Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zakir telling RK that he will show his master bedroom. RK is taken inside and goes upstairs. Few men guard him. Zakir and Sandhya bring him to a room where he will be monitored all the time. RK looks around and thinks its jail or home, whats this. Zakir and Sandhya smile. Zakir says come, I will show your dream house. He opens the cupboard and shows a dark room inside. RK sees the jail type room ad is shocked. Zakir asks what happened, don’t you like this, Sandhya I think he does not like the new house. Sandhya asks what happened RK, don’t you like this place. RK says I like the home as well as people, you did great job, I have to agree, no one can tell its home or high security jail. He says I think you will come only at night, in simple clothes. Zakir says yes, all area is ours ad it has network jammers, don’t be happy that your phone or GPS will connect.

RK says it will be good game now, its big challenge. Sandhya says yes, it will be fun to see you become mad, you don’t have any helper now, no connection, Zakir and I are wall between your helpers and you, you can’t do anything, you can’t buy my men and kill them. RK is tied and taken inside. RK sees same things like jail and looks to find out how to run.

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The people RK there and leave. RK has a chain tied to his leg and can’t go much far. Disha is tensed. Sooraj says we got the stall items. She looks for Sandhya. He says I was thinking to start making designs. She says yes. She thinks where did Sandhya shift RK. She asks Sooraj to call Sandhya and ask where is she and when will she come. Sandhya comes. Disha thinks why is she not in uniform, from where is she coming. She says you don’t look like coming from duty. Sandhya says she is on bahu duty now and smiles. She asks Disha to leave as its night. Disha says good night and leaves.

Sandhya does the shutter down and gets romantic on Sooraj. She holds him and gives a blue blazer to him as a gift. She gives him white t shirt and blue jeans. She says you will look very good and handsome. Sooraj says return this, kurtas look good on me. He says lets go home. She says she got it with love, please wear it. She tries to convince him and says this clothes will look good on you. He says he is fine like this. She asks him to wear it if he loves her. She shows her loose hair and says I keep it as you like it. He gets a call from Bhabho. He says I m in shop, I m coming and lifts the shutter. She smiles and says run, I will catch you.

Its morning, Babasa talks to Bhabho about food to be cooked in festivals. Everyone smile. Sandhya talks to Meenakshi and says Sooraj told me everything. I will talk to Vikram, everything will be fine. Bhabho calls Sandhya. Meenakshi leaves being upset. Sandhya takes the torch to put batteries. Sooraj sugn her to see there. Sandhya smiles. Prema comes home to meet Vikram. She asks for shop key and wears the saree Vikram gifted her. Meenaksho gets angry seeing her. Vikram gives the keys. He says this saree is looking good on you. She thanks him.

Meenakshi says she will teach a lesson to Prema. Sandhya teases Sooraj by outing torch light on his face and gives a flying kiss. He returns and she smiles. Bhabho sees him and asks what happened. Sooraj holds his jaw and says Ah… I have pain. Sandhya laughs. Bhabho asls why is she laughing. Sooraj smiles. Bhabho asks Sandhya to get ready and go on duty. Sandhya says yes going. Chavi talks to her maid. The mad complaints about her mum in law and she won’t stay with her now. She asks Chavi to come in puja in her new home. Chavi thinks shame on me, the maid got a new house.

She asks how did she buy new home. The maid says it needs mind, not money. She says she has got the money from her mum in law. Chavi asks how. The maid tells her that she has fooled her and stolen the money. Chavi says very bad. The maid says everyone does this. Meenakshi comes to Prema. Sandhya leaves from home and Disha follows her to know about RK. Meenakshi comes to show and keeps a diya to hurt Prema. Prema lights the diya and her hand gets hurt as the diya was already very hot. The shop catches fire and Meenakshi’s plan flops. Prema shouts for help. Meenakshi calls out Bhabho as the shop has caught fire.

Disha says when did Sandhya change her dress. She bumps onto Laxman and asks about Sandhya. Laxman says yes I also heard her, she was saying to go somewhere. Disha smiles.

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  1. Where is the Morality Police Bhabho ? What kind of SANSKAR did. She teach to her children specially Chavi. The serial is bordering on stupidity it is good to be nice but not stupid , not to see thru Disha and Suraj jee is totally retarded.

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