Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th December 2013 Written Update


Devi Parvati Asians Mahadev who is in pashupujak form what did the cow say. Pashupujak replies that the cow said someone had come to meat the farmer and said that the cow has to eat the necklace or else the farmer will lose his life. He was Mahamantri.

Mahamantri did this because they wanted to expose pashupujak as a lier.

The necklace is retrieved out of the cow’s mouth.

The farmer realises his mistake and says that the cow like a mother not only provided for him but like a mother protected him from death by eating the necklace

The mantri gets annoyed and says all this is a lie and he will complain to the king

At bramha lok Indra asks bramha ji about the whereabouts of Kamdhenu. Bramha ji says she

has left because of his indifference. Indra says he has promised the sages that he will return with Kamdhenu

Bramha ji says do what have you done to find her? Narad says he has done nothing to find the tat a devatas either.

Indra says what will happen if Kamdhenu falls in wrong hands. Bramha ji says if that happens it will be your fault and I won’t help you in this

At arunasur’s kingdom he is informed that devatas are very grateful to him. He thinks gratitude will only be repaid after they fulfill his desires

Pashupujak tells all the importance of a cow. She feeds like a mother. She is the provider of ghee which is used in yajna and without which no yajna Is possible. We should protect her. Society which does not protect a cow is a sad society

King aroma ran scolds his mantri for failing and says font give me lecture on animal protection.
Without horses we can’t fight and if Manila does not get the horses or returns the money then he will be punished and then you have yo get the horses

Manila gives the money to pashupujak for protection of animals

Part 2

Pashupujak tells Manika that the money belongs to people and is used as per the kings discretion. Manika says this may be wrong so let it be wrong but he can’t let animals be tortured anymore. Pashupujak asks all present whether they agree with Manika

They all agree

Ay swarga lok all sages are very upset with Indra and say that they had given him Kamdhenu and he has to find her or else they will curse him.
Indra gets very scarce and dreams of his throne vanishing

At arunasur’s kingdome Arunasur invites the devas to his court and praises them and says their happiness is his happiness . But surya dev starts to suspect him and thinks all is not what it seems. They have to escape

Mahadev tells Parvati that soon time will come when parkriti again has to help up purush.
Parvati says of course parkriti is always eager to help protect the animals . Mahadev says I mean protection of the universe

Precap tatva devatas try to escape but Arunasur sees them. Manika asks mahadev where will we get do many horses. Mahadev says all will be done .

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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