Tumhari Pakhi 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veer and Pakhi taking Anuja’s blessings. Anuja blesses her to be always Suhaagan and asks Veer to take care of her. She thinks she will not let Pakhi get happy. Veer thinks it was hard to fight as it was dark before, now its easy as everything is out, he will save Pakhi’s happiness. Bhabhisa and Bhaisa hug Pakhi. Veer looks at the mandap. He says my life changed in one moment, when my family knows, they will beat me that I married without asking them, and got a son too. Ayaan comes to him and says hi ND, new dad. Pakhi looks at them. Ayaan says he always talk in short forms. He says he feels like before now. Veer thanks and hugs him. Ayaan says thanks ND for becoming my ND. Veer says its time to sleep. Ayaan asks him to go Pakhi’s room, not guest room. He says he will take her.

Pakhi comes to her room and sees the decorations. Ayaan brings Veer there. They look at each other. Ayaan takes Veer to show where to keep his clothes. He asks Sukhi to keep ND’s belongings on dad’s place. He asks Veer to take Anshuman’s place. Pakhi gets angry. Ayaan asks Veer to do all things which his dad used to do, Ayaan holds Veer and Pakhi’s hands and asks Ashok to take a pic. He asks Pakhi to smile. Ayaan promotes Dare 2 Dance. Pakhi and Ayaan meet Bhaisa and asks him to stay for some days. Bhaisa says he has to go.

He says everything is fine now. Bhabhisa gives Nek to Ayaan. She says we will leave in morning. Anuja greets them. Pakhi hugs them and asks them to take care. Lavanya says I will also go home now. Ayaan says take Dadi also with you, she likes to be with you, she does not like me and Maa. He says you take her with you. Pakhi is shocked and says this house is of Dadi, she loves you a lot. Ayaan says no, she does not love you. Pakhi says Ayaan………. Anuja gets angry and acts sweet.

She says she was angry so scolded him. Pakhi asks Ayaan to say sorry to her. Ayaan says sorry and leaves. Lavanya says Ayaan can’t say this without anyone telling him. She leaves. Pakhi goes to her room. Anuja thinks time will change soon. Veer removes the flowers from the bed. Pakhi comes and looks at him. He says this….. flowers…. I have allergy with them. She ruins the decorations in anger. Veer us shocked. He says we both worked together and see it happened so soon. She looks at him angrily.

He says your anger is justified and I understand. He says he did this marriage only for Ayaan’s sake. I was always wrong, but its right that Ayaan got a dad. She says how many faces you have to fool people. She says she will see his real face soon. Veer thinks its right you can’t trust me, but I will do my duty. Lavanya tells Girish what Ayaan said. Girish defends Ayaan and says he might have heard anywhere. She says maybe Pakhi told him. He says we know who was filling his ears, Pakhi is innocent. They argue. She sees the poetry note in the drawer and reads it.

She looks at him and asks whats this. He says you have given it to me. She says me? He says yes and does shayari. He says this is right for Veer, Pakhi and Ayaan. She keeps the notes back. She gets Anuja’s call. Ayaan polishes his shoes. Veer comes to him and asks whats going on. Ayaan says shoe polish. He says dad taught me and I forgot. Veer says shall I teach. Ayaaan says yes. Veer teaches him. Ayaan looks at him and thinks about Anshuman. Ayaan hugs Veer. Veer feels his emotions.

Ayaan says thanks uncle, sorry dad. Veer says ya. Its morning, Pakhi makes Ayaan ready and sings birthday song for Girish. Girish thanks them. Ayaan asks what gift he got. He says she will make a plan when he remembers. Ayaan says Veer will drop me school and I will introduce him to my friends. Anuja says yes, it will be good party for them. She asks Ayaan to have laddoo. Ayaan looks at Pakhi. Pakhi asks him to eat it. Ayaan eats it. Anuja gets angry and says do you do every work asking mum. She says Pakhi will spend time with your new dad now and says she will manage home without her. She asks her to focus on her new married life.

Veer makes breakfast and packs Ayaan’s tiffin too. Ayaan likes it. Veer and Ayaan ask Pakhi to taste it. She tastes it and does not like it. Veer says yes, it can’t be perfect like her. Ayaan shows shoes which Veer polished. She says I will do it tomorrow. Ayaan asks Veer is he not ready. He says I m ready and I have to go office too. He says we will have breakfast in the car, lets go. Ayaan says you will be at home today as before. Pakhi says yes, I will make your fav lunch. Anuja stops Pakhi and asks her to apply sindoor of Veer’s name, like Anshuman’s. She smiles and taunts Pakhi. Pakhi is stunned.

