Gustakh Dil 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 14th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayesha packing her bag for her trip. Barkha is happy seeing her. Ayesha says I will bring Cds from Nikhil. She asks Gunjan to bring the Cds for her. Lajjo comes to Ayesha to talk to her. Ayesha says what are you doing here. Lajjo says Shaila gave this things for you. Ayesha says I don’t believe you. Gunjan says where is Ayesha going, to a resort and its beautiful. Lajjo is concerned about Ayesha. Lajjo says I know, she is going with her friends. Ayesha asks Lajjo to leave. Lajjo tries to tell it to Barkha but Ayesha stops Lajjo and scolds her.

Barkha asks Lajjo to go to her room and not spoil Ayesha’s mood. Barkha does not listen to Lajjo. Lajjo is worried. Nikhil comes to meet Ishaana. He meets her outside the house and holds her hands. She says leave my hand, help me in keeping the fuse. Nikhil thinks of calling Nikhil and telling him Ayesha’s story. She thinks Nikhil will believe her. She calls Nikhil.Nikhil asks Ishaana to cut the call as he is working on the fuse. Ishaana rejects the call and Lajjo calls again. Ishaana keeps on rejecting it. Nikhil is spending romantic moments with Ishaana. Lajjo is worried thinking about Sid and his bad character.

Ayesha is going with Sid to the resort. She asks him where are everyone else. He says don’t worry, everyone will come in the evening. She laughs and says I woke up early today for you. He says we will be together today. Ayesha says yes, till everyone joins us. Sid thinks poor girl, does not know that no one is going to come. He thinks he got this chance after a long time and won’t miss this chance. Lajjo comes to know from Chaya that Ayesha left in the morning. She gets worried about her and runs to Nikhil. He says why are you after me in morning. She says I have to talk to you. She says I m worried about Ayesha, she went with Sid. He says relax, she went with her friends. She says no, she went with Sid.

Nikhil does not understand what Lajjo is saying. She says listen to me. Nikhil says what is this, I need tea, not sweet milk. Lajjo makes tea for him. Nikhil reads about Sid’s rape tag in the newspaper. He asks Lajjo did Ayesha really go with Sid. Lajjo says yes, I m saying you the same thing. Nikhil thinks about Ayesha’s words. He asks Lajjo are you sure. She says yes, I heard Ayesha talking to Sid on phone and she lied to everyone at home. She asks Nikhil whats in the newspaper. She is shocked to see the newspaper article about Sid. She thinks of saying this to Ayesha.

Sid and Ayesha reach the resort. They walk hand in hand. Ayesha and Sid finds the place beautiful. He says you are looking beautiful, lets take some photos. Ayesha is happy and poses for him. They take photos together. Ayesha talks to Sid and he says do you like to be alone with me. She says yes. He switches off her phone. Nikhil is trying to call Ayesha and is tensed knowing her phone is off. He asks Lajjo do you know where she went. She tells him. He says I have to leave now, don’t tell this at home to anyone, else it will be a big matter.

Lajjo wishes Ayesha is safe. Lajjo sees everyone normal and says maybe they did not read the paper. Lajjo talks to Shaila and says shall I go to Inder taking this tea. Shaila scolds her and asks her to go. Lajjo tries to take the newspaper from him. Nikhil is on the way. Inder and Barkha talk about Ayesha saying its good she is back to normal again. They talk about a proposal that came for Ayesha. Lajjo comes to them. She says its good that they did not read the news else they would have been shocked.

Sid is misbehaving with Ayesha and Nikhil comes to save her.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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