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Sharda comes to Sakshi’s room to ask for her saree. She finds Karan working on his laptop and is surprised. You dint went for that meeting with your Singapore clients? Karan replies that no one came from outside. Who told you? She backs off saying that she might have heard it all wrong. She is in thoughts as to why Suresh said that to her when no client came from outside. Sakshi comes there and Sharda asks for the saree. She dint find it in her cupboard. Sharda panics. Sakshi goes into flashback and recalls the whole scene in her mind. She tells Sharda that she had kept it on the sofa. Sharda couldn’t find it anywhere. This means that that saree went for the laundry by mistake. If it is washed then all its colour will vanish. Sakshi calms her down. They decide to go to his house.

Sakshi and Sharda reach the laundry man’s place. They are told that their clothes have been washed. Laundry man’s wife goes to get all the clothes for her. That particular saree is not there. Sharda is worried for what she will tell to Meeta. Sakshi suggests going back home to check one more time. As soon as they leave, the laundry guy comes. They had hidden the saree for they realised its worth. They have decided to sell it in the market to earn a few extra bucks.

Suresh brings Pallavi to the same shop where the laundry guy sells that particular saree. Pallavi likes the same saree and they buy it for her. She is very much excited to show it to her friend.

Sharda comes to meet Meeta. Pallavi’s friend turns out to be Meeta only. She has come there to show her that saree. Sharda notices the saree and wonders about it. Meeta appreciates the saree brought by Pallavi. Sharda tells her that it was in fact made by her which shocks both the ladies. Pallavi tells her that she has brought it from the market but SHarda explains the design to them. They both are taken aback as they cross check it. Sharda shares the whole incident. Pallavi is sure the laundry man has done it. They compliment Sharda’s hard work. Pallavi is sure there is some connection between the two of them or why would destiny make us cross each other’s path every now and then. Sharda too is sure about this fact now. Meeta gives invitation to Sharda for her daughter’s wedding. Pallavi figures out that they will get to meet one more time because of this wedding. Sharda nods. We will have to do what is written in our destiny. She takes their leave.

Sharda shares the good news with Sakshi. Sakshi too is happy for her. Sharda is glad that it was Pallavi ji who bought that saree or I wouldn’t have gotten it ever. Today I felt for the first time that I too have an identity. It is all because of you. Sakshi credits it on her talent. Title song plays in the background. You got this much strength from your studies. It makes you strong enough to help you make an identity for yourself. She tells her to call papa and tells it all to her. Sharda recalls his lie yester night about meeting some international clients. She plans to call him later. Sakshi agrees and goes when the maid calls her for help.

Sharda still calls her husband who is at Pallavi’s place. I am in a meeting you can call me later to tell me whatever you want to. I will anyways come home after lunch. She gets happy.

Suresh has decorated the room for Pallavi. He also asks her to close her eyes and he shows her the necklace. She hugs him out of happiness. She remembers that the jeweller had asked for 4-5 days but he says that he pushed him for it and even threatened him that he wont let him make anything for him afterwards. She is touched by his gesture and feels lucky to have him in her life.

Sakshi shows Karan the saree which she wants to wear in the wedding yesterday but he is lost in his own thoughts. He is upset as dad has always given Lattu di more importance than him. But he has changed nowadays. He says anything to me in front of anyone. she explains that parents want their kids to be best for which they have to be a little strict. He points out that there is a difference between strictness and insult. He wants Lattu di to go to Meeta aunty’s daughter’s wedding for networking purposes. He has always thought me to be useless. I wont go tomorrow. She says he will have to go for ma. Tomorrow is her big day and I am sure everyone will appreciate her work. Would you want to miss a golden opportunity like this? Karan remarks that he loves her for this very reason only. You always find something good in everything. She smiles at his compliment.

Sharda is setting her clothes for tomorrow’s wedding. She cannot find that particular set though (which he has given to Pallavi). She doesn’t ask him about his lie as he might get upset again. She simply asks about his meeting to which he replies that it went good. She doesn’t want him to go for any meeting tomorrow evening. She tells him about a wedding invitation. Initially he declines but when he hears Meeta’s name he agrees to come with her. He thinks of doing business networking there. He is sure she (Sharda) will feel bad if he doesn’t go with her so he shows her that he is going for her happiness. Sharda is super happy.

Suresh is at his other home. He is worried thinking as to how to make her agree that he wont be able to spend time with her tomorrow evening. They both start talking about it at the same time. He lets her complete. She wants him to come with her but knows that he wont. You can finish up your meetings don’t worry. He is relieved though he lies that he had planned something for her for tomorrow. Pallavi asks Suresh to suggest a gift for her friend’s daughter. He suggests saree but she explains to him that she is Meeta Manchanda’s daughter after all. Suresh looks shocked. He recalls that he has agreed with Sharda to go to attend that wedding. Pallavi too is going there. I am going there with Sharda and my complete family. what should I do now? If I go there then my secret will be out.

Precap: Meeta introduces Sharda and Suresh to her husband. Just then he gets a call from the manager of his other house or something who tells him that he couldn’t stop Pallavi Ma’am. She has left from here. He is worried as she left some 20 minutes back.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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