Tumhari Pakhi 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi cooking and Veer coming to help her. He falls and Pakhi laughs. She slips and falls on him. The mangalsutra stucks and he helps her out. Riya comes with Girish and likes the decorations. Girish coughs and says he has allergy with flowers. Riya worries for him. She says she will get water and comes to kitchen. She sees Veer and Pakhi in odd situation. She says I m sorry, I came to take water. Veer and Pakhi get up. Riya looks at them angrily and leaves. Riya gives water to Girish. The servants come and welcomes Riya. Girish asks for Pakhi. Pakhi comes and says we were waiting for you, mostly Ayaan. Ayaan comes and meets Riya. Pakhi introduces Riya and Ayaan.

Ayaan gives the welcome card to her. He says come, I will show the room. Girish says she assists Lavanya so I know her, but I did not know she is Veer’s daughter, I tried to know why she hates him, but she did not tell me. Ayaan shows his room and toys. Riya asks him not to call him Didi and scolds him. Riya does not get well with Ayaan and she won’t live in his room. Girish comes and Riya changes her tone, she praises Ayan and asks him to call Riya Di. She says Girish is like family to her and tries to show her good side. Pakhi and Veer arrange the food on table. Ayaan comes with ball. Ver asks him to keep ball somewhere else and come to have food.

Riya comes and Pakhi talks to her. She says we made everything as we did not know your fav things. Riya gets angry. Girish comes there and she starts acting sweet and smiles. She thanks Pakhi. Riya looks at Girish. Riya does not like the food and still praises it seeing Girish sitting infront of her. Riya and Veer take the same bowl and look at each other. Veer leaves the bowl. Riya sees Girish and gives bowl to Girish. Lavanya and Anuja looks on. Girish smiles. Veer serves food to Riya. She thanks him.

Anuja gets annoyed seeing Pakhi and Ayaan happy. She says I m not feeling well and leaves. Girish signs Lavanya. Veer says he got gifts for everyone. He starts with Ayaan and then Riya. He then gifts Pakhi. Ayaan claps. Pakhi thanks him. He says its hard to find friends and gifts Girish and then Lavanya. He asks her to give the gift to Bua. Lavanya asks Ashok to take it. Veer gifts the servants too and says finally we are a happy family. He says as Riya is here, I m really happy, you can see the gifts. Girish praises Veer and thanks him for giving a complete happy family to Ayaan. He says Riya will be with you, right. Riya smiles. Girish asks Riya to be happy. She thinks she is waiting for his love, then she won’t see their faces.

Girish says we will leave now, as kids are alone at home. He asks Pakhi to talk with Riya, he will keep coming. Riya asks when will he come. He says I will come. Everyone go to leave them till the door. Riya keeps a gift box and smiles. Veer gets the gift as Pakhi forgot it in living hall. He says I thought you will need it at might. She opens it and sees the western dress. Veer is turned away reading the book. She gets irked seeing the nightie.

She asks did he get this, so I will need this at night, I became his friend and he did this. He says yes, I got it from searching a lot, I thought it will look good on you, do you like it. She asks seriously, you thought I will like this. He says yes, come on, I know you, you should wear this, person gets boring wearing same things, you should wear this, I m your friend, we have to start sometime, you will love it. She shows him the dress and says she does not wear such things. He is shocked.

He says no way, how did this come, I did not bring this. She says right, you are talking about this, He says I got Kashmiri Kadai suit. She says yes, it changed into nightie. He says maybe shopkeeper packed it. She says you should not cross limits. He says I did not buy this. He says how will you hear this ad imagines. Riya comes and asks do you like my gift. Pakhi asks what. Riya says I think Veer liked it. Pakhi asks did you get it. Riya says yes, newly weds are given such gifts to come closer.

Riya scolds Pakhi for marrying in six months for Anshuman’s death. She taunts Veer for not marrying, as he did not get a hot wife before. She says you both married to get physical, so stop acting now. She claps for them. She says Ayaan can be fooled, but I m not a kid, I understand everything. Pakhi says Riya….. Riya says I saw you both in kitchen too, so I got this gift to complete your movie. Pakhi asks what way is this to talk. Riya says I m not related to you both. She asks Veer to stay away. Veer is shocked. Pakhi looks on.

Anuja says she will make Ayaan and Riya heate ach other. Ayaan asks Riya to leave her room and throws things. Anuja says I will write their fate and smiles.

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