Sinhasan Battisi 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, raja bhojs next step towards the throne n while he does so comes avoice asks him to stop n comes yogmala the protecter of yog, yogmala says till now u have proved ur self n now is to test the power of yog shakti n now will narrate u the story of raja vikramadityas yog shakti n this story is when raja vikramaditya didn’t even met chitralekha, once while he was on his rideback home from temple, a lightning fall one of his soldiers, shocked vikramaditya asks wat is this he is informed that there are possibilities of death, raja vikramaditya asks which person, viramihirji says this is bcoz of some evil person amongst us, vikramaditya says don’t u all worry bcoz of only one person we all wouldn’t be harmed, one of the soldiers asks for help saying im the evil one bcoz i robbed the goddess idol from the temple, everyone there ask to sentence the culprit to death, raja says this isn’t fair deal the culprit has aceepted his fault n is ashamed of it, while a lightning abt to fall vikramaditya holds it n turn to ash, raja bhoj says shocking just to save a soldier he did so wat happened next, yogmala says rajan got back to normal n the lightning disappeared , everyone thank raja vikramaditya for saving them, raja bhoj says how did he get normal, yagmala says its bcoz of yogmaya as raja vikramaditya was a follower of yog n this miracle by raja vikramaditya was celebrated, during the celebration all of sudden except raja vikramaditya everything got paused, this surprised raja vikramaditya , vikramaditya says who is the one who dared to this right this moment arrive in front of me n arrives a yogi, vikramaditya asks why are u here, yogi says remember the day when u had fallen off a cliff it was me who saved u with the powers of my yog shakti n u had gifted me a wish n im here to ask for that wish, vikramaditya says friend i had promised u that whatever u ask me i will give u without any hesitant n i haven’t forgotten that promise of mine but first come give me hug as we met after long years, the yogi n rajan hug eachother, vikramaditya says now plz bring my people back to normal , the yogi does so, vikramaditya introduces his friend to all, everyone welcome him, vikramaditya says come lets have a chat, rajan says after schooling i got very busy with my subjects n forgot abt u, yogi says even the promise, rajan says no friend i haven’t tell me wat u want, yogi says i have fallen in love n to get married to her a swayamvar is arranged n u have to win her for me.

Raja vikramaditya says ok i will do this for u just tell me who is the girl, yogi says its princess chitralekha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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