Gustakh Dil 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sagar giving Arohi’s suicide letter to Lajjo and asking her to read it. Lajjo reads it. Arohi writes that she is unable to look at herself, after cheating the man who really loved her, she is totally ashamed that she has gone wrong by having an affair. Sagar hears her reading it. She writes that she has insulted him and his love, but she trusts him, she is leaving Mili for him, don’t tell Mili that she is not your daughter, her father will not take her responsibility, how to apologize to you, I see my life going off and my heart is asking me to bid bye to life, if possible forgive me, yours Arohi.

Adhiraj is bailed out and asks the inspector how did I get bailed. The inspector says we have a witness who said she was with you that night. The inspector says you would have been in jail for long. Adhiraj thinks why did Ayesha do this. Lajjo says so you are quiet because of this. Sagar says I knew police won’t get proof against me, as I was innocent. And it happened, I was freed, but world thinks I m guilty celebrity who got free, no one believed me. Lajjo says its written that Mili is not your daughter, but Kabir’s. Sagar looks at her.

He says I did not want this to come out, I don’t want Mili to know I m not her father. He says Mili is my Arohi’s daughter. Lajjo says you have bear a lot, for Mili, to save her from the taunts of the world, and I always said you don’t love Mili. She says the truth is you really and truly love Mili. Nikhil talks to Ayesha and says I hate going in partied for this reason. Ayesha says but you should have maintained distance, who did she come so close to you. He says it was staged by mum, Ratri was coming closer to me, mum wants Lajjo to see this.

Ayesha says Lajjo will trust you. Ayesha gets Adhiraj’s call and cuts it seeing Nikhil. Nikhil says Lajjo trusts me, but she will be hurt seeing this pics. Adhiraj calls her again. Nikhil notices this. He says take the call, I will talk to you later. She says no. Nikhil asks is she hiding anything, is there any problem, I can help you. She says no and lies to him. She says you and Lajjo are different, but you are trying to get her gong against family, there is difference in status, are you not scared of society. He says no, I was afraid to hurt my family then I asked my heart what does it want, and it answered Lajjo, I did what my heart said, which gave me happiness. Ayesha thinks what she is doing is right. Nikhil leaves.

Its morning, Nikhil talks to Inder. Inder says I don’t understand, what is this job profile, as you are getting promoted soon with high pay, you should be careful, how so soon. Nikhil says if they are happy with me, why are you shocked. Inder says I trust you but I m worried as my experience says no one gives you this much so soon. He says I don’t want anyone to take advantage of you, you are innocent, and don’t know people, don’t know world.

Nikhil says honest, faith exists in my life. Inder says I wish you all the best, just be careful. Nethra tries to take Lajjo with her. Lajjo says no, I have an interview. Nethra does some emotional blackmail. The girls insists. Lajjo agrees to go to the restaurant with them. They have a good time, and order many things. They enjoy the food and leave. Lajjo gets late. She gets stuck there with the bill Nethra smiles and suigns the girls.

Lajjo calls Nethra but she does not take the call. The waiter asks Lajjo to pay the bill but she does not have money. Lajjo says give me some time, I will come in evening and pay. The manager comes and the waiter tells everything. Lajjo says three girls came with me, they ordered food, and went leaving me here, trust me, I will pay the money, I have to go for interview. The manager asks her to do the payment. Lajjo gives her watch and gold bangles. He says we want cash or pay by credit card, call anyone, we won’t let you go without the payment. Lajjo thinks.

Lajjo calls Rancho and Nikhil takes the call. Nikhil is shocked knowing Lajjo was staying with Rancho.

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