Ek Boond Ishq 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 14th November 2013 Written Update

The epi strats with MJ reading Tara’s msg and breaks everything in anger. Fb of Radha

Tara enters the dark room and sees MJ on floor. She asks whether he liked the surprise. MJ is speechless. Tara leaves the room
Nandu is having tea and yug enters. He reads her horoscope and says that soneone who went away frm ur life will be bak. She thinks adi must be bak. Yug tells her to forget him as he is married. Nandu ask him to help her in getting adi bak. Yug plans something that he will help him to enter the house.

MJ comes to his room. Tara ask whether he is ready for her next war. He ask her If she hates him so much then y din she handle him bak to police. She says she wants to punish him that he will remember life long. After he leaves she thinks that she is hurt when she hurts him. But she has to know who he really is.

Ts ask Tara what she wants in return gift. She says she wants to go out with MJ. She invites adi and meethi also. Ts leaves but gets a call in his phone. Tara thinks of giving him the phone
Ts is in MJ’s dark room and is shocked to see the state of the room. He asks MJ who did it. Just then Tara enters and thinks he knows she did it She is about to say the truth when MJ covers up for her saying it happened cos of his mistake. Tara is shocked but thinks not to fall in his trap. Tara leaves. Ts tell MJ about the outing

Tara in her room thinks she knows the value of memories and I had to teach u a lesson so she burned something but saved his things also. She keeps it in her luggage.

Rp gets a call frm soneone saying she knows about his indore secret.

MJ in uc. He says to Maria u know how my childhood was. It was not good and she stole that frm me. He says that Tara was a ray of hope in his dark life. But today even that is lost. He remembers fb of Tara’s past and recent behavior He says he is more sad about loosing that ray of hope than destroying his past. (MJ is so on live with her. Ts u plan worked)he says he is happy she is fighting bak with him. He says I am only capable of her anger. Tara enters saying u r right. U will only get my Anger. U said u were Hogg to die but a person is about to die not harm another person

She says till now she is only written on the wall for her Frnd but today she will write for her worst enemy. Tara writes on the wall and leaves.mj reads the msg which says get ready for my next war. MJ gets a call saying come fast to indore as he has some big news regarding bade thakur saab(MJs granddad )

Tara in her room. Meethi comes and says she is clueless as to what to wear for the date and this is her first date after marriage. She says Tara is lucky that she got a chance to go on a date soon after marriage. Tara thinks of her date and how MJ pushed her frm the cliff. Meethi says she will come later as she has lots of preparations to do for the date. Tara thinks she too has a lot to prepare to make it unforgettable for MJ and thinks to get ready for the next move MJ

Precap:MJ stick at the traffic.(I think he is gong to indore). MJ’s granddad is nearby vehicle he sees him and lowers the window to get MJ’s attention.
P.s MJ is wearing sun glasses looking so hot.

Update Credit to: Dilsha

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