Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram telling Priya that Juhi’s ex husband Rajiv tried to framed me and sent IT people. Juhi lied to save me, she did a big favour. She didn’t think about herself and saved my reputation. Priya tells it might be very difficult for you. You saved my husband’s reputation. It is a big favour. Ram asks do you believe me? Priya says yes I do and says I can see lie and truth in your eyes. Ram says but Juhi have to tell his lie in the court once again. Priya says if you don’t mind, can I come to court to listen to this lie. Ram says you can come. Neha asks Juhi whether she is ready? Juhi asks why you are excited. Neha says because you are getting married. She says mehendi designer is calling you. Juhi says she will have simple mehendi.

Neha says you have to put bridal mehendi. Naina comes and says she doesn’t accept this marriage and she will not attend it. Juhi says she is getting married for her sake. Naina says she will come wearing a white dress and says white signs sadness. She leaves. Neha says she is worried. Neha asks, whether you will be happy with Sid. Juhi says she don’t know but want to marry someone who will keep her happy. She says she don’t love him but he is the companion. she says this is not my home and after marriage, I will get family. She says she is sure that she will be happy. Juhi and Neha smiles.

Sammy comes and asks Pihu, why you have to done to yourself. Pihu asks, is she not looking good? Pihu says everyone says she looks good. Sammy asks, who told you and asks why you are becoming christmas tree. He says he will help her in wearing the jewellery while the song plays zara zara chalne se thakne laga dil mera. He makes her wear simple jewellery. Suhani comes and says sorry. Pihu asks,why don’t you have manners. Suhani says door was open. She says she came to tell them that Saurav came. Sammy says what he is doing here. Pihu says she will handle him. She tells Sammy that they shall teach a lesson to Suhani. Priya is ordering her servants to do the decoration. Neha comes and asks her to get the mehendi done on her hands.

Priya tells Neha that she saw the nest and says people says nightingale keeps her eggs in crow’s nest and crow brings up the babies. She says people thinks nightingale is selfish but she didn’t think it. She says she feels bad for nightingale. Neha says you might be doing tapasya when you was in coma that’s why speaking like this.

Saurav tells Pihu that he needs her help and says he has understanding issues with Riddhima. he says I need you help and asks her to talk to Riddhima. Pihu says she loves you a lot. Saurav says do she loves me? Pihu says she can see love in your eyes. Saurav asks her to give the ring as a Diwali gift to Riddhima on his behalf. Sammy asks, why Saurav came here. Pihu says let me handle him. Sammy says he will teach a lesson to Suhani and gets an idea. He asks Pihu to give the ring and puts it in the juice. He drinks it and starts coughing. Pihu asks, what happened to you. Suhani runs to help him. Pihu feels bad to see Suhani’s concern for Sammy. She asks Pihu to get water for him. Pihu says he is fine and did a prank. Suhani leaves. Sammy asks, why did you tell her? Pihu says she was sitting close to you. Sammy says there is no comparison between you too and she is not equivalent to the servant. He gives the ring. Pihu says I thought you swallowed it. pihu hugs Sammy. Sammy thinks why Suhani had tears in her eyes.

Priya is getting the mehendi on her hands and asks the designer to keep it simple. Ram comes and says thank god you are not going traditional way. Priya says I was thinking to write your name then your big name will not come in my hand. Ram asks her to write Ram. Priya says she will have it, if he wants. Ram says it is ok and asks her to have sweets. Priya eats it. Priya asks the designer to write Ram’s name. Ram gets happy.

Sid comes to Juhi and says, shall I feed you as your hands is with mehendi. Juhi says she can’t have as she is fasting. Mamaji asks are you ready for marriage. Sid says Juhi kept fast for me and I want to live life with her. Mamaji says he is thinking to change his name from Shiny talwar to Shiny kapoor.

Pihu wonders with whom she can discuss about Sammy. Juhi comes and asks, why you are angry. She asks her to share. Suhani is crying, Priya asks, what is the matter. Suhani says she didn’t know? Why some people does matter to us?Priya asks, you are talking about whom? Pihu says she was happy with Sammy having girlfriends but her feelings have changed. Juhi says Sammy can have many girlfriends but at the end he will come to her. She says you are feeling insecure. Pihu says may be this friendship has turned into love. Juhi says may be yes. Juhi says don’t lie to me.I am your mother. Priya asks, who is he? Suhani says why you want to know? Priya asks her to tell whenever she wants to.

Priya tells Gopal kaka that she will be back till lunch. Ram comes and asks her whether she is ready to go to court. Priya says she is ready. Ram asks, are you sure you want to come? Priya says yes but if you don’t want me to come then. Ram says he was just making sure and asks her to come.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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