Pavitra Rishta 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 13th December 2013 Written Update

Ankita is talking with Shashank’s mother. She says to Ankita she begs for her son’s happiness. Naren comes and says, don’t you feel ashamed? Ankita asks Naren if he heard everything. He says yes. Naren tells Shashank’s mother, you should be ashamed. You seem from good family and you’re begging. Ankita tells Naren he’s misunderstanding. Naren says no and tells Shashank’s mother to go and ask bappa if she wants. He leaves with Ankita. He stops Ankita on the stairs and says he will get her sandals else her legs will get dirty. Ankita says she will get it, but Naren doesn’t listen. While he’s picking up her sandals holding her hand, they lose their balance and Ankita falls in his arms. Now Naren says they forgot to take prasad so goes

back asking her to wait there.

Purvi comes to Arjun’s cabin and says she wants to talk to him. It’s Ovi sitting there. Purvi is surprised to see her. Ovi says you weren’t expecting me here? Actually I am handling this deal. I said no to Arjun but he trusts me a lot so didn’t listen to me. Did you have any work? If you want to discuss anything, you will have to discuss with me. Arjun won’t be with us. Purvi says she wants to talk with Arjun. Ovi says you can’t. He’s very busy. Purvi shouts, Ovi! Ovi says don’t shout. If you want, I can arrange a meeting with him. You’re my sister so I can at least do that much for you. Just give me few days time. Purvi tells her I don’t know why are you doing all this, but.. Ovi interrupts and tries to change topic. She says orange is your favorite color, right? You know what your problem is? Once you like any color or person, you just don’t give up following it. Purvi says because I am loyal. You don’t change relationships like colors. You have to maintain relationships until the end. And yes, I made few mistakes before 20 years, but I won’t repeat them. Ovi says, good.. but I guess aai baba went back to Canada and you’re still here. So much desperation? Arjun clearly said that he loves me, not you. It would be best if you go back to Canada as soon as possible. Purvi tells her, no matter how much you try, I will talk to Arjun. Ovi says if you don’t trust me, then call him. He won’t pick up your call. Purvi is not interested. Ovi tells her you should only keep habits that are good. She suggests her to choose colors according to her age, such vibrant colors don’t look good in this age. Hurt Purvi leaves. Ovi seems sad too.

Ankita thinks 2 hours have passed and goes to check on Naren. She comes to the temple but couldn’t find him. She asks the driver about Naren. She thinks, whether he have lost. She searches him on the road. Purvi is sad after talking to Ovi. she sees Arjun’s cabin and goes inside. Arjun hides seeing her. Purvi kisses his coffee cup and cries….Tere liye hum hain jiye har aanson piye plays….She hugs his chair and recalls their past happy moments. She kisses his photo while the song is playing. Arjun cries miserably and prays to Bappa for Purvi’s happiness. Ankita comes back and asks for Naren. Mansi is tensed too. Prashant says, we shall inform the police. Ankita says she will talk with Rushaali and leaves. She comes home and tells Rushaali that Naren is missing. Rushaali gets shocked. Ankita tells her everything. Rushaali asks, what do you mean? Ankita says she searched him everywhere. Rushaali asks her, can’t you handle your husband. She calls Shirish and Raunaq. Raunaq gets happy and provokes Rushaali against Ankita. Rushaali asks him not to blame Ankita and asks Shirish to call the police.

Arjun comes home and recalls Purvi’s misery. He gets tensed. Ovi comes and is about to massage his hairs. Arjun calls for Purvi’s name. Ovi asks, what Doctor said. Arjun tells about the treatment. Ovi says she will take care of the office. And says I know you are hurt to see Purvi hurt. She says Bappa will make everything fine and bring Purvi back to your life. Arjun says he don’t want her to come in his life as anything can happen to him. Ovi says, you will be together soon. Shirish calls to the police and asks him to search Naren. Naren comes home. Rushaali, Ankita and Shirish gets happy. Rushaali asks, where were you? Naren says he is fine and asks Ankita about her. Rushaali asks, how did you come? Naren says he came by taxi. Ankita says, we went together from our house. Naren recalls and says sorry. Rushaali tells Ankita that Naren has a short term memory loss and asks her not to repeat carelessness again.

Purvi is sitting in her home and recalling Ovi’s words. She gets Pari’s call. She picks the call and asks about her. Pari says, you didn’t call me once. You have decided to stay with that man and didn’t inform me. She says, Aaji told me everything. Purvi says, you are thinking wrong and says she will explain her. Pari says I am happy if you are happy with him. She asks her, when are you coming to Canada. Purvi says, didn’t book the tickets. Pari asks her to get something. Purvi says she will get Anarkali suits for her. Pari asks her never to hide anything with her. Purvi tells her that I love you very much.

Naren promotes Dance India Dance and says Madhuri Dixit is coming on the show.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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