Itti Si Khushi 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akku is doing some work on her laptop while Neha browses her phone. She is surprised at the changes in technology. We can see the full movie on phones? So much has changed except Aman’s Dadi. She was always irked with me and now she gets angry like anything. She scolded me so much. I was scared. Akku points out that she dint have to go there. Neha is sad that she couldn’t talk to whom she had actually gone to meet. Aman looks so handsome. His smile is so sweet. Akku is feeling uncomfortable. Neha goes to her bed. I had called Aman uncle. She narrates everything. I dint realise it and called him uncle. I myself have grown up to be an aunt. He was so shocked to know it. Akku wonders if she dint recognize him. nehe could not as Aman has changed a lot. He looks so good now. I think he should be a hero instead of a cricketer. His physique is all about it. neha asks Akku’s opinion about herself. Akku repeats that she looks really sweet and pretty. Neha asks Akku if she has a boyfriend. Akku tries to divert the topic. Neha is curious over what has happened. Aman’s Dadi had said that things / relations have changed. Is everything alright? Are Aman and Motu Bhaiya not talking to each other? They are still friends, right? Akku replies that everyone has gotten busy in their jobs. Akku makes Neha lie down as it is time to sleep. Neha is not sleepy though. She calls out for Akku after noticing the ceiling. Akku immediately switches on the lights. Neha asks about her glowing stars on the wall. They had to be removed as the house was painted. We will put it tomorrow. they both lie down again but Neha is not sleepy. She looks at her duvet and is upset.

Mr. Agarwal is thinking of taking loan from someone. We will return it once we get money for the new contract. Sunita does not want to take any more loans from anyone. They are distracted by the sound of their door. Neha wants to sleep with them. Neha talks about card games. I am sure mumma would make you lose. They had forgotten all about it. Neha remarks that everything has changed. You removed glowing stars from my room. Plus Dada ji’s shawl is also not there. Her mom realises that this is the reason why Neha is not able to sleep. I have kept it an old box. You should sleep between us tonight. Neha lies down happily. she is holding her parents hands in her each hand and wishes them goodnight. Mr. Agarwal recalls how the younger Neha used to do the same. Our Neha has not changed at all. They both kiss her a goodnight kiss each.

Neha’s physiotherapist is making her do some exercises. She leaves once her task is done. Neha’s mom takes her to the dining table for breakfast. Neha loudly calls out for everyone to join them. neha wants to eat with everyone. Neha’s mom tells her how no one eats together nowadays. Your dad and brother leave early morning. Dida cannot come out of her room. I had brought a wheelchair for her but she has declined to sit on it. Neha wonders if no one fights for hot puris. Neha’s mom says everything has changed as everyone has grown up now. Neha is sad thinking no one enjoys hot puris. It is very boring to grow up. Akku greets her. she too cannot join Neha for breakfast as she is getting late for office. Neha wants sily, shiny, straight hairs like her. Akku smiles. Get your hair washed and some styling too. Neha is excited. Akku promises to take her to parlour in the evening. Neha requests her mom so she gives in. Akku leaves for office.

Aman’s bike is out of petrol. He comes inside to look for a thin pipe so that he can get some petrol from someone. His mom remembers how Kartik got the bike full yesterday itself. She is irked with Kartik while Dadi takes his side. Munna (Kartik) is not at fault. Everyone is after him in this house. He is his real brother. He works from morning till night. No one likes it if he goes out for 5 minutes to relax. Aman agrees to push the bike. He leaves. Dadi is sure Munna will get them so many cars once his job gets fixed. He has taken after his Dada ji. She boasts about her late husband and praises her for it too and also taunts Aman’s mom.

Neha is outside playing with her house’s gate. She notices Aman and calls out for him as captain. She shouts Gittu finally as he doesn’t hear her. He smiles as she runs towards him to meet him. she jokes if he is still learning how to ride a bike. He denies. Petrol has finished. She offers to push his bike for him even though he tells her against it. She reminds him that she is the same Neha who had made 25 runs once and had made their team win. He gives in but on the condition that she wont call him uncle. She apologizes for it. I dint know you would be this grown up. We all had gone to eat ice cream yesterday. You remember how we all used to go together when we were kids? He nods. She knows that he used come to hospital to meet her. Akku told me about it. why did you go quiet when the bike’s petrol has finished? You don’t talk much nowadays. You used to talk a lot earlier but now you have become boring. Why? He replies that he has heard someone talking nonstop after a long long time. She holds him by the neck playfully and everyone in the street turns to look at them. he tells her to go home or her people will start searching for her again. she wants to join him in his next match this time. She turns to go when he apologizes on Dadi’s behalf. She smiles. Dadi is still the same. She is just like hitler. He looks pointedly at her so she goes quiet and apologizes. She turns when he bids her goodbye chep (someone who sticks around people all the time). She smiles at this. he remembers chep. Title track plays.

She comes back to her house speaking to herself about how Gittu still calls her chep. She notices a wheelchair kept in the corner. She gets an idea.

Dida is shocked to see Neha bringing a wheelchair for her. she gasps in shock. Remove it from here. Why have you brought this Yamraj’s vehicle here? She declines to sit on it. neha knows she must be getting bored inside her room. I too get bored. This way we can both go out together and enjoy. Dida shouts for Sunita. I don’t want to sit on it. neha’s mom tells Neha that this wheelchair is in this house since last 8 years. Dadi wont sit on it. She has a misconception about it. Dida is sure she will die the day she will sit on it. sunita tells Neha not to bring this chair here again. she takes it with her.

Neha asks Dida if something happened to her when she sat on the wheelchair. Dida tries to divert her by showing movies. Neha understands her trick but she is not going to give up easily. You can enjoy this much more in a theatre. I will bring your chair. Dida warns her against it. they both look at each other with sweet angry faces.

Priest has come to Aman’s house. Dadi is irked as the main priest has sent his disciple. Jayanti is all praises for him on the other hand. She wants to show him her hand so he can predict her future. He is a little scared of her intentions though. Dadi calls out for Gayatri who comes there with the tea. Priest shares the three auspicious dates. Dadi wants her to decide asap. I will talk to Sunita. Now Neha is here too. We don’t have to worry about anything. Call them here. Gayatri nods.

Neha and Akku come to the beauty parlour. Title track plays as Neha enjoys it in there. Akku has also brought a skirt top for Neha. She changes her dress once everything is done. She looks really pretty and leaves from there excitedly.

Neha wants to go to Aman’s house but Akku denies. so much happened yesterday. We should not go there but Neha insists. I want to see Aman’s reaction once he looks at me. akku has no option but to agree.

Neha’s parents are at Aman’s house to decide upon the date. Dadi interferes. Nothing happens without my will. Mr. Agarwal is worried about Neha’s reaction. She doesn’t know about it. dadi suggests him to tell her then. It is ok if she is elder but her due to circumstances we had to fix her younger sister’s wedding first. It is good news. She already knows Aman. Gayatri agrees with her.

Akku tries to take Neha home but Neha is undeterred. Akku talks about hitler Dadi. Neha is happy that Dadi ji had fallen down yesterday. How will she come out now? Akku is tensed. Neha cannot see Aman’s bike. Is he not at home? She turns and finds Aman coming back on his bike. She is all dreamy eyed. Akku notices it with unease. Epi ends on her worried face.

Precap: Neha shows Aman her hairstyle and they both enjoy talking to each other while Akku looks on from a distance. She takes a step back seeing their bonding. Akku’s friend talks to Akku about what she has thought. Akku agrees to tell tomorrow on Mata ki Chowki. She looks at the smiling faces of everyone worriedly. She wonders about their reaction.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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