Pavitra Rishta 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 15th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Arjun sitting in the dark. Ovi comes and asks him to come for the award function. She says, this is not the way to spend life in darkness. She tries to convince him to come out for her sake. Purvi is asked by RK’s employee to get ready by 8 pm and RK will meet at the function. Kinnari tells Raunaq that your room is very small and I get inferiority complex. She says, I need a big room like your brother. Raunaq says, you have so many demands. Kinnari demands a big room like Naren. Naren comes and says Kinnari is saying the right thing. He asks Raunaq to talk to Kinnari properly. He says, If you want room then you can take my room and we will shift to Raunaq’s room. Naren says, when a girl comes to her sasural then it is her husband’s duty to make her comfortable

and give her happiness. Kinnari tells Raunaq that Naren is good than him. Naren is showing his room to Kinnari. He tells Ankita that we are giving my room to Kinnari. Ankita says, it is a good thing. If he is not having any problem then I don’t have any problem. Kinnari says, I hope you will not have any problem. Ankita says, I can adjust with anywhere. Naren thanks her. And says, I am giving this room to Kinnari and not to Raunaq. He says, as you are going to marry. Naren says, Ankita says, I will stay where ever you are. Naren praises Ankita.

Raunaq is in the restaurant. Sunanda calls him and asks him to come home. Raunaq tells his friends that he needs to go. His friends ask, since when you are taking your mom seriously. They jokes on him and says you will follow your wife now. Raunaq says, I will be same like before. He asks the waiter to refill the glass. Mansi calls Shashank and says she has reached the hotel. Shashank asks her to sit and says I am coming there. Mansi sits on the chair. Raunaq eyes her. His friends ask him to control as he is going to marry soon. Raunaq says, I didn’t marry yet…everyone laughs. Raunaq says, I can’t control when I see a beautiful girl. His friend says she is not your type. Raunaq says, If I talk to her, then you have to give me 10000 Rs each. Raunaq goes to Mansi and asks for whom she is waiting. Mansi says, I am waiting for my to be husband.

Raunaq says, I came to give you company. He looks at her stuff and asks did you went for Shopping. He taunts her indirectly. He says, I can give you whatever you deserves which Shashank can’t. He then praises her beauty. Mansi tolerates him as he is Ankita’s brother in law. Raunaq says, I wants to call you. I want to give you a gift which will make you remember me, which will keep me in your heart. Mansi shouts at him. His friends are relaxed to have save the money. Kinnari says, I feels sorry for you. She asks, don’t you feel uneasy and scared? Ankita asks, what? Kinnari says, after my marriage your position will be weak. Ankita says, respect and position get by age or by experience and Naren is far better than Raunaq. She says, how much you try but you can be at my position because I am Naren’s wife. I am very comfortable in this room. It doesn’t matter to me as what matters to me is my husband’s heart. Naren sir thinks about you and Raunaq. Now you shall think about his happiness. She asks her to broaden her thinking. Whenever you need me, I am there for you. Kinnari is very much angry and says mom was right. She speaks badly with her. And says you are acting to become a sister. If you are smart then I am more smart.

At the party, Journalist asks someone about who will get an award. He excuses himself. Arjun and Ovi enters the party hall. Journalist asks, do you think you will win? Arjun says, I think this year there is good contenders and says RK. She praises RK. Arjun says, you need to ask him about it. Purvi comes. Everyone rush to her. Arjun asks, what is Purvi doing here? Ovi says, she didn’t go because you. Why you both are pretending to move on in life but you both needs each other. Arjun asks, did Purvi knows about me? Ovi says no. Purvi looks at Arjun.

Ankita and Naren are shifting their things to Raunaq’s room. Naren brings the book and it falls on the floor. Servant says, I will do it. But Naren insists to do. Naren says, this room is small. Ankita says, but my husband’s heart is big. Sunraha hain tu plays…….Naren says, I will keep some books in the store room. Ankita and Naren have a good time with each other while the song plays. Ankita falls on Naren…..

RK says, he wants to share the award with his fiance Purvi. Arjun looks shocked. Purvi looks on. .

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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