Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Abhi looking at Pragya’s pic and says this girl messes with him repeatedly and now she is having an affair with Purab. Aalilya says yes and says she is trying to marry you now. She says Purab is his bestfriend, but betrayed him. She cries hugging him. Abhi calls Purab and asks him to come to his home right now. Purab thinks it is good Aaliya told everything to him, else he would have told him anways.

AAliya pleads Abhi not to harm Purab as she loves him. Abhi meets Purab and says Aaliya cannot see you in problem as she loves him, even he believed that he will not do anything wrong and trust him for everything. He says Aaliya Purab will not do anything wrong with her. He asks Purab to inform she is thinking wrong and says she is feeling insecure and says Aaliya that he did not see Purab with any girl and instead handles his girlfriends. He asks Purab to inform that he is handling his fans. Purab says she is telling truth and apologizes him for hurting him and Aaliya and says he did not want to hurt him, he did not know when he started loving the other girl. Abhi gets furious and slaps him hard with Purab falling on the ground. Purab pleads to listen to him. Abhi starts slapping continuously and asks why did he help him from childhood and protected him from everyone, why did he leave the school when he left the school, why did he work for him till now. If he would not have helped him, it would have been easier for him to punish him. He says he loves only 3 people in life; him, daadi, and Aaliya. He tries to strangle Purab, but Aalilya asks him to leave Purab as he loves Purab. Purab asks Abhi to beat him until he knows the truth. Abhi says what truth he is talking about and says he will kill kim for his betrayal. Aaliya sees blood on Purab’s cheeks and wipes it. She asks him to love whoever he loves, but she loves him now and cannot force her love on him, she will always love him. Abhi says Purab at Aaliya loves him a lot and why did he betray her after being his friend. He says that girl loves his money and not him. Purab asks him to beat him instead of bad mouthing that girl. Aaliya says that girl is a fraud and her marriage proposal is all over the city. Abhi says she will leave him once she gets richer guy than him. Purab says he does not believe him. Abhi says it is over between them and drags Purab out of his house. Taiju sees that and smirks. Abhi asks him not to show his face again and takes Aaliya inside the house.

Taiji asks chef to bring juice for everyone as she is very happy. Taiji sees chef drinking cold drinks hiding and asks him to drink more as she is very happy today.

Tau jokes to check if sun has risen from west. Taiji says she is very happy as Abhi kicked out Purab and now he will have to keep his son to take care of his money.

Pragya and Bulbul sees Sarla sad and tries to joke, but she does not smile. Pragya asks her not to take tension. Sarla does not reply at all. Pragya runs from there crying. Bulbul brings juice for Sarla and then hugs her. Pragya asks god why is he giving he so much pain and says she will marry whoever Sarla says as she cannot see Sarla like that. She gets a call from Purab who asks her to let him meet Bulbul as he cannot live without Bulbul. Pragya says he will try. Purab says he really loves Bulbul. Pragya thinks she cannot believe Purab can betray as he saw love for Bulbul in his eyes.

Aaliya says Abhi that she knows he is in pain after beating Purab and asks why did he beat him then. Abhi says he cannot see him betraying. Aaliya says whatever Purab is doing is under that girl’s influence, she is brainwashing him for money. She says that girl knows Purab handles all his finances and now he should do something that she can get back her Purab. She asks Abhi to marry Pragya. Abhi asks how can he marry a girl who tried to defame her and took his friend from him. Aaliya asks Abhi to kill Purab as he will hate her now and asks he made her dream about Purab, she waited 1 year for Purab. Abhi asks Aaliya sorry and says he will get a better guy than Purab for her. Aaliya says she cannot forget Purab as she loves him and cannot think of anyone else. Abhi asks what she wants him to do then. Aaliya says she wants only Purab back in her life and it will happen when that girl will leave him, and that girl will leave her when she will get a richer guy than Purab and Abhi is the richer guy.

Precap: Matchmaker informs Sarla’s family that Abhi’s family accept Pragya’s proposal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sigh…at this rate…this will be the next Zee show I stop watching. I like Abhi, but he is not too bright. Well so it goes…sigh. What a pretext for marriage…sigh.

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