Tum Saath Ho Jab 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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In school, Najma’s friends ask Najma what she thinks about all the time. You were scolded by the teacher once again. you always think about sports. Najma likes sports just like her Abbu. He was a champion. They agree but point out that studies are more important like the teacher said. Najma corrects them. Studies are also important. Don’t you remember how teacher had gifted me a geometry box when I had won that championship? I will become Sania Mirza. They agree but tease her that she only plays badminton. Najma is surprised to see Imran talking to her principal. His proposal has been accepted in this school. Imran wants to find the talented students from this school too. He too has noticed Najma by now. Najma’s sends her friends and agrees to join them in a while. They leave. Imran points out at Najma as he speaks to the principal. She is the badminton champion from your school only. Principal talks about Tauseef. Najma wonders if he (Imran) has come here to complain against her. Imran takes his leave.

Najma hurriedly runs to principal. She tells him not to believe Imran. He only hit my cycle. I dint do anything. Principal is clueless about it. Najma tells him that he lives in my neighbourhood. Things happen between neighbours. What was the need to come here to complain? Principal smiles at her innocent reply. He dint come here to complain but to actually inform me about the tennis competition. Najma is intrigued. His school is organising tennis championship and wants kids from our school to participate in it. najma reasons that no one in their school knows how to play it. he agrees with her but tells how Imran has agreed to coach the students. He will come here three days in a week for the same. He feels there is very much talent in here. He is looking for such talents. He talks about Sania Mirza, Leander Paes, etc. They have made our nation proud. Najma too wants to learn it. players’ selection is up to Imran. Najma is excited about the competition.

Jamaal comes home and looks all worked up. Bilkish asks about his job. When are you starting? He declines to work there again as he has been given Salman’s Baig neighbourhood to distribute letters. I roam there as a son-in-law and people greet me nicely. How will I go there and do it then? His Amma too supports him. She blames Salman Baig. Bilkish reminds him that he has got job because of her chachajaan only. No job is big or small. But Amma stays put. Jamaal agrees to resign tomorrow itself. Bilkish warns him against it. be thankful to Allah that you got your job or as per the conditions you will very soon be begging in the same streets. He and his Amma imagines him it. She firmly tells him against it. don’t leave your job at all. He too nods. It is better than begging after all.

Rehmat Bi and Mariam are in the kitchen. She prays for Younis. Hope things work out in his favour. Rehmat Bi is sure Younis will get order this time. You embroider so well. Remember how Tauseef used to love it? Mariam goes back in time. Tauseef used to compliment the designs that she used to make back then. How can you be so good in everything (cooking, embroidery work)? You yourself are a beautiful gift of God. Mariam has tears in her eyes as she thinks about it. Rehmat Bi talks about how memories work. Sweet memories bring tears to eyes. Mariam declines. now they bring happiness. It seems as if the past moments are still very much in the present too. Rehmat Bi wishes loads of happiness for her. They hear the sound of kids and start cooking food for them.

Najma tells her Ammi about Imran coming in their school. His school is organising tennis championship. He will give coaching for the same. Mariam tells her to freshen up first. Najma leaves reluctantly.

Altaf is murmuring to himself. He cannot believe it that Imran is smiling. Imran is happy that 4 schools have agreed for the championship. There are a few more with whom I will talk in a day or two. Altaf is happy at the news. Imran shares how he will have to go to coach in some schools as there is no tennis coach in there. Altaf is hopeful the old Imran will return then. Altaf jokes about how he might have helped him if it was a badminton championship. Imran smiles at his logics. Altaf challenges him for a match. Imran agrees for it.

Imran tells his Mamu to think again as he will lose. Altaf is in no mood to back off. They both take their positions in their balcony and start the match. Najma watches them from her balcony. Imran is leading. Altaf hits the shuttlecock so hard that it lands right in front of Najma. Altaf asks for the shuttlecock from Najma. She acts to be all deaf ears. She goes inside without giving it back to them. altaf is surprised. Imran remarks that no normal human being lives there. Altaf suggests to go there and get it but stops when Imran shoots his typical look.

Najma comes back with her badminton racket. She hits it towards their balcony and Altaf starts playing along. Najma challenges Imran to play with her. he starts playing as well. Downstairs, people gather and look, They are surprised to see them play like this while Imran is really impressed with Najma’s skills. She alone is tackling both of them. Finally it is Imran who loses a point. She smiles in happiness and Altaf looks at her in amazement. Najma teases Imran. She kisses her Abbu’s racket. Imran reminds her that that was out. You are playing badminton, not tennis. She wonders if she can play tennis as well if she wants to. Mariam comes there and hears her. Najma continues to question Imran. Mariam tells her not to trouble Imran. She apologizes to them on Najma’s behalf. Altaf takes it on himself. Mariam takes Najma inside.

Altaf is really impressed with the way Najma played. She is a pro in badminton. Imran is sure Najma can become a tennis champion one day. She is talented. Altaf agrees with him.

Mariam wipes Najma’s sweat. I have told you so many times that you don’t have to bother our new neighbour. Najma tells her how he himself was playing with her. I bowled him with my last shot. He even said that I can play tennis too. Mariam tells her to focus on studies. He was playing with you for real? Najma nods. He even smiled today for a change. Mariam goes out after telling her to complete her homework. Najma is excited that she can play tennis too.

Nasima is impatiently waiting for Younis. Saba tells her to relax. He will come. Nasima is worried about his health. Call him. saba denies. When Abbu is in a meeting he scolds like anything. I don’t want to be scolded. Nasima takes phone from her. he is not well plus he has taken the sample made by Mariam. If the party says anything then he will be super angry. Younis walks in just then. He went to factory after his meeting. Nasima notices Mariam and taunts her indirectly by asking Younis about the order. I know you wouldn’t have got it. I knew it already. Nothing can happen with that useless sample made by Mariam. You wasted your time for no reason. he gets irked. I have got that order. Nasima is shocked for a second but then gets happy. Party liked it in the first go. saba praises Mariam. She goes to tell everyone about it. mariam turns to go when Younis thanks her. She did only what she knew. Thankfully you got the order back. He is amazed by her sweet reply. She goes inside.

Nasima notices his sad face. He says there is no advance this time. I will have to put money on my own. I don’t know how I will do it. he suggests her to ask her Ammi. Payment will come in a month’s time once the order is delivered. I will return it asap. Salman baig is against Younis taking loan from Nasima’s Ammi. Younis stays put. Where will we get this much money from? I wont let go of this order this time come what may. I wont lose this chance. Nasima is sure her Ammi wont say no to him. Salman baig leaves it on him to decide. I only know that you only feel ashamed once when you are begging but you are ashamed twice when you take and pay back loan. Rest is up to you! Younis and Nasima get thinking.

Precap: Nasima tells Mariam that they have got order because of her samples but what if we lose the order. I have a solution. She suggests Mariam to mortgage her jewellery.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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