Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Raj’s residence and Regal palace Hotel
Bhawna tensedly gets in the car, and when the driver asks where would she go, and then deduces from the call to virat, that there were temple bells, and thinks that he must have taken her to Regal palace hotel, and asks the driver to take her there. Bhawna asks virat’s number from Raj, and then dials virat.

Scene 2:
Location: Regal Palace Hotel
Virat gets Bhwana’s call, and then telling avni that its urgent, he leads her in the room, and talks to bhawna in the hallway. Bhawna asks where has he taken her. He says that they have come for some fun. Bhawna asks him not to do anything. Virat puts her call on hold, and asks her to hear all the fun. Virat asks avni how does she feel right now. avni starts praising him, and bhawna continues to get tensed. Virat gets juice and deliberately pretends to accidentally spill it on avni and his clothes. Bhawna keeps getting tensed, as she hears avni and virat talking about how their clothes got spoilt. Virat says that he would manage something. Bhawna is extremely tensed. She reaches the hotel. She prays to the lord to help her find avni. Finding that the recptionist is taking a long time to track them, Bhawna runs around in a mad dash in the hotel corridor, and then finds a room slightly ajar, and virat taking out hard drinks from the mini bar in the room, in a bathrobe. She comes inside, and is about to speak, when she is stunned to see urmi’s dress lying on the sofa. she is dazed and left speechless. Virat gives her a leering smile, and yawning, making her think the worst and the unimaginably heidous crime. She is shattered. she slaps him and begins to reprimand him for being such a brat.

Just then, anjali comes in asking whats she doing. bhawna is shocked to find anjali and madhuri there too. Virat says that they came here for booking the honeymoon suite for avni and raj and wanted to know if avni liked it. Anjali keeps demanding an answer, and virat too instigates anjali that he didnt do anything, but bhawna got the wrong idea. virat then says that maybe she thought bad for him, and hence apologises. Anjali asks bhawna how can she even think that virat can do something like this. Virat asks anjali to calm down and tries to be the bigger person, forgiving her. Madhuri takes anjali outside. virat again gives bhawna an evil smile, while she is super tensed and irritated. Virat tells her that she had slapped a long time back, and still has the same effect. He says that now the story would have a new twist, and that last time, he paid the price, and this time, she would. just then, avni comes in and starts praising virat for his choice. Virat keeps a hand on avni’s shoulder and bhawna instandly jerks it away, taking her outside in a rush. After they leave, virat decides to take his revenge from bhawna for this insult. He smiles.

Scene 3:
location: Raj’s and avni’s residence
Virat continues to calm, down anjali, who’s super angry while vikram is tensed as to what happened and asks anjali about it. Anjali asks how dare bhawna slapped him. virat asks her to forget all this, but anjali is furious, and says that even if he had been at fault, she didnt have the right to slap him. She storms out in anger. Virat asks vikram to calm her down, also adding that he doesnt know why Bhawna hit her. Vikram decides to teach bhawna a lesson and storms out. virat smiles evilly.

Raj meanwhile asks arpita, as to how would he propose to avni. arpita says that he cant propose as they cant interact with each other. raj says tyhat he would do so indirectly, and that he has a plan, and asks her for her help to get avni out tomorrow. arpita complies.

Later, in the night, Bhawna walks tensed in the garden. vikram arrives in the car and then confronts her about slapping virat. She tries to tell him that virat isnt what he seems. Vikram accuses her of doing this. Bhawna tells him that virat is a scumbag and is betraying them all. But vikram refuses to accept anything, and says that he wont listen to anything against virat. Vikram says that if this marriage is happening, its only due to virat, and for all the betterment in his life, after that tragic night, virat is responsible. she turns around and says that if he doesnt have belief on her and her words, then why did he come here. Vikram tells her that she would have to apologise to anjali and virat. Shge says that she would apologise to anjali, but never to virat. She begins to go inside. vikram threatens to expose everything, if she doesnt relent. she stands speechless. he begins to go inside, but he begs her not to. vikram then gives her the phone, and dials Virat’s number. She apologises to both virat and anjali, for having slapped virat. she cries, while he warns her not to do something like this ever again. He leaves, while she resignedly sits on the stairs. she wonders what trouble beckons tomorrow.

As arpita takes avni outside, raj gives a call, and arpita says that she is outside and would talk later. Arepita springs up on them, from behind avni. Raj tries to talk to avni, but avni tells arpita to tell him that she cant talk to him. He tries to explain to her the futility of the rituals, and tries to make him feel guilty that he is being ignored due to some stupid ritual. Avni closes her eyes and is least bothered. Avni is shocked to get a facebook status from Raj that he is enjoying his bachelor party with lots of girls. Arpita is amused, while avni is furious. They find that raj’s car is actually placed where he has been claiming. She decids to go and teach him a lesson, but stops midway. Arpita asks what happened. Avni says that she doesnt want to fight with him, and asks if only he is nervous and she isnt. she leaves in a huff. raj comes to arpita and asks where avni is, and is told that she left in a rush. Just then, raj too gets a same message, about avni enjoying her bachelorette party with lots of guys. Arpita asks what should they do now. raj takes her outside.

The next morning, Anjali is still tensed about the whole incident, while madhrui takes over the preparations. Virat comes asking anjali if she has any problem. Anjali expresses that bhana is so simple, then why did she behave so rash yesterday. Virat asks her to forget as after all she apologised, when vikram went to talk to Bhawna, and asks her to forget it all. Anjali asks when did vikram go. virat apologises for having let his tongue get away. Anjali says that something is going on between him, vikram and Bhawna, and makes him swear to tell her the truth. Virat hesitatingly tells Anjali, about Bhawna’s true identity that she is actually Umatgaon’s sangeeta and not really bhawna. Anjali is shocked, while he is amused. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Anjali tells bhawna that now she also knows her true face and reality, referring to her as Sangeeta. Bhawna is shocked, as anjali holds up the newspaper to her. She proclaims that she would never let her son, raj to get married to her daughter, avni. bhawna is distraught. Meanwhile, Avni gets down on her knees, and proposes to Raj filmy style, with a bouquet of roses, asking him if he would marry her, confessing her love to him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. this show is moving in a stupid direction

  2. shanaya singhania

    ..not so interesting plz change track for somedays.

  3. This soapie is dragging now..the truth of bawana needs to come out & let raj & avni get married. ..this show is now more concentrating on bawana n her past den on rah & avni yet dyare d main lead characters of this show…g

    1. And seems savri piece is finish

  4. Boring episodes

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