Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avantika talking to Ayesha bringing her to room. She asks her to leave the house, as she is concerned for Adi. She says you did so much for my family, and you did it knowing you have to leave us. Kaira and Rubel talk to Adi to accept Ayesha. Kaira says you can be happy with Ayesha. Adi says he does not want to talk. Harish says no use to talk to him, he has blocked his mind. Avantika shows Adi’s pics. She says I would be happy if I add you in my family. Ayesha is shocked. Avantika smiles. She says I m sorry Ayesha. I was so harsh on you. She says what could I do, I felt this face won’t make my son go ahead and he won’t accept you, but I was wrong. We all were wrong, as we were finding our Pankhudi in this face, but you are Ayesha for Adi, not Pankhudi’s look alike.

She says don’t know what name I will give to your and Adi’s relation, but I understand it does not need any name, but feelings. She says I told you I want you to be out of my son’s life. She holds Ayesha’s hand and says today I m saying you that I want you in my son’s life Ayesha. Ayesha smiles and cries happily. Avantika says so that you can manage my son, my family and me. Ayesha says thanks a lot, this is enough for me. Ambika says everyone forgot my Pankhudi in two mins, I would have not got you here Poonam. Poonam says I did not feel bad, if I married Adi, it would have been a mistake. Ambika says she can’t give Ayesha Pankhudi’s place. Poonam defends Ayesha and asks why you have ill feelings for her. Ambika says no, she is not like Pankhudi.

Poonam explains her that don’t compare her and don’t punish her. Ambika says she hates Ayesha, she is using Pankhudi’s face and goodness. She says she is going back, you can stay here till your seminar is over, I can’t accept her. Avantika and Ayesha come out of the room. Everyone look at them. Avantika tells them her decision. She says she has accepted Ayesha. Everyone is glad.

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Avantika praises Ayesha and everyone smile. Adi is shocked. Avantika asks Ayesha will she join her family, will she accept Adi. Harish asks why is she quiet now. He asks her to say yes. Ayesha says she is happy to get a star from Avantika on her report card and it’s a honor to become a part of Pankhudi’s family. She says I know this marriage will be a problem, so it would be better that I go from here. Everyone is shocked. Avantika says please don’t go Ayesha. Ayesha says sorry, but this will be good for me and Adi. She looks at Adi and goes to him.

She says Adi is very nice man and she is lucky to love such person, don’t blame yourself. She says its not your mistake if I loved you, take care, I will be there if you need a friend. She starts leaving. Adi says stop Ayesha. He asks does she really want to go. She leaves. Everyone ask Adi to stop her, else he will regret. Harish says only you can stop her. Adi says don’t make it difficult for her. He says you want me to move on in life, let her also move on. He says we can’t be selfish. Avantika says he won’t stop her, we have to stop her. Avantika stops Ayesha. She says please stay back, my son and this house needs you. Harish says whats the problem. Ayesha says it will be good if I leave. She says don’t make me weak.

Poonam asks Ambika not to go. Nani also stops her. Ambika argues and says don’t take my Pankhudi’s name for Ayesha. Ambika leaves. Ayesha says she will stop Ambika and leaves. Rubel talks to Adi and says Ayesha loves you a lot, what else you want. Anuj says stop her. Nani comes and says stop Ambika too. She says go and stop both of them. Ruebl says I will go. Nani says only Adi can stop her. Adi thinks.

Ambika walks on the road where there are firecrackers being hit. Ayesha tries to stop her. Ambika asks her to be away. They enter the Ganpati procession crowd. Ayesha asks her not to go. Ambika asks her to go. Poonam, Harish and Avantika are coming too to stop her. A rocket comes towards Ambika as led my mistake. Ayesha sees it and runs to save Ambika. She pushes Ambika on the ground and gets hurt. Adi and Nani come too. They ask is she fine, what happened. Ayesha’s hand burns. People say its good you saved your mum, else she would have been burnt by rocket, only a daughter can do this for her mum. Ambika looks at Ayesha.

Adi tells Ayesha that he can’t give her Pankhudi’s pic. He can’t name this relation, but its honest and straight from heart, Pankhudi is my life partner, will be support me for life. He forwards his hand to her. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I dont think the pankhuri thats gonna come in upcoming episode will be the real pankhuri..i think there is a could be some one did plastic surgery to be like pankhuri

  2. Ayesha getting married to Adi,
    This is a story that gives an example that genuine selfless sacrifice finally becomes victorious. Very good example for all those who watch the episode.

    If dead Pankuri returns and Ayesha is throne out then the goodness of these series completely turns upside down

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