Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya asks his lawyer to prepare divorce papers and says Mohanto himself will make his daughter divorce him. Arnav starts crying while nanny tries to feed him. Aditya holds Arnav. He sees Mohanto and Sunaina coming there and starts acting. He says he knows Arnav is missing his mother and does not want to eat, he starts crying. Mohanto and Sunaina try to console her and say everything will be alright. Aditya says he cannot see his son suffer without mother and asks what if Madhu does not get well. He takes Arnav to his room to make him sleep.

Jai happily shows his power of attorney papers. Aarya gets happy seeing that and hugs Jai. She says she still cannot believe. Jai says managing director’s seat is his now and nobody will be able to snatch it from him now.

Madhu thinks she cannot stay in mental assylum. Nurses come and take Madhu out for doctor chekup.

Samaira sees Aditya tensed and asks him why is tensed. Aditya says he prepared divorce papers but does not know how to take divorce from Madhu. Samaira says if their love is true, nobody will stop their way. He asks what she wants to say. She explains him her plan. Adiyta gets happy and says her love is very intelligent and he fears her intelligence. Samaira thinks she will not let him think at all and will let him apologize her.

Sudha says Mahi that she is happy that Shikha is winning all her battles and whenever she will get her revenge, Shikha will come back to her, but she is afraid that Shikha is at risk at every moment and she is worried about Shikha. Mahi says Shikha will not get weak and asks her not worry.

Madhu is brought between mental patients for a checkup. Doctor comes and asks mental patients to play carrom. Madhu sees doctor’s mobile and steals it. Once she is taken back to her room, she thinks of calling someone and informing what Shikha is doing to her. She thinks it is waste to call Mohanto.

She thinks of calling Jai thinking he will help her for his benefit. She calls Jai and asks his help to get her out of here, she says Shikha is behind everything and she wants to prove it, so she wants to come out. Jai says she should be behind bars. Madhu says she will give him MD position if he helps her out. Jai says he has already become MD and she is talking to Jagannath group’s managing director. Madhu shockingly asks what rubbish he is talking and gets angry. Jai says Mohanto has decide to transfer power of attorney in his name and asks her not to get more mad hearing that.

Aditya comes to his office and sees his cabin closed. He asks peon to open his cabin door. Peon says his cabin is changed now. Jai comes and informs Aditya that he is new MD of Jagannath group and he will show him MD’s power. Aditya asks him not to fly high, else… Jai asks else what and asks him to behave, else he will sue him. He asks him to call him sir from now. Aditya laughs on him and thinks once he handles Madhu, he will show who is boss.

Aditya goes to Madhu’s mental ward and asks why is she sitting silent. He says he will tell her a story and tells her their story and then says once she got power and money, she started misbehaving with her husband, so her husband went to another woman for power and money. She remembers Shikha’s words that she will separate Aditya from her. Aditya further says he made a plan to send her into mental hospital and made her mad in front of the world. He says this story is yours. Aditya says he loves Samaira and not her. Madhu remembers Samaira and Madhu being together many times and she cathing them sleeping on hotel’s bed. Aditya says Madhu her doubt was right, whatever she saw was true. He says nobody believed her. He then shows her divorce papers and asks her to sign them.

Precap: Samaira apologizes Aditya for getting angry on him. Aditya says he is tensed that Madhu has not yet signed divorce papers.

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