Tumhari Pakhi 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anshuman taking his shirt and being hurt not able to do it easily. Pakhi comes and helps him. Bol dil se…………plays……….. She does the first aid. He says no, I don’t need this. She says don’t be a kid. He says fine on one condition. She says fine, do it yourself. He says its about tomrrow’s condition. He says the result will be coming tomorrow, will you give my gift, else I will understand you did not keep your promise. She agrees and does the first aid. Anshuman says really? She nods yes. He shouts. She gets worried. He smiles. She blows on his wound.

Saiyyan……………plays………….Rohan looks at them and does not like this closeness between them. Its morning, Anshuman puts sindoor in Pakhi’s maang. Rohan looks at them. She asks how is your wound now. Anshuman says better, but it will take to heal completely. She says I will bring coffee for you and leaves. She makes coffee for Anshuman. Rohan comes to her. She asks will you have coffee. Rohan makes a work commitment. She gives hum coffee and sees it. He says you did commitment when you signed the contract. Don’t give him anything which can be going against us. Why are you doing all this, this gift, this sindoor. Why.

Anshuman talks to Lavanya and says Pakhi will come with me, I really want to help her. Pakhi says she will keep her promise honestly. She has a commitment with her sindoor too. She says I will not bring this in between. Lavanya says you did not go there for competition, but if she wins, she will be far from us, do anything, cheat her but bring her back. Anshuman says no, I can’t cheat her, I can’t break her trust. Pakhi asks Rohan to trust her as she will work hard, only 7 days left and she will show him that she did a honest try.

Lavanya asks Girish to make a diet list. Anuja makes Dalya for Lavanya which she does not like Girish says its good, have this. Anuja makes her eat and Lavanya likes it. Anuja sees the diet list for her and says many things are missing in this and suggests them. Anuja says she will take care of Lavanya. They laugh. Girish says we will know about Deepak soon. Anuja smiles.

Anshuman and Pakhi go out. She asks what do you want in gift. He says we will see it. They go to the market. She says we can take this ties. He says no, I stopped wearing it, as there is no one to tie. A couple sees them and calls them nice couple. Pakhi translates it to Anshuman and he smiles. They have icecreams, she says lets buy a watch, we have good shops here. He says I have many, you know, what will I do. Tell me something that can change time. She thinks.

She says perfume of your choice. He says no, don’t tell me this things, I want a different thing, you have to come with me, you will get a clue which you have to solve. She thinks she did the same to him. She says don’t ask anything which I can’t give. He says you can give, you have to decide you want to give me this right or not.

Anshuman shows her the mirror and says this is my moon. Bol dil se…………….plays………….. as Pakhi smiles. He says this is my gift, a place where only you, me and the moon. Moon has always witnessed our feelings. He asks will you give this to me. They have an eyelock. Rohan comes with the competition result. Pakhi asks what is it. He says I did not check it, you tell me whether we won or not. Rohan is very excited. Pakhi gets tensed and checks the result.

Pakhi says we won. Rohan says I knew this, and hugs her. He says as you are with me, I can’t lose. We reached the semi finals. Anshuman smiles. Pakhi looks at him and says I got one more step ahead and far from you. She looks sad.

Anshuman and Pakhi have a talk. She slips and falls. Rohan says I think you will lose now. Anshuman says I trust Pakhi a lot.

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