Tumhari Pakhi 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 14th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi walking out of Anshuman’s room with her earrings. He thinks what was she looking for in my bag. Chutki asks from where did you get your earrings. Pakhi says why did you not sleep till now. She tells Chutki it was in his bag. Chutki says everyone are annoyed by him, is he a bad man, he does not look bad. Pakhi says to her Bhabhisa. Anshuman talks to Lavanya on ohone. He says once I get these papers signed, I won’t see them again, these papers will clean my image. Pakhi sees him smoking and comes to him. He throws the cigarette. Pakhi says its breezy here, the weather changes. She gives him a shawl. He says thanks, I don’t need it.

She says I did not come to complain anything. She says the whole city looks from our terrace and tells him about the fort. He says I don’t have any interest in history. Pakhi tells him a story about the moon and his 27 wives. Anshuman listens to her. She asks him what do you think about the story adn its two conclusions. He says actually I don’t see things like that by fantasizing. He says I m married. Pakhi is shocked. He says I m married and I have 7 yr old kid. He says two yrs ago, my wife died and see I have lived the life with someone which you are going to live now. He says I need someone who can take care of my son and my house.

He tells her about his son and how difficult it is to deal with him. He says I don’t know if he can accept anyone else in his mum’s place. He says I think I did a mistake by coming here, but I don’t blame anyone, the situation is tense. He says this is my need in the relation, I don’t know about you, I agree if you don’t want to come. I totally understand. Pakhi says did you come to scare me or to take me with you. He says I came to take you with me, but I don’t want to lie to anyone. Bairi jiya…. plays….. he says I want everyone to know the truth. Pakhi looks at him. He walks away.

Pakhi turns and sees him away. Bol dil se….. plays….. Pakhi says its good that you did not lie, but the truth can be said in sweet words too. She looks at him and they have an eyelock. She leaves. Pakhi comes downstairs. Raghu asks why did you go to meet him, what was he saying, he might be making you agree to come with him. Pakhi says Anshuman did not call me, I went to talk to him. Bhabhisa says are you not happy Pakhi with us, I thought of you as my sister, then why did you go to get love from that relation which left us. Pakhi says I did not go there being weak, I gave him the chance to keep his talk, its end of the talk now. Pakhi leaves. Raghu looks on.

Anshuman wakes up in the morning, hearing everyone’s voices asking for tea and hot water. He says its like sleeping in the middle of the road. He says I think Pakhi might be thinking when will I leave. he meets Chutki. Chutki says you woke up and runs to Taisa saying Anshuman woke up. Everyone discuss that Anshuman woke up. They tell it to the whole village that he woke up. Anshuman meets everyone at his door and is puzzled. He closes the door and thinks maybe they want to beat me. Raghu comes and Anshuman asks what is all this. Raghu says the water is hot, come and take bath. Anshuman says was all this for it. Raghu says yes, let me show you the bathroom.

Raghu asks him to take bath under the sky. Anshuman says will I take bath infront of everyone. Raghu says yes, so what, you are a man. Anshuman finds this strange and asks one woman who is standing there to leave. He takes bath and Chutki comes to him. Anshuman has all the soap’s lather on him and no water. Pakhi comes and gives him water. He thanks her and looks at her. Music plays….. Pakhi smiles and runs with Chutki.

Anshuman comes back to his room and Tausa comes after him. Tausa brings clothes for him. Anshuman says you brought your wife’s saree by mistake. Tausa laughs and says this is a dhoti, men’s garment. Anshuman says I won’t wear it. He says you have to, as its a ritual. He says I will help you wear it and Anshuman asks him to close the door. He ties the dhoti and Anshuman looks on. He asks Anshuman to come after getting ready. Anshuman looks at the divorce papers and says I agreed to them for taking sign on these papers, but not anymore, now the time has come.

Anshuman comes out of his room and everyone greets him. He sees the decorations at home and everyone organizing the wedding. He says Raghu I want…. Raghu says see Pakhi came. Anshuman is shocked to see Pakhi in bridal dress. Pakhi sits in the mandap. Raghu tells Anshuman that they are giving him Pakhi forever as he came to take Pakhi. He apologizes to him for their anger. Anshuman is shocked. Raghu says go, take your wife with you. Pakhi smiles. Anshuman looks at everyone. He hides the divorce papers.

Anshuman is still with the papers and gets angry hearing the dhol beats. He says stop all this rudely and everyone stops being shocked. Pakhi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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