Desh Ki Beti Nandini 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 15th January 2014 Written Update

Abhay and Gayatri come to Rajveer’s room. Gayatri calls servants and asks with whose permission, they put piano back in Rajveer’s room. Don’t they know Rajveer has just returned from hospital and he is told by doctors to rest. Is that how his care is being taken? Nandini steps forward and tells Gayatri that she knows she cares a lot about Rajveer’s health, and she should know what takes away Rajveer’s stress. Rajveer supports Nandini and says he’s feeling much better now. He did mistake by going away from music. It’s politics that give him stress, not music. Dadi comes and she also says Nandini did a good job seeing joy on Rajveer’s face. Gayatri now says it’s good, with music his stress will get less, so now mother and

son can get back to politics once his shoulder is fine. Gayatri and Abhay leave. Dadi tells Rajveer to finish what he was playing. Rajveer resumes playing piano. Dadi and Nandini are very happy, while Gayatri is annoyed and tells Abhay to send Rajveer alone to the study room once he’s done playing his piano.

Rajveer comes to the study room and apologizes to Gayatri. He says he knows she doesn’t like music. Gayatri says who said that? She tells him she used to attend many different concerts and his father also had passion towards music. But more than music, he was interested in public service, to help others. For him people’s problems mattered more than music. Music just give relief to one’s self, but meaning of living is to give relief to others. She shows him a CM chair and asks Rajveer if he knows what’s that. Rajveer says it’s a chair. Gayatri says no, it’s a power chair. It has hands, legs, back, but doesn’t have heart, because heart is with person who sits on it. This heart Rajveer has and he has all it takes to solve everyone’s problems. She asks him to promise that he will fulfill his father’s incomplete dream and his sacrifice won’t go waste. Rajveer promises her and leaves. Gayatri looks at her laptop and it seems like she researched about music and lied to Rajveer. She says to herself no matter what Nandini cannot take Rajveer away from her.

Next morning, breakfast is still not on the dining table as no servants have come yet. Uttara and Swaroop fume. Uttara says they should file a police complaint. Nandini comes and says first they should find out why they didn’t come. They can’t send them to police station because of one day off. Uttara says no matter what they can’t allow a change in their routine, and servants will get punished if it’s because of them.

Later, some servants come. Nandini asks them why they came so late. They tell Nandini that they haven’t got a single holiday in last two months, they are also human beings and they need a day off too. Uttara comes and says instead they will give them permanent holiday. All servants apologize to her. Gayatri comes and supports Uttara.

Later, main cook hasn’t come. Nandini calls a junior cook, but he’s afraid if anything goes wrong. Nandini gives him confidence saying this is the time to prove his ability. They start cooking and Nandini helps them. Dadi sees it and smiles.

Swaroop is shouting at a servant seeing him still cleaning the house. The servant says he’s alone today, so it’s taking time. Nandini comes and says everything will be done on time. Swaroop asks if she found a magic wand. Nandini says you don’t need magic wand, you just need to be smart. She asks servant how many drivers are there. The servant says, 7, and 2 of them have gone out. Nandini asks him to call other 5. Nandini tells drivers that she knows it’s not their job but if they can help them for today. All drivers are quiet. Nandini says not a problem and she starts cleaning. Seeing that, drivers ask her to leave it and they will do. Dadi again notices this and is impressed with Nandini.

The lunch is ready. Nandini tastes it and its very good. The junior cook gives credits to Nandini for giving him confidence.

Nandini comes to the hall and sees servants taking away Rajveer’s piano. They tell her that Rajveer told them himself. Nandini is going to talk to Rajveer, but Gayatri comes in her way. She asks Nandini why she seems disturbed. Nandini says, so you did all this? Gayatri smiles.

Precap: Gayatri and Nandini’s argument related Rajveer and his music.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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