Ek Nayi Pehchan 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sakshi tries Sharda’s number but there is no reply. She thinks of the worst scenario (accident) but then controls herself. She tries one more time and can hear the phone ringing in home only. She opens the door only to find Sharda standing there looking blank. She asks her about her whereabouts but Sharda quietly enters inside. She avoids all questions and a little angrily tells Sakshi that there is nothing to tell. Sakshi is taken aback. Sharda leaves from there quietly. Sakshi wonders what has happened all of a sudden that Ma is reacting this way.

Suresh makes an excuse to Pallavi of going to Puna for some urgent work. She reluctantly agrees.

Sad title track plays. Sharda sits outside in the garden and cries. She cannot help but recall all the recent incidents which hint at Suresh’s infidelity. She calls out for her pigeons. Who should I talk to? With whom should I share my pain? I needed you the most today and you are nowhere to be seen. I cant even tell Sakshi. Lord help me! I have never felt so alone in my life.

Sakshi is lost in thoughts. Karan asks her if she is alright. Sorry I couldn’t reply to any of your messages. She tells him that something is worrying Ma like anything. She stays alone nowadays. Karan replies that at times you want to spend some time alone. Maybe something would have happened but its normal. She disagrees with him. Ma never reacts this way. She always shares her problems with me but not this time. I have no idea why! He thinks maybe dad would have said something. At times husband and wife say things which they don’t want to share with anyone else. You know dad he can say anything any time. But you don’t worry mom will handle everything. If there is a fight between you and me then will you tell mom everything? She says she will as she has never hidden anything from her. He hugs her saying he will never let that happen. Don’t worry I have an idea through which we can bring smile on mom’s face. He tells her the plan in mute. She gets excited.

Suresh comes home. He calls out for Sharda. Sakshi comes to take his bag. He asks for Sharda but is told that she is outside. Maybe she wants to spend some time alone. He is not interested in this theory. If that was what she had wanted then she shouldn’t have married and had this big family. Go call her. Sakshi nods.

Sharda comes in with Sakshi. Suresh asks her what she was doing outside at this hour. He asks for his suit and file. She thinks that he cannot do this to her. My life is coming to an end here and he is acting all normal and cool. My identity, which was because of you, is getting distorted here. Atleast you should know that I know everything. She remembers the incidents earlier in the day (at the cafe, Pallavi’s house and Pallavi’s handkerchief). Suresh finds her looking strangely at him. She is about to talk to him when everyone shouts loudly wishing them a very happy anniversary. All the family members wish them one by one. Karan gives knife to Sharda and she stares blankly in the space. Everyone tells her to cut the cake so finally Suresh does it. They all clap happily.

Latika wishes Sharda-Suresh a happy wedding anniversary. Sakshi notices that Sharda is somewhere lost and looks very worried. Suresh feeds cake to Sharda and all the members take their turns in doing so. Sharda cries as she recalls Suresh’s other identity. Dadi and Sakshi notice and point out that Sharda is crying. Suresh tells them that these are the tears of happiness. Sharda is very happy as because of my hard work our whole family is happy. Our kids have achieved what they deserve. I have fulfilled her every small or big happiness. This way I am her perfect husband and she is my perfect wife. Sharda looks at him in shock / pain. Diya wants more cake but she isn’t allowed. Sakshi cannot take her eyes off Sharda. We are celebrating your and papa’s togetherness but you look so pained. She gets thinking.

Sakshi is still thinking about Sharda. Why was Ma crying? Karan understands what she is thinking. But he dint see anything untoward. She looked happy and celebrated her anniversary. She was smiling for us only. There was so much pain behind her smile. Something very bad is happening and she is not able to share it with me even. He is still sure everything will be fine in time. She finds an invitation card in Karan’s hand. His friend’s parents are renewing their wedding vows. She gets an idea. Ma will be happiest this way. We know this much that something has happened between mom and dad but things can get better if they renew their vows. She remembers their convo about Sharda’s ghar-joda and her sadness on their pheras being incomplete due to a fire in the fields. You know this upsets Ma till date. Karan appreciates her for her brilliant idea.

Sharda comes to her room and imagines Suresh and Pallavi sleeping together. She is heartbroken by her dream. She looks again and finds the bed empty. She goes out of the room.

Next morning, everyone is seated at the dining table. Latika serves Suresh today. Karan makes Sharda sit down too and serves her lovingly. Suresh is amused at his kids’ behaviour. He knows they want something from him. Latika takes promise from him that he wont say no. He obliges. Latika tells them that they all want the couple to renew their wedding vows. We want you to marry once again. Sharda-Suresh are taken aback. They are not interested in doing it. Sakshi and Dadi too insist. They have made all the arrangements already. Suresh thinks that this way Sharda’s mind will be diverted to her family for some time. She will stop thinking about me and Pallavi. Suresh agrees for it which shocks Sharda. He notices her staring at him again and is confused.

Precap: Meeta calls Pallavi. Sharda’s kids have invited me and you for the renewal of their parents’ wedding vows. Pallavi happily agrees to come. At night, Suresh is in the balcony. He notices Pallavi and Meeta coming out of their car and is shocked.

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