Jee Le Zara 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 14th November 2013 Written Update

Prachi and her MIL are having an argument when Sunil arrives and asks what’s the matter. Prachi says she just went to her home for a while and his mom started this issue. His mom says she never informs where she is going. Prachi says she would go again to attend Sanchi’s birthday. Sunil thinks about the rs 3 crores and tells her she can go and she should not miss Sanchi’s birthday. His mom gets upset that he is supporting his wife and Sunil informs about the value of the land in Prachi’s name and that he is behaving this way till he gets the money.

Everyone is busy making preparations for Sanchi’s birthday and DV is trying to include Mugdha in her plan who agrees hesitantly. Just then Sanchi arrives and Mugdha asks him to hide somewhere. DV somehow hides in Sanchi’s cabin only. Mugdha tries to stop her from going inside her cabin Sanchi still enters the cabin, but DV manages to hide from her view. Mugdha try to get Sanchi out of the cabin on the pretext of replying to a mail. But just then DV’s phone rings as Dilz calls him up to inform that Sanchi is going straight to office. DV says that he had just come. Sanchi asks him for coffee but DV says that no he would be late. Sanchi has a sad face seeing which he stops for coffee.

Sanchi thanks him and says she was feeling lonely. DV says she would never be lonely with him around. DV then tries to get out of there on some pretext or other, and Sanchi keeps requesting him to stay for some time. DV reluctantly leaves and Sanchi sadly says it’s ok.

DV comes home and starts decorating the house for the party along with others while Snachi remembers her father and mother and how her father used to believe that she would be the responsible one in the family who would make him proud. Mugdha comes and sees Sanchi crying. Sanchi says she would be leaving in a while. Mugdha informs DV who asks him to stop her anyhow as cake is one hour late. Sanchi starts leaving and Mugdha stops her saying there is lot of work but Sanchi says she had already done so and would do the rest later. Mugdha is confused when Sanchi looks back and asks what’s the matter, and Mugdha says her father is ill, so she remains upset. Sanchi stops to have a coffee with her. But after that, again she starts leaving but DV asks Mugdha to stop her. But this time she is unable to stop her. DV asks everyone to get things ready fast while he will fetch the cake.

Sanchi comes home and finds the whole house in dark and electricity is not working. she calls out everyone and just then someone switches on the light and Sanchi is shocked to see the whole house decorated. Everyone comes there and DV comes with cake and everyone sings Happy Birthday. DV happily asks her to cut the cake, but Sanchi throws it away.

Precap: Ajji saying that they did not do it to make her sad, Sanchi asks why they did this at all. Ajji says that its been 15 years, till when will she remain in mourning, and Sanchi says that this pain does not go away and will not go away.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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