Qubool Hai 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Faiz’s residence
As faiz comes in, haya shows the paper to faiz, thinking that she is unable to comprehend what dilshad is saying. Faiz says that he too cant find, but thinks that she must be saying goodbye. As faiz is taking dilshad out, haya is confused looking at the paper. An ambulance arrives and dilshad is made to sit in it, while she is shocked, to see tanveer. She clutches tightly at faiz’s hand, but she is assured that she neednt bother as haya would be okay and she would be gone for just a few days. Tanveer bids farewell to dilshad in her mind, thinking that she is inching closer to her death now. haya is emotional, as dilshad waves her head saying that she doesnt want to go. Dilshad is apalled. tanveer thinks that she has made full arrangements, that in Shimla she would die a peaceful sleep. tanveer is happy to find the ambulance go, and thinks that it was good riddance. faiz’s aunt too thinks that she got rid of dilshad and that her next target is Haya now.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
While seher tries to treat rehaan as rakesh, rehaan is baffled and clears her confusion, and asks who’s rakesh. Sehere identifies him as her internet friend, but doesnt recognise him as he hasnt seen him, as there’s no profile pic, or any tags. Rehaan is baffled. seher says that rakesh had promised that he would come, and till then she has been waiting here, since the last three days, as rehaan gets interested. Seher goes on a rant as to how much she has sacrificed, and tries to get his sympathy. rehaan asks her to calm down and stop crying, and asks where was he coming to meet her, and any landmark that he had told. she continues with her drama, while rehaan is disturbeed. rehaan asks where would she want to go. Seher says that he would have to take her around, and till the time she finds rakesh, she would be with him only. rehaan is tensed and frustrated. She again emphasises that she has been waiting for three days and that she hasnt eaten anything. rehaan is tensed.

At the dhaba, rehaan orders plain, while asking sehere to order too. Seher tries to be formal, and orders for just three biscuits. At the dhaba, when rehaan asks seher to order whatever she wants to, as she hasnt eaten in two days, he is shocked to find her ordering a huge list, culminating in pizza, in her mother’s style. the waietr taunts seher for her appetite, while rehaan is amused. seher taunts the waiter and asks him to get lost. He complies. Seher asks that he can cancel anything if he wants to. He taunts that he thinks that the food might just be less for her. Rehaan is frustrated where did he get stuck, and how is she so different from sanam. After finishing the dinner, sehere keeps on chattering nonstop, and rehaan is irritated and excuses himself to go to the washrom, giving her his briefcase to hold. she is tensed, when the policeman hollers from behind, and she thinks its for her, and throws her hand in the air. but is relieved to find that they went for a different person who’s running away. rehaan comes back to find her in that position still, and she bores him with another stupid excuse, boring him completely. As rehaan takes and opens the briefcase, seher is shocked to see wads of notes, and asks that she would takes care of the briefcase, while he pays the bill. He takes the bag away from her, and she then takes the money in his hand that he had taken out to pay the bill, and says that she can help him this much to atleast pay the bill, and then asks him to start the car while she comes after having padi the bill. rehaan frustratedly complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
latif tells about razia’s disappearance to tanveer, every day for a couple of hours, and how she has to manage the entire house herself. tsanveer is frustrated and tells latif that she should send razia to her, when she comes. she is angry with razia for forgetting what tanveer can do, andstill not leaving her old methods. Latif comes back again, and announces the arrival of the committee ladies. tanveer asks her to receive them while she just comes. tanveer comes out to find sanam and ahil entering in the competition, which the ladies applaud. tanveer comes gloating that she has already told ahil and sanam that they have to win the competition. The ladies say that they want a fair competition, and by ahil’s permnission they begin with the first round. The ladies hand them each a sheet, and explains the rules of the two round, one of likes and dislikes of the other, and the next should be an attire round, which would calculate the compatibility between them. Ahil asks if he can get latif to write them, as he has difficulty in writing. latif is overjoyed. tanveer watches on. sanam is tensed, and glances at ahil, signalling what to write. latif is briefed by ahil, while sanam too does her rounds after much thinking. She tries to overhear but is unable to. She explains her problem to ahil, through the eyes. While the first round goes on, razia comes asking what tanveer wanted. Tanveer excuses herself from the ladies and takes razia away to the side. She asks razia where she went. razia tells her that she wasnt feeling well, for a few days, and slept off in the store room, while cleaning it. She asks tanveer if she reached there. tanveer asks who. razia asks that person for whom she tried her level best to get rid of. Tanveer asks her to stop interfering in other’s affairs, and if she does, then she should know that going to shimla takes time. Razia asks if she actually is being sent to shimla. She tells tanveer that sdanam wont be able to bear the trauma, and asks her how the prep for competition is going. tanveer smiles, and says that whatever she has said till now, is correct, and that they are poles apart, and cant be with each other, even if they want to. tanveer tells razia that winning doesnt even stand a choice, and even if they qualify the first round, she would be dead surprised. The screen freezes on tanveer’s smiling, and ahil and sanam’s tensed face.

Precap: As ahil and sanam come dressed in their attire, they are tensed to find whether they have qualified in the first round. The ladies announce sanam and ahil as the winner. tanveer is super tensed. meanwhile, seher is shocked to find rehaan stuffing the vault with notes, and after he is gone, she starts playing with all that money, strewn around, feeling victorious.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Aahil and Sanam best couple…But todays epi was a little borring…it is taking too long for Seher’s real Identity to b known..

  2. oh!!!so nice epi,finally rehan and sehar yippee!tey make a romantic nok jhok coples!and the precap is awesome saahil won round one,,,!!

  3. oh!!!so nice epi,finally rehan and sehar yippee!tey make a romantic nok jhok copules!and the precap is awesome saahil won round one,,,!!

  4. Dilshad! Be strong you can’t die…..,,,,lol

  5. I love seher.and rehaan too joining the seher.funy things.very nice.

  6. always more tym gvn only 2 tnvr… rehan nd seher are realy nce cuple… whts seher’s name????????
    does she knw her name is seher?????????

    1. Hi azoora
      Seher name in suneri she thinks she is hindu and foesnt know her name she prays to ganesh ji

  7. I love latif don’t stop you’re soosooochuimoui!!!!!

  8. i am waiting to see the luv story of seher and rehaan

  9. Awesome update 🙂 on that topic, there’s new article on off screen moments from QH.

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    I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info.
    Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly comeback.

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