Jee Le Zara 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 10th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

DV places the order..n says regret leaving the party.. culdn intro u to my Sweetheart! She came to surprise me n i left without telling her! Sanchi says met Anky! DV says.. she is just a friend..! Sanchi smiles n says…a friend who knows all about u..! She says.. both ur tastes match a lot..! Sanchi says. .a friend who has spent time with u! DV says coz she is my childhood friend..! DV says.. woh meri dost hai. .aur aap mera pyaar! Sanchi says pyaar? What is this love? Is it practical? DV asks why is Anky such a huge issue that ur doubting our love? Sanchi says not Anky but the difference between us is getting bigger! Sanchi says going to party with u ..realised that i dunno u at all ..ur friends.. ur society..nothing! Sanchi says what i know is not enouf! DV says we

have our whole lives to find out ..! DV says its not a business venture to study it ..n sign the deal.. its love to discover each other..! Sanchi says if discovering is love.. then Anky has discovered a lot already..! Sanchi gets up n storms out! DV follows n asks her to wait n asks what is the problem? Sanchi says.. wanna go home! DV pulls her arm n says.. u wanna throw tantrum throw.. hit .. me hit.. but tell me. .whats the problem! Sanchi says.. wanna go home! DV says. no why treating me like this? Whats the problem. .who told u what? Anky?? Sanchi says not Anky .. ! DV asks then who? Sanchi says let it be.. DV insists! Sanchi says ur mom..! DV is stunned..! He asks when did mom meet u? Sanchi says.. met her at the party..! DV asks why din u tell me? How was the intro? What did she say? Sanchi says. .she said..that she wants to get u married to Anky ..that was our intro..! Sanchi says.. she told me Anky is her choice! DV is stunned!

Part 2

DV says.. i dun believe this..! Mom without telling me..took this decision! Sanchi says u too din tell ur mom about ur decision. .if u wanted u culd have intro me to ur mom! DV says dinno she was at the party. .we left before i culd meet her! Sanchi says.. Anky is right for u.. ! Sanchi says anyone will say this.. after seeing u n Anky together! She is right for u.. she knows all about u. .what u like. .what u like for dinner.. places for holidays. .n she is part of ur memory too..! DV says. .coz we are friends.. but its not love! Sanchi says…she loves u..! DV says.. i doubt ur love.. ur busy justifying Ankys love.. instead of listening to me.. that i love u ur focussing on someone elses words! Sanchi says.. ur mom said.. .. n we should listen to her! She sits in the car n DV sits next to her! Sanchi wipes her tears..! DV touches her shoulder n Sanchi says.. drive home..! DV drives..!

On the way.. radio says.. what an evening. .drive off .. hearing a romantic song.. ! DV says.. if not me. .listen to the RJ .. enjoy..! Sanchi says.. u enjoy i will go on taxi..! DV says enouf drama.. ! He stops the car on the side of the road.. n calls someone..! DV calls the RJ n RJ says. .dun be so sad n angry. .enjoy the romantic drive on this evening.. ur beloved loves u loads.. ! BG -Kyun …! DV smiles at Sanchi .. ! He opens the car door n pulls Sanchi out n makes her dance..! She is irritated..! But DV forces her to keep dancing..! Sanchi shakes off his embrace n walks away..! DV smiles n showers flowers on Sanchi by shaking the tree ..! He removes a flower petal from Sanchis hair ..n then lifts her.. ! Sanchi says leave me. .n DV says never.. ! Love u.. not gonna leave u..! Sanchi says.. neeche utaro n DV says.. lets rise in love! Sanchi says.. leave me..! DV says all will be ok! Sanchi Ur never serious.. u only think of fun ..! DV says will explain mom.. u relax..! Sanchi says its not as easy as u think..! DV says not as difficult as u understand..! DV gets in the car..!

Part 3

They reach home n Sanchi says good nite! DV asks.. nothing more? Say something! He says my whole nite will be spoiled! Sanchi says. .try and understand urself! DV says ur mature.. try n understand.. Anky is my friend! Sanchi says.. a friend who knows u.. more than me.. ! Sanchi says telling u..she is better for u! DV Says am not at a mall searching for best offer.. i love u..! DV says i will explain my parents n u ..that i wanna marry u.. ! Sanchi says no need to explain us.. n society.. u understand..urself..! Aaji-Nani reach the driveway..! Sanchi greets them…! She says.. go inside! They say.. glad ur back..! Aaji asks DV wont come! DV offers to come n Sanchi says he is tired… needs to rest! DV is taken aback..! He smiles n wishes good nite to Aaji-Nani..!

Inside.. she is drinking water n says going to change! Nani asks all well there? Sanchi fakes n says yes..! Nani asks if anyone praised her saree? Sanchi nods! Aaji asks if she met DVs friends? Sanchi says.. not all .. but the ones i met.. were memorable! They ask how were his friends? Sanchi says just like DV.. high society.. carefree.. nice.. like DV! Nani asks more n Sanchi says can we talk tomorrow morning?? Going to sleep! Nani asks what was in sweet? Aaji chides her n tells to say goodnite..! Sanchi hugs Nani..Aaji n then goes to her room! She wipes her tears..! She gets some message.. n she shuts off her moby! She wipes her tears again!

Next day morning.. she is cooking n DV comes..! He says chinese! Sanchi says no..! DV says want aloo ..then says papita.. n Sanchi him! He says Switzerland..! She asks from where will i get these? DV says. .chinese is my fave food .. n Switzerland where i wanna go on honeymoon with u..! Sanchi asks why telling me? DV says..coz u told u dinno about my likes etc.. n if u will know me as much as u want.. then u will know me as much as Anky n then theres rest of life to know more! DV calls out.. to Sanchi n she says..papita? DV Says i hate it.. dun feed me that. .after wedding! Both smile!

Precap –Sanchi says.. ur mom loves Anky .. n DV says .. i love u..! Sanchi says why? DV says dunno ..but want to spend rest of our lives finding out the answer of this question ..! He wipes Sanchis tears n she smiles!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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