Tum Saath Ho Jab 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mariam finally sees Imran’s face. He tells his Mamu (Altaf) that he doesn’t want to be suffocated in any relations again. Mamu smiles at his outburst and tells him to calm down and take a seat. Imran obliges. Altaf looks out of the window and finds Mariam looking in their direction. He smiles at her but she turns and goes inside. Imran asks his Mamu what he is looking at. Mamu dismisses it. We wont get anything by running away from life. We feel suffocated when we are alone. Anyways, I want to see you happy always. I wont bring anything from anyone’s house from now onwards and wont even talk to anybody. I will just go to return this stuff. He is sad to notice that Imran is drinking yet again.

Salman Baig plays chess with his friend. Mariam brings tea for both of them. They both fight cutely. Chachajaan tells Mariam not to lose hope. There is no dearth of good relations. You will get someone much better than Parvez. Mariam simply nods her head and leaves from there.

Younis and Nasima come to talk to talk to Salman Baig. They greet chacha jaan. Younis is disappointed as Shameem bhai has yet again rented his house. I don’t think that he will sell it to us now. Salman Baig has already got the news but they cannot do anything. Nasima is sure Shameem bhai would have given that house to Tauseef just like that. He has problem with my husband only. Younis thinks maybe Mariam did something. Chachajaan takes her side. She has not even met Shameem after Tauseef’s death. Younis is worried what if the tenants are not good but his Abbu is sure Shameem would have thought of something before keeping them. he knows that our house is right in front of his. Our house is almost his own. He is such a good friend of Tauseef. Nasima reminds him that now that Tauseef is no more things have changed. Younis tells him to be careful as they will be in problem in case some wrong person comes there.

Jamaal is busy in telling shayari’s to his friends at some tea stall. He gives them all a pamphlet for the same. He can write sher, ghazals for them. One of the guys ask him to write a ghazal for him for some event which is tonight. He also gives him advance for the same. Jamaal gets happy. he hears his mom calling out for him angrily. She tells him that his wife has gone back to her house. Why don’t you stop her as she does that so very often now? He replies that he cannot stop a woman as his father too couldn’t do it. she compares him to his father. She reminisces the relations that had come for her but his Abba got him here. I would have been so happy in some palace if he would not have come in my life. He teases her regarding the same. He has to write two ghazals by the afternoon, she too wants share in the same. He agrees.

Mariam is cutting tomato and recalls Imran’s words. Rehmat Bi notices her lost in some thoughts. Mariam asks her if their new neighbour is really a murderer. Rehmat Bi is not sure about it. I would suggest you to close the windows of your room. They have asked for broom today, they can ask for something else tomorrow. The guy who asked for it seemed to be some loafer to me. mariam is talking about the other guy. They hear Jamaal’s wife’s voice. Rehmat Bi is sure that she would ask for tea now.

Nasima is glad to see her. She seems to be concerned about Younis and then calls for a tea. Rehmat Bi wonders if her MIL is so cool about it. Mariam is ok with it as this is her uncle’s house after all. Anyways, I will make tea. Rehmat Bi is asked to make some roti’s as well which irritates her all the more. Why doesn’t she stay back here only! She only goes back to her in-laws house to sleep. Mariam reasons that this is her house as well. Rehmat Bi counters that only before she got married. After marriage, a girl’s real house is her husband’s house. Nasima too tells Rehmat Bi to cook something specific as Waqar has asked for it. mariam smiles at Rehmat Bi as she spells badminton wrong. She realises that she has to buy one for Najma too. She excuses herself.

Nasima and her SIL talk about Parvez. Mariam tells Nasima that she has to go to a nearby shop. She is told to bring some stuff from the tailor’s shop as well.

Altaf knocks at their door. Jamaal’s wife greets him. He shows the broom and Nasima calls out for Rehmat Bi. They both bicker sweetly yet again. He gives his intro. He tells them that Mariam gave it to them. nasima calls out for her. you have started exchanging stuff with the new neighbours. She reprimands her for the same. Don’t you know he is a killer? His wife ran away. altaf politely tells her to mind her tongue as they are nice people. Younis and his Abbu hear the commotion and come to see what’s happening.

Nasima blames Mariam yet again. She started talking to the new neighbours already. Salman Baig tells her to be careful while speaking. Altaf looks at Mariam who is all quiet. He tells them that she is not to be blamed. The shops were closed in the morning. She helped me for humanity sake and gave me the broom. Younis stops his sister from interrupting and sends the ladies inside. Altaf thanks Rehmat Bi especially.

Salman Baig apologizes for the misunderstanding. The men exchange greetings / introductions. On the other hand, Rehmat Bi talks ill about him yet again. younis gets a call so he excuses himself. Salman Baig asks Mariam to bring tea for the guest. He tells her to let it be as he cannot drink tea empty stomach. I get acidity. You can bring whatever’s made in the home. Salman Baig smiles. He tells Mariam to bring some parathas. Nasima and her SIL don’t like his attitude and call him cunning.

Altaf compliments the food. Rehmat Bi is yet again irked with him as he eats too much. Younis asks him if he knew Shameem bhai already that they got this house. He answers kind of. We have come from Allahabad. My nephew is Imran Siddiqui. He has got a job in Al-Habib Public School. He is a teacher there. Salman Baig recalls how Tauseef used to work in the same school. Abbu tells Younis not to worry anymore as their neighbour is not some loafer, but a teacher. They get to know that he is a sports teacher. Salman calls it a coincidence that their new neighbour has taken Tauseef’s place. Mariam stops in her tracks as she hears this. Maula mere maula plays.

Abbajaan’s words echo in Mariam’s head as she walks outside on the road. She sadly recalls Tauseef yet again. He was a sports teacher. She looked at him while he was coaching them about their posture while jumping and falls down himself as he is all lost looking at her. she teases him about it. he blames it all on her. he dismisses the kids to talk to her. she tells him that he could have chosen any other profession, why a sports teacher. You have joined this school since six months now and you haven’t spoken to your Abbu about us. He teases her saying he would do it when he likes some girl. She playfully hits him and he tells her that his Abbu will talk to her Abbu tomorrow. she is thrilled and hugs him.

Back to the present, Mariam smiles a little. She hears a bike’s horn and notices Imran walking absentmindedly on the road. He is holding a bag in his hand. The guy on the motorbike honks but he doesn’t hear it at all. He continues walking. The guy passes by very closely and the bag in Imran’s hand falls down. Everyone around and Mariam is shocked to see that it is alcohol. Mariam recalls her everyone’s doubting words regarding Imran and is worried. He continues walking unaffected while she looks on.

Precap: Mariam hides the badminton racket that she has brought for Najma. Nasima asks for her dupatta and Saba’s suit. Mariam gives the bag to her and starts going inside when Nasima stops her. she can see that Mariam is hiding something in her dupatta and gets curious.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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