Hamari Sister Didi 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita tells Babay that she will go to nursing school, and will teach the nurses about some nursing tactics. Babay asks will it happen? Amrita says that it is possible, you must go to school and then no one will dare to stop you. She tells her that Kavita had a son, and is missing you.

Sooraj asks dadi mama why is she leaving, as she was packing. She says that there is a lot of work there, and office too. Sooraj says that he hasn’t yet spoken to him. She asks do you talk even more. He says that he knows she is leaving because she doesn’t like him. She asks that does someone bring gifts for the one he dislikes. He returns all the gifts. Dadi mama hugs him, saying that he is just like his granny. Sooraj says that everyone leaves him. Khushi stops dadi mama to go after him, and tells her that he is afraid of losing his loved ones. Dadi mama tells Khushi that her father was also like Sooraj, used to get annoyed at little things. She tells Khushi to go behind Sooraj and call her regularly. After the kids are gone, dadi mama thinks that she doesn’t want to live in the city which snatched her son.

Amrita calls Sooraj and Khushi at home. Khushi comes running after him. Sooraj tells her that dadi mama is leaving, and will forget us again. Amrita says that we must let her forget. He says that he won’t. She asks Sooraj that you didn’t talk to her and is angry at her. He denies and says that he will talk to her, insisting upon it. She smiles and dials her the hotels number. Sooraj says that he forgot to hug his dadi mama. Dadi mama says that he must come to give her a hug, she will send the car and he must also come to say good bye to her at the station. She says that we will talk to each other as well. He says that he won’t let her forget him, she says she will never. He says good bye and love to his granny. Mrs. Kapoor cries after she hangs on. Sooraj asks that shall he go to station to drop her, how will she take her suit case to the train. Amrita agrees.

Kavita and her husband were looking at the baby. Amrita brings them inside, closer. She cries, is he alright? Amrita says that he is perfectly fine. All the sisters clapped as they come out of the nursing room. They put the name of the baby as Happy Singh and makes Kavita cut a cake. Dimple and Karan come there. Karma asks what is going on here. Dimple says that it keeps on going. Karan asks what this all happening is. Amrita invites them to come to celebration. Karan asks who is at work if all are here. Amrita says that being happy doesn’t cost anything, so we should celebrate. Kavita asks where the older nurse is, who took care of me, yesterday. Babay comes there, Dimple stops her way and asks why she came here. Babay tells Dimples that she isn’t her worker but a visitor and came to see her daughter. She hugs Kavita; Kavita tells her that she saved her and her child’s life. Karan didn’t like it all. Babay gifts them some money. Kavita asks Babay will she go to room with her. Babay promises she will keep on coming here. Everyone cheered with Babay, Amrita tells everyone that she will bring Babay back to this hospital; she is bringing her back and will see who stops her this time. She looks at Karan. Dimple says that she can talk to Mrs. Kapoor. He says that he understands everything and leaves. Amrita laughs.

Karan comes to his cabin, and asks Kaka for coffee. He tells him to bring a big mug of it. He thinks about what Amrita had said, Kaka brings the coffee and says that if he keeps on swirling, all the world will keep on swirling. He says that he doesn’t understand this place. Kaka gives him some massage and says that this place has some relations where rules are left far behind. Karan says he will never understand this place, Kaka assures that this place will understand him someday.

At home, Khushi tried to do her upper-lips. Amrita comes to the room, and observes Khushi. She gets afraid of Amrita. She says that she is too young to do this all. Khushi says that she doesn’t understand that everyone at school teases her. Amrita says that she will come to school to ask everyone. She says that she doesn’t need her sympathy, everyone will tease her further. Amrita caresses Khushi, she thinks that she is not been able to grow up with her.

Amrita discusses this with Malika, Malika says that she must let Khushi go to parlour.

A patient was insisting Dimple to give some concessions. Dimple says that she must transfer the patient to a government hospital. Amrita comes and asks Dimple that she can’t tell the patient to be transferred to another hospital. Amrita argues that she isn’t asking her about the charity. Karan comes there, Amrita says that this was his decision too? Karan says to patient that they can help her shift her husband to the government hospital. Amrita says that if this is it, she will make her payment till tomorrow afternoon.

PRECAP: They all collect the money, but Malika says that the whole amount couldn’t be collected. Dimple says that she will have to discharge the patient.

Update Credit to: Sona

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