Pavitra Rishta 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 10th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Archana, Manav and Teju coming out of Arjun’s home. As they are going towards their car, Archana asks Manav, did he feel something strange as Arjun asked for two months citing his business projects. Manav says it is a genuine reason. Archana shares her worries and says marriage won’t effect work. manav says you are thinking too much. Archana says she is feeling as if something bad is going to happen. Manav asks her not to worry. Ovi sees them and gets teary eyed. Manav tells Archana that Purvi is taking time to come out. Archana tells them that we will sit in the car till then. Ovi covers her head with the saree pallu and is going from their back side. Teju looks at Ovi’s bracelet and calls for her. Archana tells her that she is not here, Teju tells them

that she gifted the same bracelet to Ovi. Archana says we are missing her. Arjun asks Purvi to go. Purvi asks, did you want me to go really? Arjun says yes. Ovi thinks she didn’t fulfill relations of being a daughter. Arjun asks her to go. Purvi asks, why he is having tear in his eyes. Arjun says he don’t want to disrespect her parents and asks her to go. Purvi asks him, why he is doing this. Arjun says he doesn’t love her anymore and says he got closer to her to make Ovi jealous.

Ovi comes back and asks Purvi to go and not interfere in their lives. She tells Arjun that they will have dinner together as Pia is coming after 2 days and then they will not have time for each other. Arjun asks Purvi to excuse them and asks Ovi to plan the dinner. After Purvi leaves, Ovi closes the door and asks Arjun to take care. Purvi cries, while Tere liye hum hain jiye plays……Ovi cries whereas Arjun is sad.

Mansi thinks how tai would have managed kitchen as she is unable to do so.Pranav and Sonu asks her, what we will eat today. Mansi says we will order dosa/idli from the shop. Soham comes and asks, what they are talking about? He scolds his children saying he is hungry and they are speaking about having idli dosa. Naren and Ankita comes to Soham’s house. Naren sees him and recalls meeting him before. He asks him whether he had food at his marriage. Soham blesses them and says he had enough food. Naren introduces Ankita to Soham. Soham tells him that he is Ankita’s neighbour and leaves.

They come inside, Pranav and Sonu hugs Ankita. Naren asks them to give them a hug and kiss. Sonu tells him that Prashant dada asked them to stay away from you as you are mad. Naren take it sportingly and gives the chocolates. Ankita asks them to take the chocolates from jijaji. Naren tells them that they are going to stay here for 3 days. Mansi is tensed. Ovi is talking to Pia, Arjun comes and asks, whether she is missing you. Ovi says yes, she is missing me as she doesn’t have anyone except me. Arjun asks her to go back to Canada. Ovi gets angry and says she will go back. she asks, what is wrong with him and says he is not well. She says I will go but you have to promise me that you will tell the truth to Purvi and get her back to your life. Arjun says he can’t tell the truth. Ovi promises him that she will make him fine and bring Purvi back to his life. and then will leave that day.

Soham is posing for the photo shoot standing with a car. He cleans the car, someone comes and asks, are you educated? Soham says he is educated but is jobless. He gives him money. Soham asks the photographer to send his photos to his address.

Archana calls Ankita and asks about her and Naren. Ankita says everything is fine. Archana prays for her happiness and well being. Ankita says she knows everything will be fine with your blessings and thanks Archana. Naren calls Ankita and asks about the water. He comes to her that she is talking to Archana. Naren insists to talk to her and talks nicely with Archana. He tells her that Ahana is holding the phone. He asks Archana to give the call to Sulochana. He tells her that they have come to Ahana’s home for 3 days. Naren says he wants to talk to Manav and Teju. Manav asks him how are you? Naren says, he is fine and invites them to Ahana’s home. Naren tells him that he will not let Ahana go.

Purvi tells Archana to give love to Pushti and Gaurav. Archana says it means you are not coming and asks her to stay with Arjun. She asks her to take out a good marriage date along with Arjun. Purvi says she is tensed to talk to Pari. Archana says I will convince Pari and you talk to Arjun.

Arjun is taken inside the hospital on a stretcher. Purvi is coming from the opposite direction. Ovi hides seeing her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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