Tumhari Pakhi 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anuja telling Anshuman that Pakhi won’t come back. She scolds him for doing the same what his dad did. She says you have repeated history and gave birth to a Devki, how can you apologize for this. He says listen to me once. She says enough. Deepika looks on. She says you have ruined my love, you proved that you are your dad’s son. He says my aim is to apologize to her. She says you won’t be forgiven, let her go, she is moving on, I have seen her dying each day, she forgot her past now, don’t make it difficult for her.

She brings the sindoor box. Anshuman looks at it and thinks about Pakhi. She says she gave it to me, saying take care of it. Anshuman takes it. He says she loves me. She says yes, she loves you, but won’t give you a chance to break her heart again. She has made herself away from her son, like me, she tried hard but she failed as she was called characterless. She says that word did not let her sleep and be on her own. She says what a woman feels when someone calls her characterless.

She says Pakhi could not forget it. She asks why did you do this with her, my prayers ruined because of you. She cries. Anshuman says Maa I will make everything fine, I promise, I will apologize to her always, I made many mistakes and she has always forgiven me. He says I did a big mistake, forgive me. He sits and says I could not understand her, I m sorry, I stayed with dad and could not understand a mum’s view, Pakhi taught me to live, I can’t live without her, I m trying my best to be like her, please help me.

Anuja makes him get up and says fine, so you have to prove yourself, you have to make sure and show it to Pakhi that you are really regretting, only then I will wait for Pakhi and you, this time you will give the Agnipariksha. Anshuman agrees. He promises her that he will bring Pakhi back and give any agnipariksha. Anuja smiles. Singapore is shown. Pakhi arrives in Singapore. She calls Bhaisa and says I just reached, Rohan will come to take me. She thinks about Anuja’s words that she is going to meet Rohan whose name was used to point on her character.

Anuja asked her to meet Rohan as her childhood friend, without any burden. She says where is Rohan. A guy plays violin and she looks at him. He sings Shayad yehi hai pyaar……….. Pakhi sees him and smiles. He says love happens once, am I right Pakhi. He opens his arms and smiles. Pakhi laughs seeing him. She says you did not change. She says I m seeing you after so many years, but you are same. Anuja comes home. Lavanya looks at her and cries. Anuja wears a yellow saree. The servants greet her. Girish welcomes her. Anuja sees Lavanya and cries. Lavanya does her aarti. Anuja hugs her. Anuja says forgive me. Lavanya says no Maa. They cry.

Ayaan says welcome Dadi and gives her flowers. He says Anuja aunty. She says yes, when I came to know I have a lovely grandson, I became your Dadi. Lavanya asks did you meet him. Anuja says yes, Pakhi made me talk to him on video chat, I found him like Anshuman. Ayaan and Anuja have a laugh. Pakhi talks to Rohan as he is her childhood friend. She recalls their childhood times. Rohan says you have changed Pakhi. She stops.

Rohan says you are beautiful but from inside you are sad, you used to be so lively but today, you smile like you have a burden. He says you have really changed. He says how she used to be in Chittor, and now she is seeing herself with the eyes of the world. He says I always saw you with love, but you never looked at me, your husband did not value you. She looks at him shocked.

Pakhi says she wants to sign the contract. He tells her the rules. Anshuman comes to Singapore and says I will take you back this time.

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