Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th January 2014 Written Update

Zakir and Rahul are standing on their lines while both roma and sandhya are crawling when sandhya’s hair is stuck on a wire and she is struggling and roma notices Singh coming their way who notices this and romatells her that singh is coming their way, singh goes to her and calls up Officer sanjay, to free sandhya’s hair and he does, and then she does go and stand in line with rest, well singh scolds her she failed as her hair was stuck and while both roma and sandhya was trying to give excuses, and Singh says she made it clear she would never hear any excuses before too and then blasts sandhya and asks sandhya if she has solution for this problem and then reminds them about orientation that she would not tolerate excuse and then says sandhya has to cut her hair,

while roma and rahul are a bit sad and Singh says sandhya;s hair shouldnt be longer than her owns, Zakir walks off from their and so does rahul, roma tries consoling sandhya.
Meena at her mothers place goes to her who is working and cries her mother is worried and starts taunting emily, and then meena tells her what has happened with kanha and how vikram reacted to and asking her to get away from home, her mother is fuming and wanted to speak to vikram but meena stops her and meena pacifies her and says she wont go unless vikram wont come and take her home as both vikram and kanha will miss her just like she does. 
bhaboo. babasa and suraj are in rickshaw in hanuman galli while bhaboo is still fuming over the incident in train, then gt down at home while suraj pays and then all head inside, chotu welcomes them and bhaboo calls up every one and notices she accidentally taken sandhya name and holds her self, and she says she will get used to it, she gives rest of the family her blessing while chavi speaks about sandhya, suraj talks about emily’s parlor doing fine, emily then thanks him and sandhya for their help and while sandhya marketed about emils parlor, bhaboo asks for meena and emily says she havent seen her since morning and even chavi says he havent seen, bhaboo then asks vikram if meena was in shop and then he says she went to her mothers place, bhaboo is a bit conused, while no one knows when meena left and then notice kanha is at home and they ask about meena going alone, vikram makes a lame excuse about meena;s mothers health being ill which made her go and every one believe it, bhaboo is a bit sad that both her daughter in laws are not at home and home seems empty
sandhya calls up suraj and bhaboo asks him to give the call to him, sandhya is sad while bhaboo is doing all the talking about training and bhaboo notices sadness and hesitation in sandhya’s voice and asks her if all is well, bhaboo makes excuses about sandhya;s training and every one hope she did fine on first day while sandhya is very sad and remembers how she failed in running but she couldnt muster the strength to say it. 
Bhaboo is giving her some advice to eat on time and then babasa reminds her about ladoo, bhaboo then reminds sandhya that she has to win the cup and chavi and emily and others are interested in speaking to sandhya and then babhoo passes on phone to others who speak and wishes to sandhya in speaker while sandhya is on tears and bhaboo gives phone to suraj and geets his turn while others tell him to speak in private, suraj sits on steps and then is asking her about her first day on training and sandhya is hesitating to say something and this worries suraj, and then sandhya hesitatingly tells him about the race with honesty.
Bhaboo then notices vikram and asks vikram to call his in laws to ask about their health, vikram tries making excuse but vikram is left with no excuse other than calling them, he calls up and asks sudha to put meena on the phone, meena is all excited but vikram blasts her bubble saying about bhaboo and tells her about the excuse, bhaboo asks her to show to nice doc and meena is all in tears while making excuse and meena asks her not to visit them at her place as her mother will be alright and bhaboo gives her some advice on her mothers health and says she is missing meena and asks meena to call up when ever she needs help amd vikram tells her not to worry about kanha as he is father and take cares of them. and hangs up.Sandhya then tells suraj about singh’s order of getting her hair chopped and says she has no clue as to what to do, suraj is stunned. 

Precap:- The guy asks how short they should make sandhya;s hair and then he says if singh has send her he knows how it should be and while sandhya holds her ms. pareshaan expression..

Update Credit to: coolbie

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