Tumhari Pakhi 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 10th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi being shocked that she can’t participate if she does not wear western clothes. Anshuman is ready. Girish comes and thinks what to do, how to help Pakhi. Pakhi is trying to find out how she can help herself. Pakhi calls Anshuman in the changing room. Anshuman smiles and goes to her. Girish meets Pakhi and before he could talk, Anshuman comes there and asks Pakhi to hurry up. Pakhi says I can’t wear the clothes they gave me. Anshuman says you have to wear it, it was written in the form. Pakhi says I did not know this, maybe it was written on third page and it was torn. She tells Girish that she has not wear such clothes till now, its too short. The announcement is made for Anshuman and Pakhi.

Anshuman says tell me what to do now. Girish asks Pakhi

to give it a try. Pakhi says I m not used to, I m not comfortable wearing it, I can’t wear such short skirt. Lavanya comes and asks whats going on. Anshuman says we are not playing, I will take my name back. Lavanya says what….. Girish looks at Anshuman. Anshuman says we can’t do anything. Dipti’s mum makes the announcement about Pakhi’s problem in public and creates a laugh to insult Anshuman. Pakhi is upset listening all this. The people gossip about Pakhi. Dipti’s mum says what you were saying before about pride and respect, what happened today, were yours words not true, explain us. She taunts Pakhi in public.

Lavanya smiles. Anshuman sees his victory in this. Dipti’s mum says your small mentality is wrong. Lavanya says this is the first time Dipti’s mum is supporting us. Dipti’s mum says Anshuman needed someone like my daughter Dipti, but he got a village girl. Anshuman says mind your language Mrs. Jaisingh, when you are talking about my wife. He holds Pakhi’s hand and takes her towards her. He takes the mic from her hand and says what if she is from a village, if she cannot mingle in our society, if she is not comfortable wearing mini skirt, she is not with small mentality, you can’t insult her, I don’t care about this. He says I have always won here, but what if I can’t participate today, I can’t see her getting insulted, I take my name back.

It does not matter to me if I don’t play today. Lavanya is happy. Dipti’s mum says you don’t have any other option, I understand you are speaking to defend your wife. She says she is not so classy and is not fir for our society. Anshuman says it is my choice, I wish all the best to all the participants. He starts leaving and Pakhi feels bad for this. Anshuman smiles seeing Lavanya. The servants see Maa ji’s relatives come. Maa ji says she will gift them Anshuman’s wife’s saree. Maa ji goes to receive her guests. Its actually Pakhi’s Bhaisa and Bhabhisa who came to see Pakhi. They are amazed to see the big house and thinks Pakhi is lucky. Maa ji thinks they are her daughter’s relatives as she has not seen them before. Maa ji treats them well.

The servants keeps an eye on her. Maa ji talks to them very sweetly. Bhaisa says the house is very beautiful. Bhabhisa asks where is Anshuman. Maa ji says they went to play tennis, they will be back soon. Anshuman and Pakhi leaves while Lavanya and Girish looks on. Pakhi is upset as Anshuman could not play because of her. Anshuman smiles happily seeing her upset, He asks are you still thinking about the tournament, even I m thinking, it takes time, what can we do. He talks about his ex wife and says we always won, I thought we will also win, but we did not. Pakhi says I m sorry, this happened because of me. He says its ok.

He says I think I should not be that club’s member, I know people might be talking about us. He says I don’t care about anyone, I feel there are many things which I can’t do now. Pakhi says you spoke a lot for me, thanks. She says I m missing my Bhaisa and Bhabhisa a lot today. Maa ji calls the servants. They brings snacks for them. Bhaisa says we won’t have anything. Maa ji says have something, you have to eat. She insists. Bhaisa agrees and have some food thanking her. Bhaisa says is she Maa ji. Bhabhisa says yes, she did Anshuman’s upbringing. Maa ji gives a gift to Bhabhisa but she does not accept it. Maa ji insists. Bhabhisa accepts it.

Bhaisa says I thought we respect our guests very well, but even you are not less. Pakhi comes and is happy to see her Bhaisa and Bhabhisa. She hugs them. Maa ji is puzzled. Anshuman looks on. Pakhi cries. Pakhi says I was missing you both a lot, and now I m happy to see you. The servants gossip about Maa ji being fooled. They laugh on Maa ji. Anshuman greets Bhaisa and Bhabhisa. Lavanya meets them and looks at Anshuman. Pakhi introduces Lavanya and Girish. Bhaisa says Maa ji has treated us so well, we are happy. Bhabhisa asks about tennis game. Pakhi says I will prepare food for you. She asks Maa ji to take them to the guests room. Lavanya says another problem at our head now, do something and send Pakhi with them.

Lavanya insults Pakhi infront of Bhaisa and Bhabhisa. Bhaisa gets angry and shouts on Lavanya. He says I won’t let Pakhi stay here and asks Pakhi to come with him. Anshuman smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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