Pakhi thinks about Anshuman. Saiyyan……………….plays……………… She applies the sindoor. Anuja says she understands her pain, when Ayaan makes his friends meet Veer, you have to look Suhaagan. She says you are Pakhi Veer Pratap Singh, not Pakhi Rathore. Girish takes care of the baby, Lavanya gets ready and says she is going to meet Maa and then have a meeting. He asks did she forget anything. She says nothing. He says fine. She asks what happened. He says I felt you are forgetting something. She leaves. He gets upset.

Riya comes home with a gift for Girish. She says I got to know it by internet. She hides the gift from Lavanya. Lavanya asks her to final the designs and she will approve it tomorrow. Riya asks for salary as she needs it today. Lavanya gives her money and leaves. Riya says its special day to make Girish’s day memorable. Anuja talks to Veer and she says we did not do any ritual. He says I came leaving office. She says yes, sit. She asks Pakhi to sit beside him. Anuja does their tilak and blesses them.

She tells Veer that Pakhi has applied his name’s sindoor today. She asks them to eat in one plate. Veer says is this necessary. Anuja says yes. Veer thinks its her plan. Anuja asks what are you thinking, start with sweets. Veer eats the sweets. Anuja asks Pakhi to eat now after Veer has eaten. Pakhi takes the sweets and drops the spoon. She asks whats this bags, are you going somewhere. Anuja says no, you guys are going. Veer and Pakhi look on. She says this is Vidaai ritual done now.

Veer says the plan was this right. Anuja says what. Veer says I planned to meet my family on weekend, we will shift later. Anuja says you don’t worry about office and Ayaan. She says Ayaan won’t go anywhere, he will stay here, only you both will go. Veer says what nonsense, this marriage is because of Ayaan, Ayaan will stay with Pakhi. Anuja says no, he won’t. He is Anshuman’s son, Pakhi got his mum’s right as she married Anshuman, as she decided to marry someone else, Ayaan is not her son. Pakhi is shocked. Lavanya looks on. Anuja says no one has right on my grandson.

Anuja asks Veer to take Pakhi and go home. She says you don’t have right on Ayaan. Pakhi asks what are you saying, Ayaan is my son. Anuja says he was, not now. She says you have sindoor of Veer’s name, you are selfish. You married for yourself, not Ayaan. She says that’s why I told you to marry Aryaman. Pakhi says whats all this, whats connection of sindoor with mum’s love. No one can separate me from Ayaan. Lavanya asks Pakhi to leave and not worry about Ayaan. Pakhi gets angry and says no one can separate me from Ayaan, I married for Ayaan, you filled his ears, don’t you know how much I love him.

She says how can you separate a mum and son. She asks Lavanya about mum’s love. She says no one can dare to separate me from my son. She says she can do anything for Ayaan. She says its time for Ayaan to come and goes to cook. Veer taunts Anuja and says Pakhi still respects you, keep your respect, remember. He says a weak animal also fights for her son, and Pakhi is a tigress. He calls her Maa and leaves. Anuja says yes, he is right, mum can fight with anyone, I can fight with anyone to save Aryaman.

Pakhi brings coffee for Anuja. Pakhi apologizes for speaking so badly. She holds her ears and says sorry. She says we are mum and daughter, and such things happen. Pakhi cries and says forgive me. She reminds the Delhi days. Anuja says we are reason for each other’s pain now, this coffee looks bitter now. She sees Aryaman’s pic and says you like to be in old memories, I don’t. She says you can’t be my friend and bahu. She says now you are Ayaan’s mum and I m Aryaman’s pic, don’t think I m weak, you are Yashoda for Ayaan, but I m Devki for Aryaman, his real mum. She says you took away my son, I will take your Ayaan from you, its fight of two mums and I will always hurt you now.

Veer tells Pakhi that its court’s summon, as Bua has filed the case against her to get Ayaan’s custody. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plzzz bring anshuman do something n bring him back she show got worse since he left idk what’s going on in this show. It’s so sad that lead die n some guy came n marry pakhi. Plzzz bring anshuman back

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