Humsafars 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo getting ready in Alvira’s given dress. Zaki switches of light and hugs her from behind thinking her as his flirting girlfriend. Arzoo pushes him and runs from there. Zaki realizes she is different girl and picks her fallen ear ring.

Alvira is busy attending guests and serving them sheer khorma/sweets. Arzoo starts searching her and goes into swimming pool area and looks at swimming pool excitedly. Sahir gets out of water. She gets shy seeing his nude body and shuts her eyes. Sahir thinks he as servant and asks her to give towel. She shyingly hands over towel to him.

Arzoo comes out of swimming pool area and meets Alvira. Alvira asks where was she and where is her ear ring. Arzoo realizes her earring missing and runs to find it. Alvira then asks Anam if she arranged money. Anam says she will. Alvira then sees guest and asks about her diamond necklace. Guest says it is of 2.5 crores and asks Anam she has a client if she wants to share her jahan ara dress.

Arzoo reaches her room with broom and warns the intruder to get out, else she will beat him/her with groom. she enters and starts searching intruder. She sees a pink note on mirror which reads that he searched her with ear rings, but cannot find her and apologizes her for his mistake. Arzoo thinks intruder is well mannered and it is good she did not inform Alvira about it.

Anam calls servant Joe and asks him to call after 2 minutes. Servant calls her. She acts as speaking to textile mill owner in front of guest and says she will send him money but not to break contract. Guest says she will give her money and wants share in profit. Anam agrees. Guest thanks her for making her a partner.

Sahir gets ready. Alvira reaches his room. He asks when will he receive money. She says within 1 hour and asks how does she know about it. He says he knows about her winning spree.

Alvira looks at Arzoo and praises her beauty. She then goes to attend guests. Servant serves Arzoo jhangri/sweets. She takes a bite and keeps the rest of piece. Sahir picks the same piece and they both are seen enjoying sweet. Alvira takes sahir to meet Arzoo, but Arzoo stops him and introduces her guest. He gets a call and leaves from there. Anam tants Alvira that it was important call and Sahir will take time.

Arzoo recites namaz on bakr eid/festival morning and prays god to get her a house so that her family can stay with her. She gives miscall to Sahir repeatedly thinking that he can buy 2 crores on a dress but cannot spend 50 p on call. Sahir gets irked hearing miscalls. Anam tells him about their new collections, etc. He gets irked more hearing miscalls, calls Arzoo and asks who the hell she is.

Precap: Arzoo and Sahir get into verbal argument. Arzoo says people’s nature decides if he is poor or rich and not his wealth and Sahir is not worth even a penny. Sahir says he can buy even her father. she gets irked and throws phone on him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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