Tumhari Pakhi 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 15th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan seeing Anshuman and running to be safe. Anshuman asks Pakhi top open the door as he is getting late for meeting. Pakhi is in the bathroom. Tanya arrives. Anshuman says I have to take bath as there is no water in the other bathroom. Anshuman enters the bathroom and Pakhi holds him and takes him to the tub as he can’t see. Tanya is introduced. She greets Maa ji and asks where is Anshuman. Maa ji says he is in his bedroom. Tanya goes to the bedroom. Pakhi slips and falls on Anshuman. Tanya is about to enter the room and walks in. Saiyyan….. plays…….. as Pakhi and Anshuman have an eye lock.

Tanya goes towards the bathroom and sees him semi nude having a bath with Pakhi. She says sorry and walks out. Pakhi asks who was she. Anshuman says

she was Tanya, she is my friend. Pakhi says what would she think about us, you finish your shower, I will attend her. He asks her to find his diamond cufflinks. He thinks till Pakhi gets that, I will attend Tanya.

He sees Pakhi is not in his room and gets ready. He asks Maa ji where is Pakhi. Maa ji says she is in study room. He asks where is Tanya. Maa ji says even she is there. He goes there. He hears Pakhi and Tanya talking and thinks whats happening. He thinks they are fighting. He thinks to enter the study room or not. Pakhi says its good you came, come and help in getting this mangalsutra off. Anshuman says we are mature, we should talk. Anshuman says the situation is like this, I did not think this would happen. Pakhi says come here, we are asking you to come and help as you know the problem.

Anshuman says what should I do, I can’t. He says did the mangalsutra got struck in Tanya’s hair, and smiles. He helps them in taking if off. Pakhi says thanks for saving it. Anshuman introduces Pakhi saying she is my wife. Tanya smiles and says pleasure meeting you. Anshuman says she is my friend Tanya. He says Tanya is a reputed author in UK and shows her books to Pakhi. Tanya says Pakhi wants to know how we know each other, how we met. Pakhi says right. Anshuman looks at them and says she is my friend. Tanya says just a friend? Anshuman says my close friend. Tanya says close friend that I have access to his bedroom and bathroom. Tanya says I m so sorry, you might have felt awkward.

Pakhi says no, we are sorry and deals with Tanya maturely. Pakhi says you have a talk, I will bring snacks. She says I did not get your diamond cufflinks. Pakhi leaves. Tanya talks to Anshuman. Anshuman says what you saw there was Ayaan’s prank. Tanya says its ok, I understand, I know everything, I m your girlfriend, not your wife, dad told me everything about this. Anshuman says I did not know this. She says I m joking. He smiles and praises her. She asks do you love me. He says yes, ofcourse. She says so prove it, show me how much you love me. He says one min, wait, he goes and brings a gift. She opens it and loves it. She says thanks but I want something else. She smiles.

The servants talk about Tanya and make Pakhi hear their talk purposely. Pakhi hears them and does not react. Ayaan comes to Pakhi. Pakhi helps him in drawing. Ayaan says I won’t show my drawing. She tickles him and sees the drawing. Its Pakhi in devil avatar. He says its you. Pakhi laughs and says its not funny, there is something missing, she puts red color in it and marks the nose. She says lets go and show it to Anshuman. Ayaan says I don’t like when anyone laughs on my cartoon and tears it. Pakhi says when will I come to you that you share everything with me.

Maa ji sees the drawing and smiles. Tanya gifts a watch to Anshuman and makes him wear it. he loves it and thanks her. He asks what do you want, tell me. She praises him and says people look upto you, Anshuman smiles. They have a talk and she bowls over Anshuman saying I will write your biography. Anshuman says really nice, but it will be a gift for me, what do you want. She says I want to become Mrs. Tanya Anshuman Rathore. Anshuman is shocked. She says tell me, will you give me my gift. Anshuman looks on.

Ayaan asks Tanya to hug him. Tanya fools Pakhi saying I have to be with Anshuman all the time as I m writing his bio..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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