Tumhari Pakhi 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi talking to the lawyer and no one takes her case. She gets sad. She calls Girish and says no one is ready to take Ayaan’s custody case, I don’t know what to do, how to handle this, please come and tell me whom to appoint. Veer comes to her and says no lawyer is ready. Bua ensured this. He says its not an easy case. He says I suggest you give the case to me. She says why, I will fail if I give this case to you, I heard your and Maa’s talk. He says he don’t have an option. Pakhi taunts him and leaves. A lawyer comes to meet her and says he will win this case, it will take time to study this case. She says we don’t have time, the court hearing is tomorrow. He says he can’t win in such short time. He says see whom Anuja have hired, only Veer can win the case now.

He sees Veer and greets him giving respect. He asks Pakhi to hire Veer and asks him to give him a chance to practice under him. He praises Veer and leaves. Veer says he is not with Bua, else she would have not told her. He says Bua does not want me to fight this case. He says so she did this to separate us, and bought all lawyers. He says Bua saw you there standing so she changed her words. He says people come to me after they lose all hope, I came to you to win this case for you and Ayaan. He says lastly, people know me for my work, and gives her a file. He says keep this, its my degree and license, if I lose this case, burn this, I will leave my profession. Girish looks on.

Girish nods yes. Veer leaves. Girish talks to Pakhi and says you told me what Maa told me. He says Maa did not say the truth, as Veer does not wish to marry. He was leaving the house, I stopped him and have hurt him. He heard Bhaisa and he said he regrets after knowing Aryaman’s truth, then he agreed to marry you. He says it means we all are involved, I think we should give a chance to Veer. She agrees and takes the file. Anuja looks on hiding. Lavanya comes to know about Riya. She asks are you sure. Pakhi makes Ayaan have the milk glass and asks him to sleep now.

She says she has important work and she will come late, you be at home, have food. Ayaan says he won’t be with Dadi. He says don’t go leaving me. She says she won’t go, it’s a small work, I will come back to you. Ayaan asks and Veer? She says he will also get late. Ayaan says she is like a fairy for her, and he won’t be afraid if she switches off the lights. She kisses his forehead and sings a lullaby for him. Ayaan sleeps. Veer talks to her and she says Ayaan slept. He says good. She says she trusts him, but partly. She says be away from me and my son. She leaves.

Its morning, Pakhi prays to win the case and bring happiness at her home. Anuja comes to her and prays that Pakhi does not win, as she has taken her son away, she is her culprit and Pakhi should be punished. Pakhi says she does not want anyone to lose, but we have to stay together, Aryaman should not come back. She tells Maa that she wishes them to be together, but today we have a wall of our opinions and maybe you feel I m wrong and your enemy. She says she will bear this blame too. She says Ayaan should not know this, I know you love Ayaan, when he comes to know we are against each other in court, he will be hurt. She leaves.

Maha ji does her tilak. She says you will win, our prayers are with you. Anuja looks on. They reach the court. The judge comes and the case starts. The judge praises Veer and says he did good work before. He says lets start, one side is Ayaan’s grandmum and other side is his stepmum. Veer says he wants to show the background of the case. He says Pakhi married Anshuman one year back and she took care of Ayaan well. He shows some pics, videos of Anshuman, Pakhi and Ayaan. The judge says it shows Ayaan is happy with him, but Anuja filed the case saying she is worried for Ayaan’s future.

Anuja says she is not doubtful that Pakhi is a good mum. She says she is not sure whether Veer is a good dad. Pakhi is shocked. Veer says he married Pakhi. Anuja says Pakhi married Veer after Anshuman’s death. She says she does not want Ayaan to be with Veer, as he is not a good father. She says she is not blaming, she has proof. She says how will he take care of Ayaan, if he can’t take care of his daughter. Lavaya smiles. Pakhi is shocked. Veer’s daughter comes in the court. Riya comes in. Everyone is shocked. Anuja and Lavanya smile. Girish is shocked seeing Riya.

Riya gives statement against Veer. Pakhi says Veer is with them, he is a liar. They fight there and the judge is about to make the decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

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