Rang Rasiya 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
danveer is crying, dilsher comes to him and ask him to calm down, I am fine, danveer says I am responsible for all this, dilsher says no you cant be wrong you are my brother danveer says no you don’t know anything, it happened because of me, I have hidden something from you, dilsher ask what, danveer says 15 years back when bhabhi left house, she contacted me, dilsher pushes danveer, danveer says don’t think me wrong, she just wanted to know about rudra, she wasn’t able to live without rudra, so she just asked me that whether rudra misses her, whether he goes to school and all but then you left chandangarh and went to some place without telling anyone, then I didn’t had any contact with her but after 15 years when you cameback, I contacted her as I thought to tell her that his son is fine, she also came to sangeet just to see a glimpse f her son but she couldn’t, its all my fault I should have told rudra that how much her mother love him, how she misses him, how she is in pain without him, dilsher leaves from there.

Scene 2
rudra leaves food in half and goes, dilsher comes there and says to paro he acts like kid, left food again, he is stubborn, paro can I ask something from you, did rudra talked with her nicely, pao looks down, he says I am satisfied that you are with him, paro says I was there but I couldn’t do anything, rudra’s pain is so big that it bruised mala too, she was cry from eyes and heart both, she was destroying with rudra’s wounds and rudra who was giving her pain was also opening his wounds, the one who was giving wounds wa getting injured himself, dilsher says he will take time to accept that his mother is back, today he would feeling like fate has slapped him but tomorrow there will be new morning, maybe tomorrow there will be motherly love with him instead of pain, paro says I pray that too because she is not only rudra’s mother but my mother too, I know what happened here many years back has given you all pain but how can forget that she cared for me all these, she is my mother too, I saw her face without smile for 1st time, also tejawat has made her condition terrible and now rudra did.. I know this is difficult for rudra and I cant see him in pain but she is also my mother how can I leave her. paro says can I stay with mala maasa tonight, its not good to leave her in this condition, dilsher says you go, if rudra can get angry on his mother than you can care for your mother too so go to her, paro says should I tell rudra, dilsher says no not now, tell him tomorrow, paro is about t leave but dilsher says can you do one work for me, paro nods.

Scene 2
paro is about to go but sees rudra sleeping in hall, she looks at him (RR song plays). she takes off his shoes, puts sheet on him, she caresses on his head, she sees bruise on his head, she says everything will be fine, pain will go and wounds will heal and you will smile again, I promise you that, paro gets up and goes from there, rudra turns and wakes up, sees sheet on him, he recalls Mumbai moments and how he went to bsd to give manglasutra to paro, he closes his fist, he recalls how mala came to bsd infront of him.
paro is with mala, mala says you shouldn’t have come here, rudra needs you, paro says my mother also needs me, mala says mother is who can leave her life for her child, how can you say a selfish women a mother, maybe I tried to take him but I couldn’t and the truth is that I left him and he lived in pain all these years, he faced embarresment, wish I can return the time and I would change my decision of leaving so now he wouldn’t have hated me, paro asys he doesn’t hate you, and also you craved for him too all these years, mala ask why are you fighting against him, paro says I am on his side only but I want all to become on one side, rudra wounds will heal, mala says are you sure, paro says I am sure, time will change everything.

Scene 4
its morning, Maithili says don’t know where is paro, she sees rudra sleeping in hall, she wakes him and ask him where is paro, I want to ask did you gave her manglasutra, rudra opens his fist and manglasutra is in his hand only, she says is everything fine, why didn’t you gave her it, its with you only, rudra says I didn’t give it, Maithili says did you both fight again, rudra says I have some work and leaves, Maithili says don’t know where is paro and he left too, let paro come then I will ask her.
mohini is in hall and calls pandit and says I have send you pic of my son, so find a bride for him, she should not talk in loud, you know I am innocent women so I don’t care about her caste creed but she should be cultured, I am just waiting for her when Lakshmi will come to my house’s gate, she turns to gate and is stunned to see something, rudra comes there and ask what happened, he looks at gate and is surprised too, its paro coming in house with mala. rudra comes there and ask paro what she is doing here why you brought her here, its my bapu’s house, there is no place for strangers here, paro says calm down, how can we leave her in bsd between unknown people, rudra says 15 years she ran with unknown man only, so now why is it paining to her to live in bsd, dilsher comes from behind and says enough.

PRECAP- rudra says to dilsher that you remember she left for someone else, she ran away with param singh tejawat, don’t come in her talks, don’t let her come in your house, you will not get anything, she will again run crushing you in night after giving you a letter, dilsher shouts enough… rudra is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Jaldi jaldi…..

  2. Fast pls….

  3. jaldi karo……

  4. Am saad… i was waiting with much impatience… but didnt see anything special… full of emotions….

  5. episode was not so much special,. they must mostly focus on rudra paro..otherwise sanaya did fabolous job.she seems to be very sweet,stunning,innocent girl.she play role of innocent girl very honestly.but i think so she must be shown bold,and her dialoges should be very strong not dabbu type.

  6. Good Episode .. I would like to know the reason why Mala took the step of leaving her 10-13 years of married life?

  7. Pls includr more romantic moments of paro n rudra.dis’s a bit boring

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