish gave me my first victory, he should get a gift for this. She goes for shopping the gift. She buys an expensive perfume for Girish worth Rs 49000. She was writing the name on the bottle and it falls suddenly. The man asks her to pay Rs 2.5 lakhs. She says I did not do it, it struck by mistake. The manager comes. Riya says the bag touched. She apologizes. The manager asks her to pay, else she can’t go. She gives the ipad.

Pakhi comes and asks whats going on. The manager tells everything. Pakhi says its by mistake. The manager asks does she know her. Pakhi says she is my daughter. Pakhi pays for the loss. She calls the accountant and calls him in the mall right now. Riya hides the gift from Pakhi. Pakhi says fine, return it, pack the fresh piece. Pakhi thinks why was she buying an expensive male perfume. Pakhi says all sorted, thanks.

Veer asks Pakhi why did she get Rs 3 lakhs from office. Pakhi says she needed it. He says but why, you know the rules of company, its not personal account. Pakhi says my office, my account, if I take even Rs 3 crore, who are you to ask. He says you got 3 lakhs cash. Everyone come and hear them fighting. Riya stays quiet. Pakhi says its my money, I can do anything, I can throw it too, I don’t need to give explanation to anyone. Veer says it means its big matter and you are hiding, fine I will find out. Pakhi says fine, you are controlling and want to control everyone, its my life and my kids, Riya and Ayaan. She says I will forget why I have to respect you if you try to control me.

Pakhi thinks Riya will come to talk to me after this fight. She sees Riya coming and stand like being upset. Riya thanks her for saving her and fighting with Veer. Riya asks why did she get into this matter, I know Ayaan forced you, you are so intelligent, caring, loving, beautiful and Veer does not care for you, he will make your life hell, I think you should leave him. Pakhi asks why, did he do this with you, always fighting and taunts. Riya says she can’t forget what he did, I would have bear if he has beaten me, my parents fought and died because of him.

Riya says I was very small, every morning I used to wake up by fights of my parents, I used to be scared all day. Then dad started beating her, my mum used to find ways to hide her wounds, but I used to know who did it and why. She says mum and dad had much love between then, but when he got the letters which mum write to her first lover, to Veer, then everything got bad, he created a mess in my family. Veer stands far and is shocked hearing this.

Riya says dad used to say its because of Veer, I hate this name, I hate him. Veer cries. Riya says then a painful silence, then fights got less as they lost hope, their relation died, dad used to drink wine and mum used to write letters to Veer and he did not reply mum. She says dad took mum on long drive when he was drunk. She says he was much drunk, mum cried and shouted, but he did not listen to her, then I got to know about their accident. Pakhi holds Riya.

Veer tells Riya that he loved Kirti a lot, if he knew she was in pain, he would have saved her life. Riya says I m sorry and hugs him crying. He leaves. Riya smiles and says I did as you said Devki ji.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What does that mean??
    She smiled and said i did as you said kriti gi!
    Is some women kriti planning against veer???

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