Sinhasan Battisi 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj is seen in an unknown land a eagle bird like man arrives and picks up raja bhoj and drops him in a fort kind of place where raja bhojs see many vultures and is confused of where he has arrived then arrives a bird which droped him their and introduces him as pakshiraj and tells raja bhoj tat he has brought him to feed this vultures and asks him to decide how he wants to die to this raja replies that if a person is strong then he fights or else he sacrifices and asks pakshiraj to fight with him and if he looses then he will be the food for his birds in his kingdom and they start fighting raja bhoj defeats pakshiraj and pakshiraj requests his birds in kingdom to eat him as he lost the battle to this raja bhoj asks pakshiraj to not to behave as he is the raja and its his duty to serve his kingdom and even after winning he keeps himself in front of all the birds to eat him pakshiraj gets surprised by raja s sacrifice and asks him not to do this as it is against the rules of fight the winner gets the prize and not punishment pakshiraj understands that the raja bhoj is a good human being as he is sacrificing his life even after winning and with his powers send hm to old fort where raja bhoj hears devi mahamaya and she asks him to answer to her question asked about which is the dharm tat u should accept tyag dharm or raj dharma to this raja bhoj replies that tyag dharm is the one to be accepted first as one has to go through the rajy dharm later listening to his answer devi mahamay asks him to climb the second step to get closer to singhasan
Their arrives devi Chandrakal who is the sign of justice and asks raja bhoj to go through a battle to reach the singhasan and she starts telling the story of raja vikramadityas justice
people from raja vikramadityas kingdom arrive in his palace at midnight to ask for justice a lady tells raja tat someone has killed her husband and she wants justice then senapati of the kingdom asks the lady that from which rajy she belongs to as she is not the resident of this rajy the lady accepts that she is not from his kingdom and belongs to neighbouring kingdom and she is here for justice as her husband was killed by the arrow which belongs to this kingdom raja vikramaditya is surrised to hear this from the lady and the lady shows him the arrow and assures the lady that he will do justice after seein the arrow raja vikramaditya reminds that this kind of arrow is with some special people
into the old fort devi chandrakal asks raja bhoj that wat does he think raja vikramaditya will do raja bhoj replies that he will findout the culprit and do justice definitely
raja vikramaditya asks all his soldiers weather they have used this arrow but everyone refuse and asks senapati too bring in the blacksmith who is assigned to build such arrows and assures that the culprit will be punished harshly as the first mistake he did was to use this arrow and second was to lie.

Raja tells the lady that he has found the murderer and asks senapti to bring him and a lady is seen

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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