Tumhari Pakhi 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 13th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi and Anshuman being together. Pakhi ties the tie to him. He says I will have to do this from tomorrow. She says you used to do this before I came here. She looks upset. She says my wish, my needs, does it matter so much to you. He says yes, nothing is more important that your happiness, I told you yesterday. She says yes, but you did not tell me whats your happiness in, my being here or going back to Chittor. She looks at him. He says see Pakhi, for keeping the relation, the relation has to survive by two sides, I don’t want you to live your life unhappily. He says you go Pakhi. He says go for yourself, go to some place where you can live your life on your terms with happiness.

Pakhi looks at him. Bairi jiya………… tumpe piya…………. Bol

dil se……………. plays……………. Pakhi makes him wear the blazer. Anshuman looks on. Anshuman says Pakhi, whatever you did for me, I won’t be able to forget that ever. I will come to Chittor for sure, I remember that Tausa said you are the best guide, will you show me your Chittorgarh. He says I will be giving Chittorgarh’s pride back to it by sending you. Pakhi smiles. Anshuman holds her and says take care Pakhi. He smiles and leaves.

Lavanya sees Bua with a face mask and is shocked. Lavanya and Bua pass taunts on each other. Bua asks her to call Girish to take care of Naina. She goes to wash off her face. Lavanya calls Girish. The servant says Girish already left. Lavanya looks at Naina and comes to her room. She says Girish is on Pakhi’s side and Bua is giving orders to take care of Naina, but if anything happens to her, I will be blamed. She goes back to Naina and says this is not my responsibility. Naina is playing happily. Lavanya looks at her smiling face and smiles.

Bua sees Lavanya talking to Naina and is happy. Pakhi is walking downstairs with her bag while Bhaisa and Bhabhisa are waiting for her. The servants are ready to say her bye. Maa ji says what should I say now, do you want food for the journey. Pakhi greets her and is sad. Pakhi walks out of the house thinking how she entered the house praying to the Lord. The servants greet her. Pakhi greets them too. Sad music plays………. in the background.

Pakhi looks at the house and cries. She wipes her tears and leaves with Bhaisa and Bhabhisa in the car. Its night, and a party going on. Anshuman is very happy and greeting everyone in the party. He meets Mrs. Malhotra and she asks where is Mrs. Rathore. She says you look good alone. Anshuman meets Mr. Rana and sounds good. Mr. Rana says you are free now, your past is not with you today. They have a laugh. Mr. Rana praises Anshuman for being determined. Lavanya looks out for Girish.

Mr. Rana hugs Anshuman. Lavanya comes to them and says now it looks like a happy family. Anshuman says you are responsible for this. Lavanya says there is one more thing, the wine. They laugh. Mr. Rana says lets have some wine. They say cheers and have the wine. The announcement begins and says hold your hearts, as we have a special performance by Mr. Anshuman Rathore. Anshuman is shocked and turns to look at the stage.

Anshuman is asked to come on the stage. Anshuman says there is some confusion. Girish comes and Mr. Rana and Lavanya are shocked to see Bhaisa and Bhabhisa in the party. Lavanya looks at Girish. Girish smiles. The lights are off and Anshuman turns to see Pakhi coming in western clothes. He is shocked to see her in a mini. Lavanya and Mr. Rana are also stunned. Anshuman can’t believe his eyes that its Pakhi. Pakhi smiles.

Pakhi is wearing high heels and comes to him walking like a model. She holds his hand and draws him for the dance. They dance on the song Sholon si…….. Mere Ankhon ki ye Roshni……………….. plays……….. Girish smiles. Anshuman is shocked. Bhabhisa and Bhaisa are happy to see them dance. The dance scene ends. Everyone claps for them. Anshuman and Pakhi have an eyelock. Lavanya is shocked seeing people applaud Pakhi.

Mr. Rana tells Anshuman that if this girl can do this, she will do anything. She is making you fail, let me tell you that you don’t know any business, I m not bothered about your family, but don’t care to hurt my daughter Tanya.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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  1. Welldone pakhi,u have proved that u can do anything…

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