Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th December 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sandhya trying to convince Chavi who gives into her request saying she is going to come only for Sandhya and goes to get ready, Bhaboo holds her emotions of choking or something… every one are outside near shop and poojari ji is doing pooja, Emily holds Mohits hand happily while her mother places her hand on her shoulder, every one are happy while Meena is restless and notices the banner with Pari name on it and reads aloud saying she got name also done and reads as Rathi beauty parlor, Chavi taunts her saying she proved to have studied till 4th alone and says its not Rathi but Pari beauty parlor, Meena sees the opportunity and says Emily has broken tradition of the family as till now its been a tradition that what ever shop they owned it had rathis name on it, and now she had followed her mothers word and own heart and did what she wanted too.. Vikram is irritated while family is nervous or tensed while Sandhya says its not about breaking any tradition but by doing it, Emily has proven that Rathi family gives importance to both girls and boys as same. every one are happy and Meenas face looses all color when even babasa agrees with this. Poojari ji says pooja is done and they can enter shop by breaking coconut, Emily asks bhaboo to do it as she made her dream of parlor come true, bhaboo looks side and sees Sandhya and says the credit goes to Suraj and Sandhya and they should be the one first stepping inside.

Suraj does the breaking of coconut and every one steps inside and all are lost in the way the shop has been set up and are very impressed with it, Chavi decides that she will get her nail paints from this shop. Sandhya gifts Emily something and says she is making a new beginning and it has to be done with gods name and when Emily opens it she sees Ganesh ji ka idol made of silver and is very thankful while Meena is calculating , daisa asks her what she has got for Emily, and every one look at her, Meena says she did and gives her a box Chavi asks Emily to open it and when she opens it she sees scissors inside it, and every one are stunned and shocked apart Meena who does very good job of defending herself saying she will need to cut others hair and run business and all. , daisa wishes Emily good luck as she did a good job by opening one in hanuman gali as females hesitated to go out but now they can come to Emilys parlor. bhaboo then asks Chavi and Sandhya to serve guests.

Suraj is standing near freezer of drink and looks at Sandhya when she goes he puts some packets of drinks on her tray she goes off, babasa is entertaining Emilys father while Mohit smiles off with that and bhaboo is embarrassed. Sandhya goes again to Suraj and they exchange a sad glances, Sandhya puts back packs in freezer and rubs ice pieces together and places them on Surajs cheeks who reacts to ice, she teases him saying his cheeks turned pink caz of ice he says its not caz of ice but caz of her love, she is all teary, Meena notices prices of shop and screams then controls and makes a fuzz of complaint near bhaboo and every one are a bit like tensed, just then some gals come in and asks Emily to write their name and all them as they need parlor services today and the number of gals increase , bhaboo taunts Meena saying Emily has done it on her own and if Meena is happy it should show on her face and she asks her not to keep bad eye to the shop

Emily says she has gifts for customers and all are surprised, she brings a pack before and opens it and says she thought that she will gift first 21 customers some thing from their shop and gives them sarees Meena is very happy thinking that emily had brought them from shop, daisa sees this and asks Emily to write down her name and give her a bag, Meena is all happy when Chavi says to Meena that Vikram has gifted them to Emily and she havent brought them, Meena looks at Vikram with stunned look while he completely ignores her.

Function ends and every one once again wishes best for Emily and part ways, while babasa tease bhaboo to go to parlor from now and she taunts back saying she will sit in parlor and he will take care of house. she notices camera guy walking off and asks him to wait, Mohit says he had paid him, bhaboo says its not about payment, she wants him to take two family pictures together , Vikram says yes, since Sandhya will be leaving in a day to Hyderabad for training and they need to have two copies one for home and another for Sandhya. Sandhya sadly looks at Suraj

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Update Credit to: breezy

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